Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 51

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 51
“I’m okay. I just went for a stroll and I happened to run into Liam and Daniel so I
followed them out for a while since I was bored and then I came back to talk to
you” Heather questioned and Levi furrowed his eyebrows.
“Talk to me? About what? Aren’t you going to come in? It’s getting late” She
sighed then opened the door and climbed down from the car.
“Staying with you in this huge villa with a butler and a shit ton of maids is a dream
I’ve had since I knew such a place existed but I can’t stay here anymore” Levi

“Why? Is something wrong? Did you not feel comfortable or was it because you
were bored?” She shook her head.
“No, it’s not because of that. My… my parents wanted to see me because Daniel
told them what had happened so they wanted me to come stay with them for a
while but I promise, I’ll come visit you” A frown adorn Levi’s face.
“Oh…. Oh okay, if that’s the case what are you going to do about your stuff?”
She sighed.
“I guess I’ll come pick them up tomorrow morning but don’t worry, when Kiara
comes back, we are totally coming here to spend some time with you, okay?” He
furrowed his eyebrows.
“No, I only want to spend time with Kiara, not you” She gasped then rolled her
“Oh shut up, you practically consider me your best friend now, don’t you?” She
questioned then wiggled her eyebrows at him but he just laughed before
wrapping his arms around her.
“Come visit, okay? It can get pretty Lonely in this Villa all by myself” She sighed
because she had suspected that despite the fact that his Villa was practically a
dream to live in, it would be pretty boring experiencing that dream alone.
“I promise, I’ll come” He sighed as he pulled away from the hug then watched as
Heather got back into the car and drove away with Liam.
He let out another sigh before walking back to the Villa and as soon as he
stepped his foot into the mansion, his phone rang and he froze when he saw the
caller ID.

He took a deep breath before receiving it.
“Yes, Father” He muttered into the phone with a cold emotionless tone.
“Do you want me to come over there because it seems I made the wrong
decision in trusting you with this” His father’s voice was calm but Levi knew all
too well that that meant trouble.
“I’m trying my best but Zane isn’t back from his Vacation and I can’t do anything
till he’s back. I’ve already gotten a warehouse for our men and they are all filing
in as we speak” He tensed up when he heard his father scoff.
“Excuses, excuses. You know how much I hate it when you make excuses, right?
If you have to go all the way to Paris and make him come back then do it
immediately or else… you won’t like what I’d do next. I won’t harm you but I’ll
harm the girl that has seemed to catch your fancy” Levi’s eyes widened but
before he could say anything, his father hung up.
He pulled the phone away from his ear with a horrified look on his face. His
father knew about Kiara? That was bad! That meant she was in danger! He
needed to find a way to make Zane come back immediately!
The next morning, Kiara stretched her body with a yawn then reached out to
touch Zane but felt nothing but air and the soft bed beside her.
She opened her eyes slowly then glanced around and couldn’t seem to find Zane
“Zane?” She called out as she sat up and was about to get out of bed. She
wanted to place her leg on the ground but instead, her leg landed on something
hard and warm which made her shriek.
She raised her leg to the bed and glanced down before letting out a breath of
relief when she found Zane laying down on the ground.

“Gosh, Zane, what are you doing on the ground? I thought you were lying next to
me on the bed last night?” He opened his eyes slowly and stared at her.
Yes he had been laying on the bed and she kept grinding on him but the minute
she turned away from him, he had thrown himself on the floor and managed to
sleep there till the morning.
“I guess I must have rolled to the ground without realizing” He murmured as he
sat up then groaned slightly when his back suddenly ached. Damn, he must have
slept wrongly.
“Are you hurt?” She questioned with worry in her voice as she jumped down from
the bed and squatted down beside him.
“I’m okay. My back just hurt a little but I should be fine. Don’t worry about me” He
murmured then leaned in and placed a kiss on her lips before getting up from the
ground and stretching a little. He tried his best not to wince since Kiara was
watching his every move.
“How could you roll off the bed? You have never done that before” She
murmured suspiciously as she straightened up.
“Well… some things have changed a lot these past two days and my sleeping
habits are one of them” But the suspicion didn’t leave her eyes.
“Then how come you never rolled out of the couch you slept on that day? But you
rolled out of a King sized bed?” He stared at her for a while then sighed.
“Yes and I was too tired to get up so I just laid down there and slept” She
“Or maybe, you just didn’t want to lay down next to me” He furrowed his
eyebrows. Was she hearing herself? She won’t be saying that if she knew all the

horrible things he had wanted to do to her last night.
“For the past two years, being able to lay down next to you again was one of the
things I always dreamt about. The other thing was
fucking you till you loose your voice and can’t fucking walk”

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