Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 68

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 68
Kiara sniffled as she shook her head then she pulled away from the hug.
“Let’s just leave him alone. It’s my fault for thinking he would learn to trust me but
I guess no matter what, he’ll see me as a cheater” Heather raised up her hand
and wiped away Kiara’s tears.
“Do not cry for that jerk. He just lost the greatest gem in his life and he’s going to
spend the rest of his life regretting it so don’t cry because him” Kiara giggled
then nodded like an obedient child.

“Okay, I won’t cry because him. I just…. I just didn’t expect him to do this to me.
We had a lot of fun, Heather. I never wanted to leave and I was actually starting
to think that we could work out but it all just turned to wishful thinking and I’m sad
about that” Heather sighed as she placed her hand on Kiara’s shoulder.
“I told you to be careful, didn’t I? I had a feeling something like this was going to
happen because as long as there’s no trust in a relationship, it’s never going to
work. Anyway let’s stop talking about him, did you know Levi had an indoor pool?
You and I have to try it. Where are all your luggages?” Heather questioned which
made Kiara sigh.
“I left them at the hotel. I didn’t want to take the clothes he bought for me
because he said all he had wanted to do on this Vacation was break my heart
and make me feel what he had felt two years ago” Heather Frowned then shook
her head.
“If only he knew what had happened to you then he wouldn’t be saying such
words. Gosh! I want to punch him continuously on the face. He needs to be dealt
with for playing with your heart” Kiara took a deep breath then met out a sigh.
“How about we go check out the indoor pool? Oh wait… why are we here and
not at our apartment?” Kiara questioned with suspicion on her face. Heather
scratched the back of her neck nervously then let out a sigh.
“Samantha had us kicked out of our apartment” Kiara eyes widened slightly.
“What? Why and how?” Heather sighed again.
“She said she needed it for a project but we both know that’s not true and she
said it was Zane’s orders” Kiara frowned. Even though she hated Zane with her
whole being at the moment, she couldn’t believe that he coukd stoop so low. That
definitely had to only be Samantha’s hand doing.

“Why didn’t you tell me on time? I would have done something about it” Heather
“At that time, you seemed like you were enjoying yourself so I didn’t want to
disturb you” Kiara sighed. She had been enjoying herself until…
“Samantha needs to be put in her place. How dare she do something like that?”
Kiara complained and Heather scoffed.
“It’s because she thinks Zane would always back her up. Did you know that she
calls herself Mrs Black now?” Kiara rolled her eyes. She knew it.
“I don’t care what she calls herself but I’m not going to let her bully us. We are
going to put her in her place tomorrow and get our apartment back” Heather
“Do we really have to go back to that apartment? I mean Levi won’t mind us
staying here with him, right Levi?” But before Levi could talk, Kiara shook her
“He might not say anything but we can’t stay here for the rest of our lives. We
are getting our apartment back” Heather frowned but nodded then grabbed her
“I’ll take it inside for you” Then she rolled the box away despite Kiara trying to
stop her.
“Was it because of me?” Kiara furrowed her eyebrows then turned back to see
Levi standing behind her with a frown on his face.
“What do you mean?” He stared at her for a while then sighed.
“Was it because of me you fought with Zane? He saw us together?” She shook
her head.

“He saw pictures of us together but I don’t want to talk about it anymore because
it just makes me hate him more and hate myself as well” She murmured to him
then flashed him a tight lipped ole before turning around and walking into the
Levi clenched his fist and jaw as he thought of Zane. While they were putting
Samantha in her place, he was going to put Zane in his place.
He was staring into nothingness with no emotion on his face because at that
point in time,he felt nothing. He was empty.
Last night, he couldn’t even close his eyes because all he saw was Kiara. Her
skin, her smell, her smile, her eyes, they all clung to him like a punishment he
couldn’t get out of. Was it a crime to be in love?
Just then, Daniel walked into the office and rolled his eyes when he saw Zane
spacing out.
“I need you to sign this file, Zane” Daniel muttered as he placed the file in front of
“Alright” But he made no love to actually sign the papers and Daniel sighed. It
was like two years ago all over again.
“Are you just going to sit there all day and sulk?” Zane nodded slowly.
“Yes” Daniel sighed. He was about to say something when they heard
Samantha’s scream.
“HOW DARE YOU?!” Zane turned to him with a raised eyebrow and he shook
his head. He also didn’t know what was going on.

They both went out of the office and towards where the commotion was coming
from and when Zane saw Kiara, he froze with his eyes wide. Why was she here?
“You really have some nerve to ask me such a question. I’m going to make sure I
break those wings of yours today!” Kiara screamed and tried to lunged at
Samantha but was held down by the guards.
“What is going on here?” Zane boomed and they all turned to him except Kiara
and his eyes were on her the whole time.
“Zane!” Samantha called out as she ran up to him and held his arm.
“That haggard cheating slut slapped me across the face” Zane glared at
Samantha because of her Choice of words.
“Watch your mouth you whore” Heather suddenly yelled as her eyes flicked.
Zane yanked his hand out of Samantha’s hold then turned to Kiara who had a
stoic look on her face.
“What is going?” Only then did she turn to him.
“This cheating slut doesn’t even want to be here but I have to teach my little
sister that I’m nnot to be messed with. I’m giving you by
the end of the day to get me back my apartment or this cheating haggard slut is
going to show you just how haggard she can get” After saying that, she glanced
between Samantha and Zane before walking away leaving them speechless.

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