Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 69

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 69
Zane furrowed his eyebrows as he turned to Samantha.
“What did she mean by what she said?” Samantha furrowed her eyebrows as
she tried to play dumb.
“Samantha had them kicked out of their apartment for a project she claimed she
had to do in the exact apartment” Daniel spoke up as he glared at Samantha
who opened and closed her mouth like a fish.

“What? Who gave you the power to do that?” Zane questioned with wide eyes
and once again, Daniel spoke.
“She used your name and the landlord believed and kicked them out. She even
called herself your Fiancee” Zane stared at Samantha in disbelief while she
shook with fear.
“I can explain, I… I just… I…” Her eyes almost bulged out of its socket as Zane
grabbed her by the neck.
“Don’t you ever pull such a stunt ever again and now, you’re going to go down to
Kiara’s apartment and make sure everything is exactly the same way she left it
then go and your knees and beg her fir forgiveness and don’t you dare tell me
you can’t because I’ll kill you with my bare hands,” Then he pushed her away and
she fell to the ground holding her neck and coughing.
Everyone just stood around watching the scene with wide eyes. They didn’t dare
make a noise. Zane was about to turn around and walk to his office when he
heard his name being called.
“Zane!” He turned around and furrowed his eyebrows when he saw a furious
looking Levi walking towards him.
“What do you think you’re…” Everyone gasped including Daniel when Levi
punched him across the face.
Zane’s eyes widened as he touched the side of his mouth. When he saw the
blood, he turned to Levi with anger in his eyes.
“How dare you?!” Zane thundered and that would normally send a normal person
running but Zane stood his ground and continued glaring at Levi.

“You are the biggest idiot to walk this planet. You had her in your arms, she loved
you yet, you keep hurting her over and over again!” Levi screamed and Zane
furrowed his eyebrows. What was going on?
“What are you talking about?”
”I love Kiara, Zane. I love her so much and I should be happy that she’s back and
doesn’t want to have anything to do with you anymore but I want to be able to
win her heart fair and square and not because she wants to move on from you.
Do you really think if I was dating her, I would let her go on a vacation with you?
You don’t think and you don’t trust her, that’s why you’re going to lose the most
precious person in your life” Levi yelled then glared at Zane one more time
before storming away leaving Zane speechless.
Without another word, Zane turned around and walked into his elevator with
Daniel closely behind him.
”So let me guess, Samantha showed you ‘proof’ that Kiara was cheating on you
with Levi and you believed it?” Daniel questioned and Zane frowned.
“I…. I don’t know anymore… I” Zane ran his fingers through his hair then slid
down the elevator doors and sat down on the elevator ground.
“What exactly happened?” Daniel questioned and Zane sighed as he dragged his
palm across his face.
“Samantha showed me pictures of Kiara and Levi together but when I asked
Kiara who she was with she told me she was alone. She lied to me when she
would have just told me the truth. Isn’t that suspicious to you?” Daniel sighed.
“She probably did that because she was afraid you were going to accuse her of
cheating again and she didn’t want anything to ruin the Vacation and You are only
suspicious because you don’t trust her and can’t get over the fact that she

Cheated on you before’. You never listen and that’s the problem” Zane frowned
then held his head in his hand.
“I… I don’t even know what to do anymore. Am I the bad person here? Am I the
fool for always believing the proof instead of her? You saw the proof too two
years ago, right? She was in bed with two men. How could I not believe? I know
every inch of Kiara, Daniel and that was definitely her but why does she keep
saying she didn’t cheat? Am I going crazy? Am I the problem?” Daniel frowned.
Zane wasn’t the problem. The problem was Samantha and he had to find proof
that Kiara hadn’t cheated on him two years ago for them to finally move on.
After making sure that Zane was okay and wasn’t in his sulking state, Daniel
drove over to the pack to find a particular friend of Samantha that would know
the whole truth of the story. He didn’t even know why he hadn’t done this earlier.
He parked in front of the pack house then took a trip Down memory lane as he
walked towards Samantha’s friend’s house. The pack didn’t have the same feel it
had two years ago.
Two years ago, there wasn’t a day where anyone could catch Zane without a
smile on his face. He was happy and so was Kiara. It was obvious they had
loved each other and it was still obvious that they loved each other now but until
the cheating scandal is cleared, Zane would never trust Kiara.
He walked over to the house and knocked on the door. Minutes later, an old
woman walked out with a smile on face.
“Beta Daniel, Come in. What brings you here?” He smiled at her.
“I’m not here to stay. Where’s your granddaughter, Jennifer?” The old woman

“She went to the training ground with her friends. You’d find her there” Daniel
thanked her then walked towards the training ground. When he got there, he
searched around but didn’t see her.
He sighed and was about to give up when he saw her walking away with her
friends. He immediately walked up to them and was about to call out her name
when he heard one of them mention Samantha’s name.
“She just left us here after everything we did for her. If it weren’t for us, Kiara
wouldn’t have been thrown out of the pack” Daniel froze.
“What do you mean by that statement?” They all froze then slowly turned to him.
“Be…Beta Dan…Daniel… I…” He glared at them.
“Tell me everything this instance!!”

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