Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 53

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 53
Kiara closed her mouth then wiped her mouth with the back of her palm.
“No I wasn’t” Zane grinned then continued wiping his hair with the towel.
“Did you need something?” He questioned with a raised eyebrow and she shook
her head slightly to get rid of his naked body in her head. Focus Kiara!
“Yes, I need your phone” He furrowed his eyebrows.
“My phone? Why?” She sighed.

“I want to talk to Daniel and I don’t have his number so I wanted to call him with
yours” Zane raised an eyebrow then continued wiping his hair.
“Why? Is something wrong?” She furrowed her eyebrows at him then folded her
“Why are you asking me so many questions? Don’t you want to give me your
phone?” He froze then turned to her with confusion written on his face.
“You know it’s not about that. I’m just confused on why you want to talk to
Daniel” She sighed.
“I just want to warn him and make him treat my friend right. Now, give me your
phone” Zane was still confused but he motioned towards his phone that was on
the bed and she immediately walked towards it, picked it up then walked back to
“There’s a passcode” She murmured as she stretched the phone towards him.
“It’s your Birthday date” She froze with her eyes widened then she shook her
head as she input in her birthday date and it worked.
“You did this on purpose, didn’t you?” She questioned and he shook his head.
“My password has always been your birthday date”
“Yeah but I thought you’d change it after….” She didn’t complete her sentence
but he knew what she was trying to say.
“I just didn’t want to change it” She stared at him for a while then sighed before
going to his contact and dialing Daniel’s number. At the first ring, he picked up.
“Zane, you…”
“This is Kiara, not Zane” Daniel went silent on the other end.

“Kiara? Is something wrong?” He questioned and she scoffed.
“Is something wrong? You better stop upsetting my friend or I swear, I’m going
to fly back there and rip out your throat. I know I may not be your future Luna
anymore but I don’t care, I’ll still fight you even if I lose in the end. Treat my
friend right or you’d see a side of me you have never seen before” She yelled
into the phone then hung up without waiting for what he had to say.
“Damn! That was sexy, my love” Zane murmured and she slapped her palms on
her cheek to stop her cheeks from turning red.
“Please don’t flirt with me, I’m mad. Your friend keeps hurting Heather and I don’t
like it” Zane stared at her for a while then walked towards her and grabbed her
“You care about Heather that much, huh?” Kiara stared into his eyes and he
noticed the way they glazed over with sadness and an emptiness he couldn’t
“She was the only one beside me during the worst time of my life and she never
left not complained even if I was a handful. I owe her my life and I just want her
to be happy but she can’t be happy if your friend keeps hurting her” Zane
immediately wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer when he saw
tears gather in her eyes.
“Are you okay, Kiara?” She nodded slowly.
“Yes I am. I just need to calm down” She wrapped her arms around him then let
out a sigh as she buried her head in his chest.
After a while, her eyes grew wide when something poked her abdomen. She
looked down and immediately jumped away when she saw how swollen Zane’s
cock was.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to….” She began with wide eyes but she shook his head
with a smile.
“This was growing even before you hugged me so don’t worry about it. We
should just accept the fact that this is my life now” He sighed dramatically and
she giggled before walking towards him and kissing his cheek then she
immediately ran out of the room before he had a chance to grab her.
She closed the door behind her and a smile appeared on her face. She didn’t
want to admit it earlier but it felt so good to know that Zane never touched
another girl after she left and it was good to know that she still turned him on
even till now.
She took a deep breath before walking towards the kitchen to order them some
Heather stood outside Daniel’s door with a dreadful look on her face. She really
hoped Kiara hadn’t shouted at him or anything. She was going to be so
She was about to knock on the door when the door flew and Daniel appeared
with a confused look on his face.
“Heather? What are you doing here?” She bit her lower lip. What was she doing
there? What was she going to say to him anyways?
“Erm…. What a fine day we are having, right?” He furrowed his eyebrows at her.
“Do you need something?” She sighed. He was acting clueless with her so
maybe Kiara hadn’t called him yet, right?
“No, don’t worry about it” She muttered then turned away but immediately halted
in her steps when he spoke.

“Are you concerned about what Kiara must have told me?” Her eyes widened,
then she slowly turned back to him. He still has a nonchalant look on his face but
there was a hint of playfulness in his eyes.
“So she called you? What… what did she say?” She asked.
“She asked me to treat you right or she’d rip out my throat” Heather’s eyes
widened. She was kind of amazed by Kiara’s threat but she was still
“Just ignored her and….”
“I didn’t know I wasn’t treating you right, Heather. I treat you the same way I
treat everyone so why are you complaining to Kiara?” She frowned at him. He
was stupid.
Yes, he was in fact treating her like everyone else but that’s not how it’s
supposed to be because she used to be his mate.
“I wasn’t complaining to Ki…”
“It sure sounded like you did. I never knew I was upsetting you either because
I’m hardly ever around you” Her frown deepened.
“It was a mistake coming here. I’m sorry for bothering you” She muttered and
was about to turn around but he grabbed her hand.
“What exactly do you want from me, Heather? What we had, it was in the past
and I’m wishing and hoping we can move on from that and just become friends”
She scoffed. She turned around to say something to him, to yell at him and cuss
him till she felt better but she just yanked her hand out of his grip and shook her

“We can never be friends and don’t flatter yourself. I have moved on and even if I
explain my feelings to you, you won’t be able to understand because you’re
dense and anytime I talk to you,I feel like I’m speaking to a brick wall. I hope we
never cross paths again in this house and I would never want anything from you”

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