Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 2

Kiara furrowed her eyebrows then pushed him away and stood up.
“I’m not your guardian angel. Next time if you want to kill yourself, do it where no
one can see you.” She muttered harshly then huff and was about to walk away
when he grabbed her hand.
“Are you really going to leave me here, guardian angel?” Kiara turned to him with
a frown.
“I’m not your guardian angel now let go!” The man stood up from the ground still
holding her hand.
“I owe you one for saving my life. What do you want? I can give you anything”
Kiara snatched her hand out of his grip.

“I don’t want anything from you. I have to get back home before it gets too late
now leave me alone,” With that, she turned away from him and walked off.
She hummed to herself and was about to put on her headphones when a car
pulled up beside her.
“You didn’t ask for my name. How can you save someone and not ask for their
Kiara rolled her eyes as she listened to his annoying voice.
“Can you please leave me alone? I’m not really in the mood for….”
“Levi…. My name is Levi. What’s yours?”
“None of your business.” Kiara rolled her eyes at him again.
Levi sighed dramatically,
“Why is my guardian angel so harsh with me? I just want to know your name.
Maybe I can drop you off at your destination?”
Kiara scoffed, “So you can kill me and boil my remains? No thank you.”
Levi furrowed his eyebrows, “I don’t…. I don’t get what you mean.”
Kiara stopped in her tracks with a sigh before turning to him,
“What do you want from me? You don’t have to owe me anything because I
would have done the same thing for anyone.”
“I don’t doubt that.” Levi nodded with a smile, “My guardian angel is a good
person I believe.”
Kiara ran her fingers through her hair, obviously getting a bit annoyed,

“Keep calling me that and I might just chain you on a train’s track!”
Levi gasped dramatically, pretending that he’s intimidated by her threats.
“Ouch” But then he smiled,
“Get in, I’ll take you to wherever you want to go.”
Kiara narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously. “See, life is already hard enough. If
you’re trying to kidnap me or kill me then i….”
Levi’s eyes widened as he shook his head frantically, “Oh I’m not like that. I
swear I won’t try to kill and I believe you would kill me before I even got the
Kiara smiled slightly, “Smart boy.”
Levi chuckled.
“Get in.”
Kiara sighed then reluctantly walked around and got into the passenger seat.
“Drive,” Kiara muttered as she locked in her seatbelt. Levi grinned then nodded
before driving off.
“See? I didn’t kill you did I?” Levi uttered.
“Well we might both die if you keep staring at me and not at the road.” She
muttered with a stern look in her eyes.
Levi immediately turned to the road with his eyes wide.
“Sorry guardian….”
“Complete that sentence and I swear….”

“I meant Kiara… sorry.”
Zane stared out the window deep in thoughts. The sun was so bright in the sky
but yet, why did his life seem so gloomy?
He closed his eyes slowly and was about to fall asleep when he heard his office
door open. He sighed then turned to the door and saw his Beta, Daniel and his
Gamma, Liam walk in.
“Hello your gloominess, what a fine weather we’re having, am I right?” Liam
uttered cheerfully as he walked up to Zane’s table but immediately stopped in his
tracks when Zane turned to him with a stoic expression on his face.
“I thought I told everyone I do not wish to be disturb today?” Zane asked in a
calm low voice but even that was enough to make Liam take a step back. He
glanced at Daniel for help which made Daniel sigh.
“You can’t sit here and sulk all day. You have an important meeting with the
board of directors and with the Alpha of Crescent moon pack. Mr Levi Medici
canceled his meeting for today because he had something to take care of” Zane
glared at Daniel.
“I wasn’t sulking” Daniel rolled his eyes.
“Was that the only thing you got from what I said? The board of directors have
been waiting for over an hour and they’re getting impatient. Your secretary was
too scared to come inform you so we came ourselves” Liam nodded in
“Cancel everything, I want to go home” Zane muttered then stood up from his
chair and picked up his suit.

“Do not start with me, Daniel. I’m not in the mood today. Cancel everything, I
want to go home.”
Daniel sighed and was about to say something when a woman suddenly walked
into the office dressed in the most flashy red gown with a very high slit and
matching red lips. Her Brunette straight hair flowed down to her waist.
There was no doubt that she was beautiful and she looked so expensive.
“Zane, are you about to leave?” Before Zane could say anything, Daniel scoffed
then walked out of the office. Liam waved goodbye to Zane before following
behind Daniel.
“What’s their problem? Are you going home? Maybe I can….”
“Leave, Samantha. I’m not in the mood today.”
Samantha frowned then she walked over and grabbed his biceps as she stared
up at him seductively.
“I missed you so much and this is how you greet me?”
Zane glared at her then shook her off his arm which made her frown.
“How many times do I have to warn you to stop touching me? I’ve been lenient
with you because….” He paused as his eyes suddenly turned solemn. He turned
away from Samantha.
“Leave and never come to my office unannounced.”
Samantha frown deepened as she watched him pack up his stuff and walk away
like she wasn’t even there.
“It has been two years yet, you still can’t seem to forget my sister”…..

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