Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 4

Kiara rolled her eyes as she yanked her hand out of Levi’s grip.
“Could you stop trying to hold my hand and I told you, you don’t need to follow
me to my home. I can walk there on my own!”
“Now what kind of gentleman would I be if I let a lady like you walk by herself?
What if someone tries to attack you?” Levi pouted childishly.
“The one who should be worried about being attacked is you because I’m
minutes away from punching you in the face!”Kiara rolled her eyes.
Levi gasped dramatically and held onto his heart, “You wound me, my guardian

Kiara halted in her steps then dragged her hand along her face before turning to
Levi with cold eyes,
“If you don’t leave right now, I’ll shout and make people think you’re harassing me
and do you know what they do harassers?”
Levi gulped, “What… what do they do?”
Kiara smirked, “Why don’t we find out together? Hel…”
Levi placed his hand over mouth before she could shout, then he turned to smile
at people who were giving them odd looks before turning back to Kiara.
“Okay, I’ll go.” Kiara swatted away his hand and was about to walk away when
Levi grabbed her hand and placed a card in it.
“If you ever need me for something…..”
“I’ll never need you and I don’t even want to see your face again!” Kiara rudely
interrupted which made Levi Frowned.
“Can you please stop being rude to me for just a sec? This is my card, my
building still needs a little interior designing here and there but you can still catch
Kiara’s eyes suddenly turned wide, “Interior designing?”
Levi nodded with furrowed eyebrows.
“Yes, I’m yet to find a good one that understands the kind of design I’m going
Kiara’s eyes immediately brightened. She reached into her bag and handed him a

“My friend and I run a little interior company. It’s not that big but it’s enough.
Anyways, we do a really good Job, do you want me to show you the designs of
our past customers?”
Before Levi could say anything, Kiara pulled out her phone, scrolled through her
pictures and practically shoved the phone in his face.
Levi let out a light chuckle before glancing at her designs.
“Hmm” He hummed as he glanced through them.
The seriousness on his face made Kiara nervous. Did he think they weren’t good
“I can assure you all our customers were happy with the end results and I know
you won’t regret it.” Kiara staring at him with her brighten big eyes.
Levi turned to her with a very polite and pretending smile.
“I know we just met but you being polite to me sounds so wrong.”
“Pleeeaaase, just give us a chance.” Kiara blinked her big eyes. She sounded so
cute and pitiful.
Levi signed and glanced down at her designs then pointed at one of them.
“This is how I want my office to be, exactly like this. You and your friend have
great eyes for interior designing I must say and no, I’m not just saying this
because it’s you. I take anything related to my company very seriously.”
“Does…. Does that mean you’re going to give us the Job?” Kiara’s eyes
“Yes, I look forward to working with you both.” Levi nodded with a smile

Kiara squealed then wrapped her arms around Levi in a tight hug.
“You won’t regret this, I promise you!” She murmured, unaware of how red Levi’s
cheeks had gotten.
He cleared his throat as she pulled away then he reached out his hand to shake
her hand.
“I can’t wait to work with you, guardian angel. When do you think you’ll have the
“Tomorrow, we can start tomorrow!” Kiara immediately shook his hand.
Levi smiled.
“That’s perfect. Although I have a meeting with one of my shareholders, after
that, I think I’m free. The company is really close to mine so can you and your
friend head over there so we can all head over to my company?”
“Of course. What’s the name of the company and what time?” Kiara nodded.
“Blue creek enterprise and you can come by eight.”
Blue creek enterprise. Kiara frozen when heard the name.
Kiara suddenly tensed up which Levi definitely noticed, “Are you okay? Is that too
much stress for you? Maybe we should reschedule?”
Kiara took a deep breath then forced a smile on her face.
“I’ll have to talk to my friend and we’ll decide. If I can’t come tomorrow, I’ll call
you and reschedule. The number on this card is yours, right?”
Levi noticed the change in her attitude but didn’t want to press her for answers
so he just nodded.

“Yes, it is.”
“Okay, I’ll see you later then, bye.” Kiara hurriedly muttered before turning
around and walking away.
“Wait but I…..” Levi tried to call out but she didn’t even bother to turn to him. He
sighed as she disappeared into a corner before turning around and walking
towards his car.
He didn’t even get to take her number but oh well, he was going to see her again
tomorrow and he couldn’t wait. He couldn’t wait to see his guardian angel again.
As Heather walked into their small apartment, she froze when she saw Kiara
seated at the corner and seemed to be in a lot of thoughts.
Heather closed the door behind her then walked up to Kiara.
“Is something wrong? Is it…. Is it Because you went to visit Nikolas’ grave? I feel
so bad that I forgot his birthday. By the time I remembered, you were already
gone and I didn’t want to leave the shop unattended.”
Kiara sighed then turned to Heather,
“After saying my goodbyes to Nikolas, I was on my way home when I spotted a
man trying to kill himself. I saved him and then he offered me a ride home.”
“Don’t tell me he tried to do something to you? Was a serial killer? A kidnapper?”
Heather gasped.
Kiara chuckled lightly,
“No but he was one hell of an annoying guy. Anyways, I took his offer but I didn’t
let him drive me to our exact location. Then I found out he was in need of interior  designers for his company and I immediately said we could do it and he said he
liked our designs so we have a gig tomorrow.”
Heather clapped excitedly, “That’s a good thing! Why do you look so gloomy
Kiara bit her lower lip, “We have to meet him tomorrow at the blue creek
enterprise because he has a meeting there.”
Heather’s smile immediately slipped off her face,
“What? Of all companies, why did it have to be blue creek?”
Kiara sighed but said nothing.

“Look, if you don’t want to go tomorrow, I won’t force you but that pack is our
past. If we even end up seeing anyone, we are going to pretend like we don’t
know them and strut away. After all, we are not there for anyone and I even
doubt he’s going to be there. Zane never really liked running the business so we
are most likely going to run into Daniel or Liam.” Heather come closer and patted
on Kiara on her shoulder.

“I don’t want to see any of them,” Kiara clenched her fist.
Heather sighed then grabbed Kiara’s face, “We have moved on, Kiara. What
happened in the past is beneath us and so is everyone in that pack. Don’t let
them think that they won, we should show them that we were able to survive on
our own. You’ve got this, okay?”
Kiara stared at Heather for a while then nodded,
“You’re right. We don’t know any of them and they don’t know us. We leave
tomorrow at Eight”…..

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