Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 48

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 48
Daniel sighed as he dragged his palm across his face.
“Can we not do this now? I’m not in the mood” She scoffed.
“I can’t remember ever asking you what you’re in the mood for, Daniel. Tell me
now, who were those men and what did they want with me?” Daniel sighed.
“I can’t tell you but don’t worry, we have got it under control” She furrowed her
eyebrows then scoffed before letting go of his hand and climbing out of the bed.

“Fine then. I’m going back to Levi’s mansion” She muttered but before she could
walk away, Daniel grabbed her hand.
“You are not going anywhere, Heather, you’re staying here” She yanked her hand
out of his grip.
“You don’t get to order me around. I’m not staying here and I prefer Levi’s
company so get out of my face” But Daniel just grabbed her hand with a stern
look on his face.
“Stop being stubborn and listen to me. You’re much more safe here and Levi
won’t be able to protect you”
“Protect me against what? Tell me what I need to be protected from and I’ll stay
but if you can’t then let me go” She muttered and tried snatching her hand out of
his but he held her tightly.
“If you go back to his mansion, they might send more people and try to attack
you” She furrowed her eyebrows. They? Who were they?
“Levi has bodyguards, Daniel and he can protect me if he wants to” Daniel
“Why are you so eager to go spend time with this Levi guy? I thought he wanted
Kiara” She raised an eyebrow.
“I don’t see how that concerns you” He shrugged.
“It doesn’t. I was just wondering” She rolled her eyes.
“You don’t have a reason to wonder. Besides, if I were to choose between being
here with you or Levi, I’d choose Levi in a heartbeat now let me go” Daniel
frowned but didn’t let her go.

“Look, I know you don’t want to be here right now but I’m trying to keep you
safe. Kiara is going to freak out if something happens to you and then potentially,
Zane is going to kill me because I let Kiara’s best friend get injured” She
frowned. So he wasn’t trying to make her stay here because he was worried
about her but was worried about Kiara and Zane?
Heather sighed as she messaged her temples with her finger.
“What’s going on? I don’t know why you don’t want to tell me when my life might
be on the line. If you tell me, I’d know how to protect myself” Daniel shook his
“You can’t protect yourself against them, Heather. Hell, Liam and I even found it
hard to defeat them because they’re trained to fight against wolves” She
furrowed her eyebrows.
“Trained by who?” Daniel sighed.
“We are still trying to figure out that all we know for now is that someone is
hunting down wolves. Zane ordered all wolves to be in their pack at this period
but since you left with Kiara….” She rolled her eyes.
“I don’t regret my decision” He nodded.
“And I’m not saying you should, I’m just saying since you decided to leave with
Kiara, the pack won’t be able to protect you and therefore, I have to do it by
myself” She frowned.
“Well I’m not asking you to. Now that I know there are some people after wolves,
I’ll try to be extra careful” He groaned.
“Heather, aren’t you listening? If they want to kill you, they can because you’re
not that strong and you haven’t trained in years I believe. You have to stay here”
She shook her head.

“No” He furrowed his eyebrows.
“Why? Heather, let’s put behind what happened to us in the past. I don’t think
about that and you shouldn’t also” She wanted to claw at his face. How would he
think of it when it was her heart that had been crushed to bits? Of course he had
moved on but she couldn’t.
“I’m not thinking of the past, I just don’t like you and your company. Another thing
is that, I feel like a burden whenever I’m with you so that’s why I don’t want to
stay here” Daniel frowned but before he could say anything, a knock sounded on
the door and Liam walked in with a smile.
“Oh Heather, you’re awake. I knew I would find Daniel here. What’s going on?”
She rolled her eyes.
“I want to leave” Daniel sighed then turned to Liam.
“Can you please tell her that it’s dangerous for her to be alone now?” She rolled
her eyes then turned to Liam.
“Can you tell Daniel that I’m not a child and I can take care of myself? Plus, Levi
has security guards that can protect me. I didn’t know there were going to be
some men after me. If not, I would have gone out with guards” Daniel groaned
as he massaged his temples.
“Please talk to her, Liam. She doesn’t want to listen to me” Liam sighed then
turned to Heather with a smile.
“Listen, Heather. I know you and Daniel have your differences and that’s why you
don’t want to stay here with him but trust me, this is somewhat like a hideout for
us, Zane and some warriors from the pack. Trust me, you’d hardly even see him
and don’t worry, you won’t get bored here because I’ll keep you company” Liam
uttered with a smile which made her sigh “How won’t I see him if I spend time with you when you’re his best friend?” Liam
grinned then grabbed her hand.
“I gave you my word. As long as you don’t want to be near him then you don’t
have to and I’ll keep you company because you might get bored here. I know I
do most of the time” She smiled at him. Liam had always been nice to her but
she had never spent time with him so she really didn’t know him but he seemed
nice enough.
“I better call Levi then. Will you drive me over to his house to get my luggages?”
She questioned.
“Okay. Let’s go, I’ll take you” Daniel uttered and was about to grab his key when
Heather scoffed.
“I was talking to Liam” She muttered then turned to Liam, “Will you drive me over
to Levi’s Villa?” Liam glanced at Daniel.
“Do you mind?” Daniel frowned then glanced between them and walked away
without saying anything

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