Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 67

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 67
Zane woke up the next day with a splitting headache. He sat up slowly with a
groan then glanced around.
The feeling of loneliness dawned on him and he hated it. He felt exactly like he
did two years ago.
He stood up from the bed and grabbed his phone.
“I’m coming back today, prepare for my arrival” Zane uttered into the phone.

“Really? Why? I didn’t expect you would be coming any time soon” Daniel
“There has been a change of plan. Just do as I say” Then he hung up. He
massaged his temples with a sigh and was about to walk out of the room when
he noticed that Kiara’s clothes were still in the room. She had left the clothes he
bought for her?
He walked over to the closet and pulled out the Medieval Queen gown she had
worn that day. He smiled slightly as he thought about how happy they were on
that day, especially her.
He shook off the thought immediately then put the dress aside before walking out
of the room.
He halted in his steps then furrowed his eyebrows when he found Samantha in
his kitchen.
“What are you doing here?” She turned to him with a smile.
“Oh you’re finally awake? Do you even know how you got home? You almost
killed yourself last night by drinking your entire body weight worth of liquor. I had
to have you dragged out of there then I brought you home and took care of you”
He frowned. That would explain why his head was pounding.
“Thank you, you can leave now” He muttered and was about to turn away but
she grabbed his hand.
“I’m not going to leave when you’re like this. Come here, I made breakfast for us”
He turned to her then snatched his hand out of his grip.
”Thank you for taking care of me but that’s where it ends. Even though Kiara and
I didn’t work out, I’m never going to be with her sister. I don’t even see you that
way and I never have” He muttered then turned around and walked away.

Samantha stood there in shock then stomped her feet with an annoyed look on
his face. Why was he being so difficult? What else must she do to make him like
her? She was willing to do anything even if that meant killing her sister.
As long as Kiara was alive, he would never learn to love her.
By the time Kiara and Levi got back to America, the sun was already setting. His
bodyguards helped her place her luggages in the car because he insisted on
taking her home and she didn’t have the strength or refuse. She didn’t even know
if she could use her card now since Zane had it temporarily locked.
As they drove down, she began to notice that Levi wasn’t driving her to her
apartment at all, they had already missed the turn to her apartment.
“Where are we going? I said I wanted to go home” Levi bit his lower lip then let
out an awkward laugh.
“Erm… I’m going to let Heather explain it to you but she is currently at my house
and I’m taking you there to meet her” Kiara furrowed her eyebrows.
“You told her I was coming?” Levi nodded. It wasn’t out of choice but he
panicked. He didn’t know how to tell Kiara that her psychotic sister kicked them
out of their apartment and Zane might have been behind it.
“Don’t be mad, I just needed to tell her because well… she’ll explain to you”
Kiara furrowed her eyebrows.
“Explain what to me?” Levi sighed.
“Please don’t make me tell you, she said she wanted to tell you herself” Kiara
wanted to force it out of him but she was too drained to argue so she just sat
down quietly and stared out the window.

Levi noticed how dull her mood had been since yesterday when he picked her up
and although she refused to tell him what happened, he knew it had something to
do with Zane. Why did he keep hurting her?
As they drove into his estate, Kiara raised an eyebrow when she saw all the
beautiful houses.
“Where are we? I’ve never seen the estate before?” He smiled. Finally, she
“It was my grandfather’s but he passed it down to me and I reconstructed it. If
you want a house here, just tell me. Heather already wants one but she wasn’t
sure if you would” Kiara turned to him with a smile.
“I accept your kind gesture but I cannot accept a house free of charge. I’d feel
more comfortable buying the house myself but I doubt I could ever afford it” He
thought over word.
“How about this? I happen to know a lot of business owners that are in the need
of interior designers. How about you do mine first then I’ll introduce you to them?
Then when you finally have enough money, you can rent a house here” Her eyes
“Really? You’d do that?” He nodded.
“Of course. I want you to prosper in life and be happy, that’s all I want” She
smiled at him then turned to stare at the buildings they passed by. It would be
good to stay in a mansion like the houses they were driving past but she still
doubted she would be able to afford it.
She gasped as the size of his Villa when they finally got there. The gate opened
up immediately and the driver drove in. She couldn’t keep her mouth shut as she
stared around. Gosh, how rich was he? This was pure luxury!

Just as she was enjoying the view, she heard Heather’s voice.
“Kiara! You’re finally back” Heather screamed as she ran up to her and threw her
arms around her. Kiara let out a chuckle and hugged her back.
“I missed you too, Heather, more than you know” Heather smiled then pulled
away to stare at Kiara’s face. She frowned when she noticed how swollen
Kiara’s eyes were.
“What happened? Why does it look like you were just crying? Is something
wrong?” Kiara didn’t know why but Heather always had a way of pulling the
emotion out of her.
“You were right, I let my emotions get the best of me and he crushed them just
like before” Heather’s eyes widened when Kiara began to cry then she wrapped
her arms around Kiara and hugged her tightly.
“I’m going to make that son of a bitch pay, mark my words”…

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