Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 65

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 65
Zane stared down at the dead wolf body on the ground with a grimace then he
slowly stood up and turned to Raymond.
“They are here” Zane muttered and Raymond sighed.
“I think they’re here for my pack which is a very bold move because my pack isn’t
one of those weak packs. They must have gotten stronger and wanted to test
out their power with my pack” Zane thought over his word then let out a sigh.

“Then you should better start training your warriors and have a lock down on
your pack and a curfew. I’ll ask Daniel to send down some of our warriors and
weapons” Raymond nodded then glanced at the body.
“They took his heart” Zane turned to the body and nodded. They were trying to
make something but what? A wolf? That won’t make sense.
“What about the other Alphas? Have they gone back?” Raymond nodded.
“They are on their way back on my private plane” Zane sighed then reached out
for his phone and called Daniel.
“They are in Paris as well. Someone just died here. How is it over there?” Zane
immediately said.
“They haven’t made any noise here for a while so I’m glad about that. Oh I forgot
to tell you, three men which I know are working for whoever is trying to execute
wolves happened to attack Heather a few days ago. Luckily, we were able to
save her but they shot her with something that instantly made her drop down
unconscious and while we were fighting the men, we noticed they all had a
similar tattoo on their wrist, a… ”
“A dagger with a snake wrapped around it?” Daniel went silent on the other end.
“Yes, that’s exactly it” Zane ran his fingers through his hair out of frustration.
“Are you stupid, Daniel? And you didn’t bother to call and tell me all this? You had
all these pieces of information, yet you kept them from me?” Daniel sighed.
“I didn’t want to bother you. Plus, I wanted to tell you when I’ve had a potential
suspect but I still don’t” Zane sighed.
“I’m the Alpha and you’re my Beta, we are supposed to be working together so
you need to tell me everything. Every fucking detail, alright?”
“Copy that” Zane hung up then messaged his temples. It was obvious he needed
to return back to his country but he didn’t want to leave yet, he wanted to savor
this moment with Kiara before he went back to his responsibilities.
“It’s getting dark so I’ll go home now because Kiara must be waiting for me”
Zane uttered to Raymond who nodded in response.
“If anything else happens, I’ll call you tomorrow” Zane nodded, then was about to
walk away when he furrowed his eyebrows.
“Samantha?” He questioned as he saw Rose and Samantha walking towards
them. Samantha immediately ran up to him and grabbed his hand.
“My love, I missed you much” He frowned at her then yanked his hand out of her
grip and took a few steps away from her.
“What are you doing here anyways?” She frowned.
“I came here for you and you’re pushing me away” Zane sighed.
“I honestly don’t have time for this, I have to get back” He was about to walk
away but Samantha grabbed his hand.
“You might want to see this” Zane furrowed his eyebrows.
“About what?” She shook her head.
“Let’s talk more privately” He frowned at her then sighed.
“Fine but don’t try to touch or hold me, got it?” She pouted but nodded and
walked away with him As soon as they were alone, Zane turned to Samantha.
“What is it?” She scoffed at him.
“Is it because of Kiara that you’re treating me this way? Once upon a time, I was
the one by your side, not her” Zane rolled his eyes.
“Well I love her and I never loved you” He knew he was being harsh but he
wanted to put her in her place so Kiara won’t be jealous anymore although he
loved the look of jealousy on her face.
“Oh? Is that so?” He furrowed his eyebrows when she reached into her bag and
brought out an envelope then handed it to him.
“What is this?” He questioned as he reached into the envelope. He took out the
photos and his heart dropped when he saw who was on it.
It was Kiara and Levi hugging!
“I guess cheaters never change. I told you and you chose not to believe me”
Samantha uttered with a smile but he just kept staring at the photos then he
sighed and turned to Samantha with cold eyes.
“This doesn’t mean anything, they’re friends” She scoffed at him.
“Friends? Friends don’t look at each other that way”
“Yeah, that’s because Levi likes Kiara but she doesn’t have anything with him”
Samantha raised an eyebrow.
“If you trust her, then call her and ask her where she is. I know for a fact that
she’s still with Levi but if she lies to you then I’m right, they’re together and you
poor man, you’re being used” Zane glared at her then immediately pulled out his
phone and dialed Kiara’s number wanting to prove Samantha wrong. “Hello, Zane” He smiled when he heard her voice.
“Kiara, how are you?”
“Are you home?” He furrowed his eyebrows. So she wasn’t home.
“You are not home? Where are you?” She went silent for a while.
“Oh I was taking a stroll but I’m on my way back home now” Zane straightened
up as his eyes turned cold.
“Oh? With who?”
“Myself. I don’t know anyone in Paris, remember?” Zane felt his heart shatter
into pieces. So Samantha was telling the truth.
Why would she lie that she wasn’t with Levi unless something was going on? He
had been such a fool!
“Okay, see you at the penthouse” Before she could even say a word, he hung up
and Samantha snuck her arm in his.
“I told you. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Now, it’s time to make her regret
cheating on you, it’s time to make her cry her eyes out till tears can’t fall out any
more. You want that right?” He just kept staring straight ahead.
“I want to make her regret it

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