Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 3

Zane clenched his fist at the mention of Kiara.
“I thought I made it clear that no one was to say her name in front of me?” Zane
muttered threateningly without turning to Samantha which just made her angrier.
“Why not when it’s clear to everyone that you still love her. She betrayed you,
remember?! She had a child for someone else and you, you’re still here loving
someone that probably moved on with her….”
Before she could complete her sentence, Zane rushed towards her, grabbed her
by the neck and slammed her against the wall.
Samantha whimpered as she heard a few of her bones crack but she wasn’t
backing down.”I’ve been the one…. The one by your side for the past two years. Yet, you
refuse to love me, you refuse to see me. What does Kiara have that I don’t?”
Zane growled loudly in her face as he bared his fangs at her.
“Do you really want me to answer that? Fine! Kiara has the ability to make me
love her while you don’t. The next time you disobey me and talk back to me this
way, I won’t hesitate to kill you with my bare hands because that’s how little I
care about you.” He snarled as his red eyes stared down at her before he threw
her to the ground.
Samantha held onto her neck as she coughed loudly. She could already feel her
neck bruising up.

Tears stinged her eyes as she watched him walk away nonchalantly like her
whole existence didn’t matter to him. After everything she did, this was what she
got in return?
She had already gotten this far. She was going to do everything to make him love
As Zane walked out of his private elevator, even with the stoic expression on his
face, all eyes were on him as he walked Majestically out of the company. Most
of the workers were wolves so they could feel his Alpha presence when he
walked by while the Humans were just captivated by his Intimidating Aura and
Gorgeous appearance.
His Jet black hair was combed back with a few strands falling over his forehead
which made him look like a Greek god right out of a picture.
He walked over to where Daniel and Liam stood and everyone couldn’t help but
fawn over them. Although Zane stood over them at 189cm, Daniel’s built and

blond hair made him eyes-catching while Liam’s green eyes and charismatic Aura
made him stand out.
Zane was known to be the brooding and heartless CEO who hated even the
smell of women. The only woman that had been able to get close to him over the
years had been Samantha. Many even thought he was a robot because no one
has ever seen him smile in the last two years.
Although Daniel was also cold like Zane, he was more approachable and had
been seen smiling Multiple times.
“What are you both doing here?” Zane questioned with tiredness in his eyes.
Daniel glanced behind him then chuckled when he saw Samantha walk out of the
elevator with tears in her eyes.
“Let me guess, you broke her heart? Took you long enough.”
Zane rolled his eyes, and said, “I asked a question. Why are you both in my
Liam grinned.
“Well we couldn’t just let our Alpha and friend go sulk alone so we came to cheer
you up.”
Zane rolled his eyes again.
“I thought you had pack duties to take care of, Daniel?”
Daniel shrugged.
“There really isn’t much to do in the pack these days and since you canceled
your meeting with the Alpha of the Crescent moon pack, I’m as free as a bird
today. In fact, we’re all free so why don’t we go to the club and have some fun?”

Zane stared at Daniel for a while then walked past them without uttering a word.
Liam sighed as they watched him walk away, “He’s awful, isn’t he?”
Daniel turned to him.
“Today is the day Kiara left so it’s understandable why he’s in a bad mood. Let’s
They both walked up to Zane and despite Zane’s protest, Liam got into the car
and Daniel took the keys from the driver then turned to Zane. “Get in, we’ll take
you home.”
Zane pursed his lips then sighed and got into the car. These two were a nuisance
and he knew nothing he was going to say would make them leave him alone.
After Kiara left the pack, Zane had decided to take a break from the pack duties
and had given Daniel the Authority to rule in the meantime while he focused on
the company.
He also built a mansion here and has been living with the Humans for the past
two years.
Zane groaned and covered his ears as Daniel and Liam kept talking loudly and
laughing like Maniacs. Nothing they said was funny and he knew they were just
doing it to anger him.
He opened his eyes slowly and glanced out the window. He was so emotionally
and Physically tired that he couldn’t even find the strength to yell at them. He just
wanted to go back home and wallow in his thoughts for a while. He would get
himself back after that, he was sure.

He was about to turn away from the door when he caught sight of a familiar face
and figure.
“Stop!” Zane yelled and Daniel abruptly stopped the car in the middle of the road,
which made the other cars start honking behind them but Zane was oblivious to
what was happening around him. His sole attention was on her, Kiara.
Out of impulse, he was about to climb out of his car, run up to her and hold her in
his arms when a male figure suddenly walked up to her and grabbed her hand.
He hated the way his heart contorted with pain as he watched her walk away
with the man. He wasn’t able to see the man’s face so he didn’t know if he knew
him. Could that have been the man she cheated on him with?
“Zane? What’s wrong? Did you see something?” Liam Questioned while Daniel
glanced at him through the rare view mirror.
Zane turned away from the window and settled back in his seat. His Aura had
changed from gloomy to something darker that made Daniel’s and Liam’s hair
stand up.
“Nothing. I don’t want to go home anymore, let’s go to the club”…..

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