Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 64

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 64
Kiara snuggled into Zane’s chest as they watched a romantic comedy called LA
LA LAND. She wasn’t really focused on the movie and was rather focused on
Zane’s steady heartbreak and warm embrace. She could lay on him forever.
Just then, her blissful moment came to an end when his phone suddenly rang. He
sighed then picked it up.
She noticed the way a frown appeared on his face as soon as he saw the caller
then he pressed the phone against his ear.

“What is it?” She raised up her head and stared down at him with a frown. After
he listened to whatever the person on the order side said, he ran his fingers
through his hair then let out a sigh.
“Alright, give me some minutes. I’ll be there soon” He muttered then hung up
before turning to her and she sighed.
“You have somewhere to be?” He immediately sat up then grabbed her face and
placed a kiss on it.
“Believe me my love, I’d much rather be here with you but I have to go meet with
Alpha Raymond but I’ll be back soon, okay?” She frowned.
“You also said you’d be back before midnight Yesterday but you weren’t” He
“I promise, I’ll be back before midnight today but please, if you’re tired, don’t wait
up for me, okay?” She rolled her eyes.
“Alright” He placed another kiss on her cheek then walked into the room and
quickly got dressed.
When he came out, he found Kiara standing by the door with a sad look on her
“What am I supposed to do while you’re gone again?” He sighed then grabbed
her face and placed a kiss on her lips.
“What did you do while I was away yesterday?” She opened her mouth but
instantly closed it. She didn’t want to tell him that she had been on the phone with
Levi because she knew that could cause another problem.
“What?” He questioned when he saw her expression.

“Oh I was on the phone with Heather but I’m sure she’s busy today and won’t
have time for me” Zane sighed.
“Then maybe go to the mall? My love, you know I’d do anything for you but this is
important and I have about five minutes to get to Raymond. Like yesterday, my
card is in the room, feel free to use it however you like and just enjoy yourself,
okay?” He kissed her forehead then he left.
She sighed before walking over to the couch and slumping down it. Should she
go to the mall? She wasn’t really in the mood to shop.
“I’ll go sightseeing” She uttered as her eyes brightened. Zane had said he
wanted not of them to go sightseeing together but he was blowing her off now
and they only had three more days. She couldn’t back home without seeing the
whole of Paris.
She immediately stood up and ran into the room to dress up. She wore a pair of
blue jeans with a white top and a beret. She had never worn a beret before but
now, it just seemed like the most Paris thing to do.
She grabbed her purse, placed her phone in it then grabbed Zane’s card before
putting on her sneakers and walking out of the penthouse.
he took in a deep breath as she stood in front of the hotel.
“Here I come, Paris” She uttered but before she could take another step, her
phone suddenly rang making her groan.
She wanted to ignore it but what if it was important? She let out a sigh then
brought out the phone from her bag and furrowed her eyebrows when she saw
the caller id.
“Levi? Is something wrong?” She heard him chuckle.

“No, I just took you up on your offer” She raised an eyebrow.
“My offer? What offer?”
“That you’d be my shoulder to cry on if you were next to me so guess what, I’m
in Paris” Her eyes widened and she almost choked on her spit.
“You’re here?” She questioned just to be sure she heard him right.
“I’m not just here, I’m right behind you” She froze then slowly turned around and
sure enough, he was standing behind her with a huge smile on his face.
“Hi, My guardian angel. I’ve missed you” He murmured then hung up before
walking over to her.
“You flew all the way here for what?” She questioned with wide eyes and he
“That wasn’t the reaction I was expecting but just so you know, I’m here for you.
That country is boring without you so I came to see you” She smiled at him then
pinched his cheek.
“But you really didn’t need to come, I’ll be home in three days” He pouted.
“Do you know how hard it was to survive without my guardian angel for four
days? I felt like I was going insane” She rolled her eyes. He was always
“Well I can’t talk right now, I’m going sightseeing” She muttered then turned away
from him and began walking down the pavement. He pouted but immediately
went after her.
“Sight seeing? I can come with you right? I’ve never really been to Paris” She
turned to him with a raised eyebrow.

“Aren’t you rich? You seem like the kind of person that has traveled the world” He
“Trust me, I’ve never been to another country aside from Italy and America” She
furrowed her eyebrows.
“Why when you have the money? If I was rich, I would have explored all the
countries in the world” She uttered with a dreamy smile.
“Well my father never wanted me to leave Italy and our family business. The only
reason he let me open my company in America is because he wanted Zane to
invest in it” She halted in her steps then turned to him. There was something
about his tone that she didn’t like.
“Does your father control you? Is that why you were sad yesterday? If he does,
tell me and I’ll go over to Italy and teach him a lesson” Levi chuckled.
“Really? My father is much more powerful than you think, Kiara and he’s a bad
man. If I had my way, I’d wish to be able to get away from him forever” Those
words pierced through her heart more than she had expected.
After what happened between her and Zane in the past, her parents totally cut
her off and haven’t even bothered reaching out and even though she missed them
from time to time, she was glad she was away from them because they clearly
didn’t see her as family.
She smiled at him then wrapped her arms around him.
“Don’t worry, one day you’ll be free from him, you just have to be strong and
learn how to stand up from yourself and when you’re finally free from him,
Heather and I can be your family. We’ll have to create some room but I’m sure
you can fit in” He chuckled then hugged her tightly.

“Thank you so much, Kiara, thank you for coming into my life” He murmured then
closed his eyes as he hugged her tighter like he never wanted to let her go.
Unknowingly to them, there was someone in the shadows taking pictures of them

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