Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 5

Morning the next day .
Heather shrieked as soon as she saw Kiara’s outfit which made Kiara furrow her
“What’s wrong?” Kiara questioned Nonchalantly then glanced at herself in the
“What’s wrong? You’re going to meet your ex and you want to go dressed in
that?” Heather frowned and even raised her voice.
“He doesn’t identify as my ex. We don’t know them, remember? And besides,
what’s wrong with my outfit?” Kiara was dressed like any other day. High

waisted white pants, a turtle neck and a cream blazer with a pair of black
sandals to top it all up.
Her dark black hair was up in a messy bun and she was wearing little to no
“No nothing is wrong, you look perfect and you’re Right, there’s no one we need
to impress.” Heather finally surrendered with her both hands.
Kiara glanced at Heather’s outfit with a raised eyebrow.
Heather was dressed in a form fitted black that hugged her slender figure in all
the right places and because of how tall she was, the dress seemed very short
on her and to top it all up, she was wearing high heels and her fiery red hair was
let down colliding with her fiery red lips and full face of makeup.
“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were dressing to impress someone,
Heather.” Kiara chucked and said.
Heather’s face turned red then she let out an awkward laugh.
“Don’t be silly, I just wanted to stand out, you know? But since you’re dressing
casually, I might as well dress casual too.” Before Kiara could stop her, she ran
into the room to change.
Kiara shook her head with a laugh then glanced at herself in the mirror one last
time. She hadn’t been able to sleep last night because of all the thoughts running
through her head so she had woken up so early in the morning, got done with
some of her work and got ready.
Minutes later, Heather walked out of the bedroom wearing regular jeans and a
white crop top then a sling bang across. Her red hair was also up in a ponytail
and all her makeup had been cleaned off leaving only lipgloss on her lips.

“Shall we leave? I’m ready,” Heather looked at Kiara.
“You look good,” Kiara nodded.
Heather grinned in response, “Thank you. I don’t know why I was trying so hard
when I know I’ll still look good in rags.”
Kiara giggled then shook her head.
“I’ve already called an Uber. He should be here any second. Let’s go.”
Kiara took a deep breath as they both stood in front of the blue creek enterprise.
It has been so long since she’s been here but everything still seemed the same.
Kiara glanced down when Heather held her hand and gave her a reassuring
“We can do this. I’m always here for you.”
Kiara smiled at her then turned back to the building. How were they going to find
Levi here?
“Why don’t you call him and tell him you’re here?” Heather suggested as she
glanced around.
Kiara nodded and was about to look for the card when she groaned.
“What’s wrong?” Heather questioned.
“His phone number is in my other bag. Well, I guess we’ll just have to find him
our….” She paused when she spotted something up ahead.
A man was holding up a paper with the name “MY GUARDIAN ANGEL” on it.
Kiara rolled her eyes but couldn’t help but smile at Levi’s thinking.

“Come on, I know how to find him.”
Heather furrowed her eyebrows as Kiara dragged her over to the man. “My
guardian angel?”
Heather questioned which made Kiara sigh.
“It’s a long story.”
After telling the man who she was, the man led them into the company.
“Mr Medici is currently in a meeting but he asked me to take you to the lounging
area because he didn’t want to keep you standing.” The man politely said.
“This Levi guy sounds like a real gentleman,” Heather smailed.
“He’s just annoying.” Kiara scoffed.
As they walk towards the elevator, a deep voice suddenly called out their names.
“Kiara?… Heather? Is that really you?” They turned towards the voice and a
frown appeared on Kiara’s face when she saw Daniel walking towards them with
wide eyes.
“Hey.” Heather uttered while Kiara just stared at him.
He smiled a little at Heather before turning back to Kiara, “Are you… are you
here for Zane?”
Kiara resisted the urge to scoff.
“Why would I be here for him?” She muttered harshly with her eyes as cold as
Daniel scratched the back of his neck awkwardly then cleared his throat

“Then why are you both here? And how…. How are you guys doing? Where….”
“I’m sorry, Daniel but I hope you understand why I can’t speak with you?” Kiara
uttered nonchalantly.
Daniel nodded slowly then let out a sigh,
“Of course, I’m sorry if I disturb you.”
Kiara nodded then grabbed Heather’s hand before walking away. Heather briefly
glanced at Daniel before sighing and walking away with Kiara.
Kiara could feel the stares on her from the wolves who knew her but she could
care less. As long as no one approached her, she was good to go.
The man led them to the lounging Area and they sat there waiting for Levi.
Minutes passed when Heather’s stomach suddenly began to ache.
“Oh my, I need to use the bathroom immediately, Kiara. Would you be okay here
by yourself?” The apology and embarrassment were on Hearth’s face.
Kiara scoffed, “Of course, I’m not a child. I’ll be waiting for you here.”
Heather nodded then without wasting another second, she ran out of the lounging
Area which made Kiara giggle.
After scrolling through the internet for some minutes, Kiara decided to waste time
by listening to music but just as she was about to plug the ear piece in, She
inhaled a very familiar scent.
Her eyes widened when she turned towards the door and saw Zane storming
towards her with anger and some other emotion in his eyes and right behind him
was Danie  “What are you doing here? I thought I said I never wanted to see your face
Kiara was stunned for a second and was unable to speak. She thought she had
moved on from what happened in the past but seeing his face again just brought
back painful memories she thought she had buried deep down.
She needed to get out of there before she broke down in front of him. She
carried her bag as she stood up and was about to walk past him when Zane
grabbed her hand.
“I asked you a question, Kiara. After two years, why…. Why are you suddenly
showing yourself to me?”
When he touched her hand, the sparks they once had were still there but now, it
just repulsed her.
She yanked her hand out of his grip without turning to him,
“If I had a choice, I would wish we’d never see each other for as long as I lived,
Zane.” She muttered, each word dripping with hate, anger, sadness and despair
that it made Zane speechless for a second.
He was about to say something when Kiara spotted Levi walking into the
lounging Area and immediately ran towards him and hid her face in his chest.
She couldn’t let Zane see her cry no matter what. She couldn’t let him know how
broken she was.
“What’s wrong?” Levi questioned softly and tried raising her head but she didn’t
“Take me away from here, please. I need to get out of here.” She murmured as
the tears kept streaming down her face. Levi raised up his head slowly and as soon as his eyes locked with Zane’s, he
sucked in his breath.
If looks could kill, Levi would have already been six feet under the ground…..

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