Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 59

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 59
Zane immediately crashed his lips on hers then grabbed her thighs and lifted her
up. She instantly wrapped her leg around his waist and her arm around his neck
then deepened the kiss.
“Fuck yes, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this” He murmured then
carried her over to the temple while they kisses feverishly like they couldn’t

enough of each other.
When they got to the temple, Zane let her down on the ground then cleared out
all the food on top of the blanket while Kiara bit her lip in anticipation.
When they were younger, they would have sex anywhere as long as they were
horny. Hell, they had had sex in an amusement park even but she couldn’t
remember them ever having sex in broad daylight.
Zane turned back to her then grabbed her head carefully and placed his lips on
hers. The kiss wasn’t as rough as before, it was more passionate now like he
was taking his time to savor her taste.
“Are you really sure, My love?” He questioned softly and when she glanced at
him, she could see how hard it was for him to control his hunger for her.
“Yes” She uttered simply then reached out for his button and began unbuttoning
them slowly while staring into his eyes. After she was done, she took off his
chest then trailed her fingers down his chest. She had been waiting to do this
ever since she saw him shirtless on the plane.
Her fingers trailed over to his left nipple and when she flicked it, she saw him
shiver slightly.
“Fuck, don’t tease me, Kiara. It’s taking all my will power not to bend you over
that statue and fuck the living day light out of it” He muttered and she noticed the
way his breathing sounded laboured. She still had that effect of leaving him
breathless just by touching him?
She turned around and moved her hair out of the way.
“Help me” She murmured and she heard him gulp before zipping down her gown.
She let it drop to the ground before turning around to face him

His eyes watched her as she took off her bra and underwear, leaving her
completely naked.
“Fuck it, Kiara. You’re perfect” He murmured then without warning, he moved
forward, leaned down and captured her nipple in his mouth.
She jerked forward slightly then grabbed onto his hair while she stifled a moan
but the pleasure was getting too much and they hadn’t even started yet.
“Fuck, we fit so perfectly, Kiara. You were made for me” He murmured as he
released her nipple then latched his lips on the other one and sucked and flicked
it like he couldn’t get enough.
“Oh Zane” She moaned as she tugged at his hair. At the rate, she was going to
cum before they even started.
She used all her will power to raise up his head and he stared at her with
confusion written on his face but that confusion soon turned into ecstasy when
Kiara reached into his trouser and grabbed his cock.
“Oh fuck!” He groaned as she pumped her hand up and down his cock. She
stared at his face and seeing how much she was pleasuring him made her wet in
between her thighs.
He smashed his lips on her and kissed her roughly as he moaned while she
continuously pumped his cock. After a while, he grabbed her hand as he bit his
“In as much as I love what you’re doing, I want to cum inside you” He muttered
then reached for his trouser, unbuttoned it then took it off with his boxers then
threw it away before grabbing her and crashing his lips on hers.
She immediately jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist
then moaned then his cock poked her butt.

“Fuck” He murmured against her lips then carefully bent down and placed her on
the blanket. He released her lips then leaned back to stare at her, all of her.
Tasting her body again was one of things he had dreamt about for the past two
years and finally having her in his arms like this felt too good to be true.
He glanced down at her core which was dripping wet and he groaned. All he
wanted was to thrust inside her till they both couldn’t bear the pleasure anymore.
“Zane” She whined slightly then grabbed his hand and placed it on her core,
indirectly telling him she was aching for his touch. She didn’t need to say anything
because he was aching to touch her there as well.
He stuck two fingers inside her and she let out a gasp as she arched her back.
“Yes” She murmured and moaned out loudly when he began pumping into her
with his fingers.
“Oh Fuck, Yes!” She screamed then arched her back to match his rhythm. He
added another finger and she felt like she was on cloud nine.
“Fuck, you’re so wet for me, my love” He murmured then leaned down and
sucked on her clit while still pumping into her.
She grabbed his hair roughly then raised her hips and pressed her core further
against his mouth.
“Yes, yes Zane. Oh fuck” She moaned as he sucked, nibbled and licked her
core. He moaned into her and she clenched her fist in his hair as she exploded
into his mouth.
She felt a little shy and embarrassed at first but Zane’s moans and the way he
was sucking her hungrily immediately drove away that embarrassment and

replaced it with pleasure.
After a while, he raised up his head and she moaned when she saw her juice all
over his mouth.
“I can’t…” He managed to say before slamming his cock into her without
warning. Kiara let out a scream but Zane immediately covered her mouth with his
whilst still thrusting into her.
“Oh fuck, oh my, fuck! You feel so good my love, you feel even better than I
remember” He muttered then began placing kisses on her neck while she felt like
she was going to die from the pleasure she was feeling.
Only Zane could make her feel this way, only him. Without wasting any more
time, Kiara managed to turn them over so she was on top of him.
He stared at her with wide eyes but his eyes immediately rolled to the back of
his head as she began riding his cock.
“Fuck” He muttered as he grabbed onto her waist. She held his chest then bit her
lip as she went up and down his cock. His cock was much bigger than she
remembered so it was kind of hard for her to be fast.
“Faster,my love” He murmured and she tried her best to go faster but she just
couldn’t do it. He noticed her struggles so he grabbed her back and pulled her
closer to his chest before raising his hip and thrusting into her roughly.
She moaned loudly into his ear and moaned and groaned into hers.
He wanted to tell her how much he loved her but he couldn’t bring himself to say
it. He was afraid and he was a coward but the goddess knew how much he
loved her and he wanted her to be his forever. He was willing to forget about the
past and start afresh with her again.

She moved her head and tried her best to stare into his eyes while he thrusted
into her. Even if they were too scared to say the word to each other, it was clear
in their eyes and in the way they made love.
Kiara moaned loudly as she came on him while he continued slamming into her till
he came minutes later.
They stared at each other with surprise written on their faces, not because of
what they just did but because of the tears falling out of their eyes

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