Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 47

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 47
Kiara furrowed her eyebrows as she watched Zane scribble on the canvas. He
would glance at her for a second then turn back to the Canvas and draw
something on it.
“Can I see?” She questioned but he ignored her.
“Keep your head straight” He muttered then froze when he heard someone
snicker behind him. He turned around and they all immediately turned away.

“Is something wrong? Let me see!” She uttered and was about to stand up from
the throne when Zane stopped her.
“No. If you stand up from that throne, my plans will be ruined” Zane immediately
said with his eyes slightly wide. She sighed then sat back down on the throne
and watched as the men and ladies behind Zane tried their best not to laugh
which just made her more curious.
“If I hear another snicker, you all will lose your jobs, your property and potentially
your life” Zane muttered slowly and calmly but the warning behind his tone was
They all immediately tensed up and Kiara saw some of them gulp with fear which
made her roll her eyes.
“Zane, you don’t have to threaten them. Let me see” He shook his head.
“No. Stay there, I’m almost done” She rolled her eyes but did as she was told
with a sigh.
After what felt like an hour, a smile broke out of Zane’s face then he turned to
“I’m done” Her eyes widened slightly then she stood up from the throne and
walked up to him.
“Let me see” She uttered and when he showed her the painting, she froze with
her eyes wide and he smiled at her reaction.
“It’s so gorgeous that it left you speechless huh? I told you I was great at
everything” He uttered with a proud smile on his face.
“Erm… Zane?” He nodded with a smile.

“Yes, my love?” She turned to him then pointed at the painting.
“Who’s that?” He furrowed his eyebrows.
“What do you mean? That’s obviously you” She suddenly burst out laughing
prompting the others that were holding in her laugh to laugh out as well.
Zane watched her with a frown as she fell to the ground laughing so hard that
tears gathered in her eyes.
“It… looks… like… a painter… with… no… hands drew that” She uttered inbetween laughs then laughed harder when the others laughed as well.
“Okay that’s enough” He muttered and they all immediately stopped laughing
except Kiara.
“It’s not that bad, Kiara” He muttered as he glanced back at the painting.
“It looks like a dog took a dump on the canvas and you claimed it as art” She
uttered then laughed even harder and Zane pouted before throwing the Canvas
to the ground.
“I’m done with this” He muttered then walked out of the throne room and only
then did Kiara stop laughing. She pouted then turned to the ladies who were
acting as her maids.
“I think I might have hurt his ego. I better go talk to him” She murmured and they
helped her up from the ground. She thanked them then ran after Zane.
“Zane, wait up. I cannot run in this puffy gown” She called out but he didn’t stop.
Instead, he walked faster.
She glared at his back and was about to yell at him when she tripped on her
gown and fell to the ground.

Ouch” She winced then glanced at her bruised palm.
“Are you okay?” Zane questioned as he bent down and grabbed her hand. She
pouted at him then punched his other shoulder with her free hand.
“I told you to wait up” He sighed then blew on her bruise.
“I’m sorry” He gathered her in his arms then carried her up from the ground.
“I’m sorry I laughed at your drawing, I didn’t mean to bruise your ego” She
murmured as he carried her towards a chair to sit her down.
“You didn’t bruise my ego, it’s just that…. I put all my heart into drawing that and
you laughed at it” He murmured and she couldn’t help but pinch his cheek
because of how cute he was.
“Next time, I won’t laugh” He scoffed.
“They won’t be a next time” She grinned then kissed his cheek.
“But the good news is you managed to impress me and you get to be my King
for the night” He paused then turned to her with raised eyebrows.
“Really? But you said the painting was the worst” She tilted her head.
“I never said that”
“Oh sorry, you said it looked like a dog took a dump on the canvas and I called it
art” She laughed.
“Well, did I lie?” He rolled his eyes.
“I don’t even want to be your King anymore. You’re mean” She giggled then
placed a kiss on his cheek.

“I’m sorry. I promise, I won’t tease you again or say mean things. Let’s go to the
garden, just me and you” She murmured and he stared
into her eyes for a while before smirking.
“I like the way you said that” She rolled her eyes.
“Get your head out of the gutters”
Heather groaned as she opened her eyes slowly. She glanced around and
noticed she was in an unfamiliar room. Why was she here?
She tried to sit up on the bed but a hand suddenly reached out to stop her.
“Don’t get up. The drug inside you hasn’t fully dissolved so keep resting” She
turned to the voice and frowned when she saw Daniel sitting down next to her on
the bed. She was about to question him when she suddenly remembered what
She had been shot with something and those three men had tried to take her
away. Why?
“Who were those men and what did they want?” Daniel sighed.
“You don’t have to worry about that. Just rest and get better” He was about to
get up when she grabbed his hand.
“Those men… they knew I was a wolf but they didn’t seem surprised. Doesn’t
that mean something?” She stared at his face and he didn’t seem surprised by
what she had just said.
“Get some rest, Heather” She glared at him.
“Tell me what’s going on right now or we are going to start having problems and
you know how well I can throw a tantrum”

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