Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 1

“I, Alpha Zane, Reject Kiara Grace as my Luna and Mate. I never want to see
your face ever again, you’re dead to me” Kiara cried out in pain but never once
did she look away from his eyes. His eyes that were once filled with love for her
suddenly stared at her with repulse and hatred.
“How…. How can you do this to me?! I’m carrying your child!” Zane seemed
surprised by that then he suddenly glared at her.
“And how am I so sure that the baby is mine? You’ve been sleeping around,
haven’t you? Why don’t you go meet those other males you in bed with and see if
they’ll believe your little sob story?” Kiara’s eyes widened then let out a groan as
her heart clenched with pain.

“What are you talking about? I never…. I never sleep with anyone except you.”
She could hear the murmurs all around her but her sole attention was on him.
The man she loved, the father of her child.
“I’m tired of hearing you speak, Kiara. Get her out of my sight, you have been
banished from my pack from today onwards!” Kiara choked on her cries as the
guards walked up to her and grabbed her arms then dragged her away roughly
as she flailed around trying to get out of their holds.
“How can you do this to me Zane?! You said you loved me! How could you do
this to the woman you loved?! If you turn away from me and the minute I leave
this pack, you’re dead to me. No matter what you say I’ll never, ever forgive
you!” She yelled out in anger, sadness and despair while tears streamed down
her face but even with everything she said, he still turned away from her and
walked away.
She saw her family from afar, the people that were supposed to be by her side
no matter what had also turned their backs on her. The only person that ran
towards her was her best friend, Heather, with worry and pity in her green eyes.
“Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ll get through this together” Heather murmured
as she held onto her hand.
Everyone stood by the side as they led her towards the pack gates. Kiara was
too exhausted to fight back so she just let them lead her to the gate and as soon
as they got there, they pushed them both out before locking the gates and
walking away.
Heather immediately wrapped her arms around Kiara as tears flowed down their
“Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay. You and I are going to survive the outside
world on our own. Okay?” Kiara was about to reply when she felt a liquid running

down her inner thighs.
With shaky hands, she reached down and when she saw the blood, she let out a
pain filled scream.
“Zane, you said you loved me, but you never accepted me with your true heart
because of your indifference and suspicion. If anything happened on our child, I
will never forgive you in my entire life!”
Kiara winced then screwed her eyes shut as she suddenly remembered the past.
All the emotions she felt two years ago suddenly came crashing down on her.
“Hey! Are you okay?” Kiara turned to the voice and saw Heather staring down at
her worriedly. She managed to smile at her then stood up from the chair she was
resting on and glanced around. Where were all the customers?
“If you are wondering where the customers went, I rescheduled your meeting
and asked them to come tomorrow because I could see you were tired.” Kiara
nodded at her then let out a yawn.
“I think I should go back home then. I don’t feel so good and I just want to rest.”
Heather nodded.
“You can go, I’ll close up alone for today. If you need anything, call me, okay?”
Kiara smiled at her. Ever since they both left the pack, they had moved over to
the human side of town where they had lived for the past two years.
Heather was like a parent to Kiara, always worrying about her health or how she
was feeling which Kiara was very grateful for. It was all because of Heather she
was still willing to live after what happened two years ago.

“See you later” Kiara muttered then grabbed her stuff before walking away out of
the small office. She took a deep breath as she stared at the busy road ahead
before holding on to her bag tightly and walked towards the bakery.
Kiara sniffled as she sat down on the dirty muddy ground of the cemetery. With
shaky hands, she placed the candle and cake on her son’s grave then lit up the
candle before taking a deep breath and wiping away her tears.
“I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry anymore but why…. Why do I still feel
so broken after all these years? I wished you could be by my side, my son. Only
you would have been able to fill this void in my heart but sadly….” She paused as
all the emotions she had been keeping inside suddenly choked her throat.
“You passed…. You died before I could even get to hold you. Please forgive
Mama for not taking care of you properly.” Two years ago when she found blood
flowing down her thighs, her mind had instantly gone blank as she cried her eyes
out. Heather had been the one to drag her out of the forest, to the nearest
hospital which was in the human side of town.
Before they got there, her son was already dead. Kiara remembered how
broken she felt that day, if it wasn’t for Heather, she knew she would have taken
her life that day.
She wiped away her tears, blew out the candle before standing up.
“Happy birthday, Nikolas” She smiled at the grave one last time before walking
She closed the cemetery gates behind her and was about to turn away when she
spotted a man standing in the middle of the road looking torn. She had wanted to
ignore him but then she saw a trailer heading towards him.

Her eyes widened as she frantically waved her hand out at the man, trying to get
his attention.
“Hey mister?! Get out of the road!” Even the trailer honked at him but the man
seemed to be oblivious of his environment.
“Hey! Are you deaf?!” She yelled again but still got no reply. She bounced
agitated on her feet as she glanced between the man and the trailer. It was
getting closer!
“Fuck it!” She muttered before holding her bag closer and running towards him.
Luckily, she was able to push the man out of the road just in time. They both fell
near the bushes as the trailer zoomed past them.
Kiara, who was still breathing heavily, turned her head to stare down at the man
who was staring at her with wide eyes, angrily.
“You almost got yourself killed. No matter what you’re going through, suicide isn’t
the answer!” The man stared at her for a while then he suddenly smiled brightly.
“Are you…. Are you my guardian angel?”….

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