Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 49

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 49
Kiara sighed as she wrapped her arms around Zane’s neck and stared up at the
“I’m sad that we don’t have enough time to explore the garden. I heard it’s very
beautiful in the day time” She murmured then turned to him. Zane leaned forward
and blew away the strand of her hair that fell on her face before kissing her
“We can always come back tomorrow” She sighed then shook her head.

“We have five days left here and I don’t want to waste it by visiting the same
place twice” She murmured and he nodded.
“Don’t worry, tomorrow we are going somewhere that you may just like more
than this Castle” She raised an eyebrow.
“I don’t think that’s possible” He chuckled.
“Trust me, it is” She stared at him for a while then let out a smile.
“Thank you for this experience. I’m never going to forget it and now, I get to brag
to people that I was a Queen for a day… well I only have Heather and she won’t
really care but I’ll force her to care” Zane tilted his head.
“You can brag to me and I’ll pretend like I wasn’t with you the whole time” She
“I’ll take you up on that offer” She murmured then rested her head on his
shoulder then let out a sigh.
“I’m tired, let’s go back to the hotel” Zane nodded then held her closer before
walking back into the castle.
Kiara smiled as soon as she saw those men and the ladies that acted like her
“Thank you, you all contributed to the experience and I’ll never forget it” They
smiled then bowed their heads at her.
“You’re welcome Mademoiselle and we had a great time as well. Do well to
come back” She nodded.
“I will” After that, the men escorted them to their car then they all said their
goodbyes before Zane carefully climbed into the backseat with Kiara in his arms.

He made sure she was positioned comfortably before the driver drove off.
On the drive back to the hotel, Kiara snuggled into Zane’s chest as a wave of
sleep slapped her across the face. She was extremely tired and couldn’t even
keep her eyes open anymore but it was definitely worth it. She couldn’t even wait
for what Zane had in store for them tomorrow.
By the time they got to the hotel, Kiara was fast asleep on Zane’s chest and
because her gown was so puffy, it was very difficult to get out of the car with her
in his arms but with help of the driver, Zane was able to get out of the car and he
immediately carried Kiara up to the penthouse.
Everyone’s eyes were on them as he walked to the elevator but his sole attention
was on the sleeping beauty in his arms. He smiled slightly as he remembered
how she would be seated at the front porch of the pack house, waiting for him to
come back for a meeting or pack duty. She would be fast asleep by the time he
saw her so he would carry her in his arms the same way and take her up to his
room while she snuggled his chest like she was doing now.
He was glad to know that some things never change.
When they got to the penthouse, he immediately walked into the bedroom and
placed her down the bed before letting out a sigh as he stared down at her.
He needed to get her out of this puffy gown because he knew it was going to get
pretty uncomfortable as time passed and not only that but it was going to get
seriously hot.
He didn’t want to have to wake her up but he wasn’t sure she’d like him taking off
her clothes while she was asleep.
He sat down on the bed and tapped her cheek gently.

“My love, you have to take off this gown so you don’t get hot and uncomfortable
later” He murmured and she let out a groan as she stretched her body.
“Just let me sleep” She murmured and he sighed.
“Just change clothes then you can go back to sleep, okay?” He murmured while
caressing her face. After a while, she sat up with a pout then raised her arm
“Help me take it off” He stared at her for a while then nodded slowly before
reaching behind her and untied the corset then he pulled back and stared at her.
He reached for the gown on her shoulder and pulled it down slowly but he froze
when the gown laid on her bosom. She was naked underneath?!
His heart began to race wildly as he stared at her bare skin. He wasn’t strong
enough to withstand her nakedness, was he?
He groaned slightly when she moved her body and the gown fell down her
shoulders, revealing her plump bosoms and taunt pink nipples.
He sucked in his breath when they jiggled a little as she fell back on the bed,
trying to find a comfortable spot to sleep in. Even though every move she was
making at that point turned him on, he was never going to take advantage of her
in her weak state especially when their relationship wasn’t even defined.
He took a deep breath then reached for her gown and pulled it off. He tried his
best not to touch her porcelain skin but all he thought about was their skin
slapping against each other with her being under him.
He took a deep breath to calm himself down then let out a sigh of relief when he
succeeded in taking off the gown and wearing her one of his shirts.

After he was done, he covered her with the blanket and was about to stand up
from the bed when she grabbed his hand.
“Stay” He nodded slowly.
“I will. I’ll go get my blanket and pillow so I can set it on the ground” She shook
her head.
“No, lay on the bed with me”

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