Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 60

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 60
They laid in each other’s arms, none of them saying a word. They didn’t know
what to say to each other at that moment.
Kiara suddenly shivered, drawing Zane out of his thoughts. He wrapped his arms
around her and drew her closer.
“We should probably get dressed so you don’t catch a cold” He murmured and
she nodded. They both sat up then she watched as he gathered their clothes.

Her cheeks turned red as she tried her best not to stare at his naked body but
damn, he was ethereal.
She flashed him a smile as she took her gown from his hand then she
immediately wore it and he helped her zip it up.
After they were done dressing up, they sat down on the stairs of the temple.
After sitting down there in silence for what felt like hours, Zane suddenly
chuckled, making Kiara raise an eyebrow at him.
“What’s funny?” He turned to her with a smile.
“I’m just wondering why we are behaving like we just had sex for the first time”
He murmured and her cheeks turned red as she remembered what they had just
She was about to turn away from him but he grabbed her face and gently turned
it back to him.
“Did you not enjoy it?” He questioned and she saw curiosity in his eyes as well as
fear? Why was he afraid?
“Did you not hear my moans? Of course I did. I just…. It’s been so long since we
had sex so I guess that’s why it feels like we just had sex for the first time” He
caressed her face with his thumb.
“You don’t have to be shy around me, My love. I want to be able to talk to you
about what just happened between us, the emotions, everything. I mean, we
cried. The last time that happened was when… ”
“We had sex for the first time” She Interjected with a small smile. He leaned in
and placed a kiss on her cheek. There was really nothing to say about that
because they both knew why they cried.

They had so much hidden emotions for one another in them that when they made
love, everything spilled out.
“I loved every second of it and you should know that it’s going to be hard to keep
my hands off you from now on” She chuckled.
“I wouldn’t have expected anything else, I’m a goddess, you know?” She joked.
“Yes but you’re my goddess,only mine” She shrieked lightly as he began
peppering kisses on her face.
“Today was lovely and a day I will never forget in my life but I’m feeling sleepy,
can we go back to the penthouse?” She questioned and he nodded.
”Of course, my love. You experienced what I wanted you to experience here and
you had fun, right?” She nodded.
“I did” He smiled then stood up from the ground and outstretched his hand
towards her.
“Let’s get you home” She stood up from the ground and intertwined their fingers
as they walked back to the car.
The driver bowed his head at them as soon as he saw them then immediately
opened up the door for them.
“Are we headed back to the hotel?” The driver asked and Zane nodded as he
watched Kiara climb in before he climbed in.
Time flew by like a breeze and they were finally at the hotel. Kiara was too tired
and drained so Zane had to carry her up to the penthouse and as soon as her
head touched the pillow, she fell asleep.

Kiara stretched her body with a groan then slowly opened up her eyes. She
glanced out the window and it looked like the sun was about to set.
She sat up slowly and furrowed her eyebrows when she didn’t see Zane. Where
could he be?
She slowly stood up from the bed then walked over to the bathroom then the
living room and the kitchen but he wasn’t there.
She sighed then walked back to the room and grabbed her phone before dialing
his number. He picked up immediately.
“My love” She heaved a sigh of relief.
“I thought you ran away” She heard him chuckle.
“And why would I do that?” She shrugged. She had read a lot of books and
watched a lot of movies where the guy would leave the girl after having sex with
her so she was glad that wasn’t the case.
“Where are you?” He sighed.
“I really didn’t want to go but I had an emergency meeting and it was too
important to miss. Trust me, all I wanted to do was lay beside you” She frowned.
“Oh…. What am I supposed to do here all by myself?”
“You can watch a movie or you can go shopping. I left my card in the room and
my driver can take you wherever you want. I’m sorry and I’ll be back before
midnight, okay? Enjoy yourself and I know that’s going to be hard without me but
please try” She rolled her eyes.
“You need to get over yourself. Bye” He chuckled.

“Bye, My Love” She hung up then let out a sigh. She didn’t feel like shopping or
leaving the penthouse so she just decided to watch a movie but even as she
watched the movie, all she could think about was Zane and couldn’t help missing
his presence and that scared her more than she could comprehend.
Levi slumped down on the ground with a sigh then grabbed the bottle beside him
and chugged it down. Even if it burnt his throat and chest, it still didn’t hurt as bad
as his aching heart at that moment.
“You are not going to find peace at the end of that bottle, Levi” He murmured to
himself then let out a sigh before running his fingers through his hair.
His head was in turmoil and he couldn’t help worrying if she was okay but he was
too afraid to call her. He was putting her in danger just by thinking about her.
Should he just let her be so his father won’t use her to
torture both him and Zane? He would hate himself if something happened to her
because of him.
After contemplating for what felt like hours, he grabbed her phone and dialed her
number. With shaky hands, he placed the phone against his ear and seconds
later, she picked up.
“Levi? It’s been so long since I heard from you” He smiled and instantly felt better
just by hearing her voice.
“I’m okay, I… I just needed someone to talk to and you’re the only one that can
make me feel better, only you have that effect on me” She went silent for a while
and he suddenly began to panic. Had he said too much?
“Are you okay, Levi?” He smiled at the concern in her voice.

“I’m not, I’m so tired. I’m just so tired, Kiara” And he just broke down. He didn’t
know why he was crying, he didn’t even know why he was crying to her when
she was out there with another man she obviously cared more of but he didn’t
care. He just wanted to be able to vent out his emotions just once even if it killed
him to do so.
“Levi, are you okay? I’ll call Heather to come check up on you” He shook his
“No, as long as I know you’re listening to me, I feel much better. I just…I just
wanted to hear your voice” He heard her sigh.
“Zane… Zane and I are already having problems and I’m not sure you should be
saying stuff like this to me anymore” His heart broke from her words. He felt like
he had just been buried six feet under and couldn’t breathe.
“Oh..” Maybe it was time to give her up, it was obvious he didn’t have a space in
her heart. A tear slipped down his cheek as he opened his mouth to say goodbye
but she suddenly spoke.
“But… Even if I don’t have romantic feelings for you, I don’t like hearing you cry
and as your guardian angel, how can I just leave you off when you feel down?
You can cry all you want and even I can’t be there to be your shoulder to cry on,
I’m here to listen” He stayed quiet for a while as his heart began to race wildly.
That night was when he knew no matter what, he wouldn’t be able to love
anyone as much as he loved Kiara and he was willing to fight for her even if that
resulted in his death.

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