Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 61

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 61
“What?” Zane questioned with furrowed eyebrows as he stared at Raymond and
some other Alpha’s.
“It’s true, the new moon pack was attacked last night and they barely made it out
alive. Alpha Nehemiah is currently in a coma” Zane couldn’t believe what he was
hearing. He had been too busy with Kiara that he had forgotten about what was
happening to wolves around the world and he was sure Daniel didn’t want to
disturb him and was trying to solve the problem on his own.

“Are there any suspects?” He questioned and Alpha Raymond sighed.
“What we know is that they’re not wolves and they have somehow devised a
weapon and drug that kills werewolves within seconds. It’s very deadly and we
need to do something about it immediately. Small packs are getting attacked day
by day and the lock down doesn’t seem to be doing anything” Zane ran his
fingers through his hair with a sigh. Goddess knew this wasn’t something he
needed right now.
“Are there any survivors from the new moon pack?” He questioned as he turned
to the other pack Alphas.
“They’re all getting treated as we speak while some are in a coma just like their
Alpha but most of them… they’re dead. There’s something that we noticed, the
dead wolves all seemed to be missing their hearts and according to a witness,
the attackers took the bloods of most of the werewolves with a syringe” Zane
furrowed his eyebrows. That sounded…. Off.
“That sounds like they’re trying to make some kind of species” He murmured then
turned back to Alpha Benjamin.
“Did the witnesses say anything else that could potentially lead us towards the
attackers?” Benjamin massaged his temples then his eyes suddenly widened.
“A girl told me before she died that they all seemed to have a tattoo of a dagger
with a snake wrapped around it on their wrist” Zane nodded then turned to
“By the looks of it, we might have to move all the wolves into my pack. It has the
most security” Raymond sighed.
“There are wolves that are far away from yours,how are they going to get here
before it’s too late?” Zane sighed as he massaged his temples.

“Just pass down this message, if they don’t want to die then they should find a
way to get to my pack as soon as they can. I’ll send helicopters and other means
of transportation for them and you all should as well. Now is not a time for us to
be divided but together” Raymond glanced at the other Alphas and they all
nodded in agreement.
“Alright, we understand” Raymond uttered and Zane let out a sigh.
“Also, your warriors should go last because they have to be trained. We might go
hunting soon and we need to be ready for the worst”
Kiara laughed as Levi told her about his embarrassing childhood moments.
“Damn! I’ve never told anyone this before” Levi commented and she raised an
“Am I supposed to feel special?” He chuckled.
“Yes, you should,” She smiled.
“Honestly, I have a lot of embarrassing stories as well but maybe we’d talk about
that later” She uttered then glanced at the clock before turning to the door with a
frown. It was already almost midnight, where was Zane?
“Is something wrong?” She heard Levi’s voice through the phone and she sighed.
“Is it that obvious?” He chuckled.
“Well you have been sighing a lot. What’s wrong? You can tell me” She sighed.
“It’s getting late and Zane isn’t back yet. I’m getting really worried” Levi went
silent then let out a sigh.
“You know I like you, right?” His question caught her off Guard.

“In case you don’t, I like you, Kiara and I didn’t want to say anything but it hurts
like a bitch when you mention Zane when you and I are having a conversation.
Yes, I know you’re with him and you love him but I’d wish I was the only one on
your mind when we’re talking” She was speechless and unable to say anything.
“I just had to get that off my chest and I’m sorry if it came out as aggressive. I’ll
leave you now so you can call Zane and know where he is, okay?” Before she
could even say anything, he hung up.
She furrowed her eyebrows but before she could think about what he sighed, the
elevator dinged and Zane walked in looking drained.
She jumped up from the chair with a bright smile on her face.
“Zane!” She called out his name then walked up to him and threw her arms
around him.
He Chuckled lightly then placed a kiss on her forehead.
“I can see you missed me, My love” She nodded with a pout.
“You said you were going to be back before midnight. Can you see the time?” He
“I’m sorry, I just got caught up with everything” She furrowed her eyebrows as
she stared at him with worry.
“Are you okay? You sound and look drained” He smiled.
“That’s because I haven’t been able to rest and right now, I just want to lay in
bed with you” She caressed his face with a sigh.

“Are you sure everything is okay? I remember you only have Alpha meetings
when there’s something going on” He shook his head then wrapped his arm
around her waist and pulled her closer before placing a kiss on her lips.
“It isn’t really anything serious so don’t worry about it. I’m just tired and I want to
rest. Come with me?” She nodded and he took his hand then her over to the
As soon as they got there, Zane immediately plopped down on the bed with his
clothes and shoes on which made Kiara frown. Was he that tired?
She bent down and helped him take off his shoe, then helped him take off his
shirt and unbuttoned his trousers so he could sleep more freely.
As soon as she was done with that, she made him lay down on the bed more
comfortably then climbed in and covered both of them with the blanket before
snuggling closer to him.
“Will you pat me to sleep?” He questioned as he slowly opened his eyes to gaze
at her. She nodded and closed his eyelids with her finger then began to pat him
As she did that, she couldn’t help but wonder what was going on. The last time
Zane had been like this was when his father had been ambushed on the way
back to the pack. Could something as bad as that be happening?

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