Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 58

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 58
Levi glanced at himself in the mirror then sighed. Ever since he got that call from
his father, he has just been gloomy. He knew Zane was there to protect Kiara but
he just couldn’t stop himself from worrying about her.
He had to fight the urge to call her several times because he didn’t want to feel
like he was bothering her but he was worried. He had tried reaching out to
Heather so she would check up on Kiara but he couldn’t get to Heather.
He sighed then shook his head.

“That’s enough. You’re going to go to the office, get work done and not have a
shitty day like you have been having for the past couple of days, got it?” He told
himself through the mirror then forced out a smile on his face before buttoning up
his suit and walking out of the room.
As he walked out of the mansion, His guards greeted him and so did his
“To the office, right Boss?” His Chauffeur asked and he nodded before climbing
into the car.
As they drove towards the company, an unsettling feeling fell down on him. He
didn’t know what but something didn’t feel right.
“I hope you had this car serviced?” He questioned his chauffeur who immediately
“Yes Boss. I even double checked this morning” Levi sighed as he laid his back
on the seat. His father had cut his brakes in the past and he had gotten into
nasty accidents because of his Father so his guards and driver knew to check his
car thoroughly.
So if his father hadn’t done something to his car, why was he feeling this way?
He checked behind him and his guards were driving close behind him so if his
father planned an attack on him, with the amount of guards with him, he’d get out
untouched…. Maybe with a few bruises but he won’t die at least.
To his relief and dismay, he got to the company untouched. He furrowed his
eyebrows as he climbed out of the car then he glanced around. Why was he
having this feeling then?

He walked into the office and as usual, everyone bowed their heads at him and
wished him a good day and he smiled back at them.

He sighed then shook his head. Maybe he was just overthinking things because
everything seemed normal.
As he walked towards his office with his guards behind him, he noticed his
secretary wasn’t in her seat and she was always there before became in.
He ignored it and was about walking into his office when he caught the scent of a
stench. What the heck was that?
He stared at his door for a while then pushed it open and immediately gagged at
the image in front of him.
His secretary’s naked mutilated body was on his desk and a stick was stuck into
her skill with an envelope on it.
His guards immediately jumped in front of him and began calling for backup.
“Don’t worry boss, we’ll check the CCTV camera and catch whoever did this”
Levi frowned. His instincts have never been wrong and this just proved that.
He walked around his guards and examined the body with a grimace on his face.
It seemed she had been raped before she was killed.
He turned away from the body and reached out for the envelope. With shaky
hands, he took out the letter and read it.
‘Time is ticking, son. You know, I have a picture of that Kiara girl and might I say
she’s very beautiful and now I understand why you’re attracted to her and I’m not
again your relationship with her because Zane happens to like her as well but if
you keep letting my plans fail, I’ll have no choice but to have what has been done
to your secretary to her. I’ll hurt you and Zane and that seems like a win win to
me. Again, time is ticking Levi clenched his fist and gritted his teeth after reading the letter. He knew his
father was vile but gosh! This was next level.
“Have this cleaned up immediately” He muttered to his guards then walked out of
the office. He couldn’t bear being in there because Every time he stared at his
Secretary’s naked body, he imagined her as Kiara and that image was going to
hunt his dreams forever.
Kiara giggled as they sat down on the blanket inside the temple of love. There
were multiple snacks and fruits. It was simple yet beautiful.
She felt like a princess at that moment.
“This is truly beautiful, Zane. I’m trying to think about which one I prefer. Being a
Queen or a fairytale princess” She murmured as she glanced around. The place
just seemed so magical.
“I knew you were going to say that and that is my goal, to make every day more
memorable than the previous day” He murmured then leaned in and placed a kiss
on her face and she smiled at him. She was sure there were sparkles in her eyes
when she stared at him but she didn’t care anymore, she wasn’t going to care
She watched as he pulled out a croissant from the basket and handed it to her.
“Here, this is the only one I could get but don’t worry, we’ll go around Paris and
taste all the pastries we can find, would you like that?” She smiled then nodded
“Of course, I would love that,” She murmured, then cut a piece of the croissant
and placed it in her mouth. It wasn’t anything extra ordinary because it tasted like
bread but she loved it nevertheless.

After eating a few of the food on the blanket, they decided to take a stroll around
with their hands intertwined.
To anyone else, they looked like newly wed couples that couldn’t get enough of
each other.
“The roses here are very beautiful” She murmured then removed her hands from
his as she walked over to the rose bush.
After staring at the roses for what felt like minutes, she turned around and saw
Zane with his phone out, seemingly taking pictures of her.
“Are you taking pictures of me?” She questioned as she walked over to him and
he shook his head.
“I’m recording you so I can keep watching it before I go to sleep and immediately
I wake up so I’d remember just how Lucky I am to have someone like you in my
life” She stood still as her face softened. Those exact words were something he
had said to her in the past.
She walked over to him and before he could say anything else, she stood on her
toes and slammed her lips on his.
Zane immediately reacted to the kiss as he wrapped his arms around her waist
and pulled her closer.
“Fuck, if we continue kissing like this, I won’t be able to control myself, Kiara” He
murmured against her mouth.
“Then don’t” Zane suddenly froze at her words then pulled back to stare at her
with wide eyes.

“Wh… what did you say?” She closed the space between them with her eyes on
his lips.
“I’m tired of holding back, I want you to touch me, I want you to kiss me and I
want you to do dirty things to me” She murmured seductively and he groaned
when his cock twitched.
“Are you…. Are you sure?” Without replying, she grabbed his hand and led him
towards the car.
“Let’s go back to the penthouse” He shook his head and held her back. She
turned around and her eyes widened when she saw the intense lust and desire in
his eyes.
“I can’t wait that long, I want…. No, I need you now” She bit her lower lip then
glanced around.
“Here?” He chuckled then slowly pulled her close.
“We have had sex in worse places before Kiara so don’t be shy. Besides, we are
the only ones here, I made sure of that” She clenched her core to stop herself
from moaning as she thought of the things he could do to her. Gosh, she wanted
“My body has always belonged to you, you can do whatever you want with it”

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