Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 62

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 62
Zane woke up to the sound of his phone ringing. He frowned slightly then turned
to his night stand, grabbed his phone and received it so the Ringing wouldn’t
disturb Kiara who was sleeping peacefully beside him.
“Alpha” Zane’s eyes turned stormy. He slowly got out of the bed then walked out
of the room. He walked into the kitchen and closed the door so Kiara couldn’t
hear him.

“How dare you keep something as important as this away from him?” He harshly
whispered into the phone and he heard Daniel sigh.
“I just didn’t want to disturb you and Kiara so I tried doing things on my own but
we need you, Zane” Zane ran his fingers through his hair with a sigh.
“I can’t just leave, I’ll be back after the Vacation. It’s three days remaining. Just
take care of everything and keep looking for clues. Also, start training our
warriors because I ordered all wolves to move into our pack. Be accommodating
and if the houses aren’t enough, build more immediately”
“Copy that, Alpha. I’ll get right on that” Zane nodded then hung up before letting
out a sigh. He wasn’t ready to leave just yet. He felt like if they left here, their
perfect fantasy would end.
He turned around and his eyes widened when Kiara walked into the kitchen with
a yawn.
“My love, Good morning” He murmured. She walked up to him with a smile then
wrapped her arms around him.
“Good morning. Are we going anywhere today?” He grinned then leaned down
and placed a kiss on her lips but that kiss soon turned into something hot and
Zane began kissing her hungrily.
Kiara immediately matched his energy and by the time he pulled away from the
kiss, her clothes were already on the ground.
“I’d prefer to be buried inside you for the rest of the day” He murmured huskily
into her ear then hurled her up and placed her on the table beside him.
She bit her lip with a smile then helped him push down his trouser.
“I can’t wait” He slammed his lips on hers as his hand roamed her body

She moaned as he licked and sucked every part of her body like he couldn’t get
enough. She rubbed her nipples with her fingers as he fingered her. Their moans
and how wet she was was all that could be heard in the kitchen.
“Fuck yes!” She cried out as he slammed his cock into her then she leaned down
and slammed her lips on his while he thrusted into her mercilessly.
“Yes, my love, fuck yes” He groaned then quickened up his pace and she sunk
her fingers into his hair as she let out a moan.
“I’m cuming… I’m going to cum” She muttered breathlessly and groaned when He
quickened his pace. With one final stroke, she dug her fingers into his skin and let
out a groan as they both came at the same time.
Both their breathing was erratic as they laid their forehead on each other’s, none
of them wanting to move from that position.
“I think I’d rather stay in your arms today as well” She murmured then placed a
kiss on his lips. He smiled at her then slowly pulled out of her before letting out a
“Hopefully, I won’t be disturb by anyone today”
“Why don’t you just turn your phone off? Then we’ll be sure no one can disturb
us” She murmured, then jumped down from the table and began wearing her
gown. She was aware of his eyes following her every move and it made her core
ache again.
“I’m an Alpha, Kiara. As much as I don’t want to be disturbed by them, they need
to be able to reach out to me in case of an emergency” She sighed but she
understood what he was trying to say.
“Are you hungry? I’ll order breakfast” She uttered and walked towards the hotel

“Didn’t we have leftovers from yesterday? Why don’t we just eat that?” She
laughed awkwardly.
“Erm… I might have eaten them all while waiting for you yesterday so we have
got to order more” He shook his head in amusement then walked over to her and
wrapped her arms around her.
“Don’t order too much this time around, I’m not hungry at all” She gulped slightly.
“Can you not hug me while you’re naked?” He chuckled then moved away from
her and began wearing his clothes.
After he was done dressing up, she turned to him with a frown on her face and
when he saw the look in her eyes, he immediately knew she had figured out
“I heard you retching your guts out yesterday while you were having your bath.
Do you… do you have an eating disorder?” Zane sighed as he ran his finger
through his hair.
“It’s no big deal, Kiara” She scoffed then walked up to him.
“Of course it is. How and when did this start? Have you seen a doctor about it?”
He sighed.
“I did but nothing they did could increase my appetite” She frowned.
“I remember you never really ate much but you ate enough to keep you full. What
happened? What changed?”
“You left me” Her eyes widened slightly and he sighed.
“When you left, things went downhill for me and I stopped eating. No matter what
anyone said and no matter how hard they forced me, I didn’t eat and even if Iate, I would throw up the next minute. I had no idea that I was developing a
disorder before it was too late” Her frowned.
“That happened to me too you know. I stopped eating for a while because I just
didn’t see the need to anymore because….” She froze as she almost spilled out
the fact that her child loss caused her to slip into depression and almost develop
a eating disorder
“Because?” Zane urged but she just smiled sadly at him.
“I’ll go… wash up and then I’ll order the food. I’m here now and you have to eat
to beat that disorder, okay?” Before he could even say anything, she walked
away and he frowned.
There was something in her eyes, a very deep sadness that he wasn’t even sure
was caused by him. If it wasn’t him then who could it be?…

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