Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 52

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 52
Kiara gaped at him with wide eyes then sighed.
“You know, I should be used to you saying this like this by now but I’m not” Zane
grinned then leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips.
“So I’m sorry and much to my dismay, I won’t be able to lay on the bed with you
till I can have sex with you” She raised an eyebrow.
“Why do you seem so sure we’ll have sex on this Vacation? We might not” He

“I don’t mind and I’m not sure, I’m just saying. Even if we don’t have sex, I’ll be
okay with just kissing you and holding you like this” He wrapped his arm around
her waist and pulled her closer to him. She grinned at him then wrapped her
arms around his shoulders and smashed her lips on his.
Zane immediately kissed her back and her heart began to race wildly when the
kiss was getting extremely heated. So heated that she couldn’t stop herself from
moaning into his mouth as his hands roamed every inch of her body.
“Zane… we should… we should… stop” Her words came out more of like a
moan and Zane groaned as he deepened this kiss.
“Fuck my life. I’ve missed you so much, my love. Ever since you left, I never even
dared touch another girl because no one could and would never be able to
satisfy me or turn me on like you. Fuck, I’m just kissing you and touching you but
I can already feel myself cuming” He murmured harshly and Kiara could hear the
strain in his voice because of how hard he was trying to control himself.
“Zane… Ah!” She screamed as he pressed his hard cock against her abdomen.
“Please….. can you… can you touch me, Kiara? I’m aching for your touch” She
bit her lower to stop herself from moaning out as he continued pressing his cock
against her and kissing her neck feverishly.
“Zane…. Zane you know it’s just going to make things worse” She murmured
which made him sigh before he abruptly pulled away from her and ran his fingers
through his hair.
“Okay, I’m sorry” She shook her head then pursed her lips.
“I…. It’s not your fault but I’m not ready to have sex with you now and if… if I
touch you, things will escalate and then…” He chuckled then turned to her with a

“It’s not your fault so you don’t have to explain. I just need to calm myself for a
second. How about you order us some food to eat? We weren’t able to eat
anything yesterday except breakfast because I had to paint you so I’m sure
you’re hungry” She nodded then caressed her stomach with a frown.
“Yes, I am pretty hungry” He smiled.
“Go order us something to eat. I’ll be right out when I’ve calmed down” She
nodded at him as she tried her best not to stare below his abdomen.
She grabbed her phone and immediately fled out of the room before letting out
the breath she had been holding.
She stood in front of the door for a while then sighed and was about to walk
towards the hotel phone and order when her phone rang. She glanced at the
screen and smiled when she saw Heather’s name.
“I was surprised you didn’t call me last night” Kiara murmured into the phone as
soon as she picked up.
“I assumed you would be busy or tired so I didn’t want to disturb you. Are you
okay? Did anything happen last night?” Kiara furrowed her eyebrows.
“Aside from the part where I had fun, nothing happened because I fell asleep on
the way back home” She heard Heather heave a sigh of relief.
“I’m glad to hear that. I thought you and Zane were going to…. You know… have
sex” Kiara cheeks immediately turned red and she hurriedly walked away from
the room door, into the kitchen.
“Why would you think that?”
“Because you both had a romantic time with each other and the normal way to
end such a romantic time together is sex especially since you and Zane used to

be sex freaks in the past” Kiara cheeks immediately turned red.
“Heather!” Kiara whined.
“What? Did I lie? Everyone could see that you both can’t keep your hands off
each other and since you both haven’t seen each other in two years, the sexual
tension should be as thick as my ass by now” Kiara rolled her eyes but couldn’t
help but giggle.
“Oh Heather”
“What? I know I’m right. Please try to restrain yourself. If you have sex with him
right now, it’s going to be harder to leave him after this Vacation and you don’t
want that right?” Kiara frowned. She didn’t know what exactly she wanted but
one thing that she was sure of was that she loved Zane and she wouldn’t mind if
they went on with the way they were now as long as he doesn’t bring up the past
“Don’t worry about that, Heather. What about you? What’s going on with you?”
Heather sighed. She knew Kiara was trying to change the topic so she decided
to play along.
“I can’t go into details just yet and I promise to tell you everything when you get
back home but I’m living with Daniel, Liam and some other pack warriors in a
huge mansion they call their hideout or something” Kiara furrowed her eyebrows.
“Why are you staying with them? Did something happen to our apartment?”
“No nothing. I said I’d go into details when you got back so please don’t ask me
anymore questions on that” Kiara frowned. Why was Heather acting so weird?
“Why are you staying with them then? I thought you hated Daniel’s presence?”
“Oh I do, a whole lot more than I remember. He’s so annoying and always tries
to control me here. He acts so nonchalant around me like we didn’t have a past
together. Do you know what he told me? He said he had
already moved on and I should too” Kiara frowned. She could hear the pain in
Daniel’s voice and knew that his words had hurt her deeply.
“Don’t worry, I’ll scold him and ask him to treat you right” Kiara muttered.
“Kiara, wait I…” Before she could complete her sentence, Kiara hung up,
marched over to the room and swung the door open.
Her eyes widened slightly when she saw Zane with a towel around his waist and
another on his head. Her eyes trailed Down his body as droplets of water rolled
down his chest..Gosh, why was he so hot and sexy? He looked even better than
she remembered.
“You’re drooling, My love”

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