Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 44

Kiara furrowed her eyebrows at his words then glanced around before turning
back to him.
“What… what are you talking about, Zane?” He grinned.
“What? You thought I was going to rent out this whole castle and we weren’t
going to play dress up? I know you have always wanted to be a Queen and
dress in their fancy dresses and all so today, i want to fulfil that wish” Her mouth
literally fell to the ground.
“What… I don’t get what you’re trying to say” Zane sighed then placed the bag
with the gown on her shoulder then turned to the maids beside them.

“Make sure to give her a total Medieval makeover so she can get the full
experience” They bowed their head at him then bowed their heads at her but her
eyes were on Zane.
“Zane, what’s going on?” He grinned at her then grabbed her hand and pulled her
“You always wanted to travel back in time and be a Queen in the medieval
period, remember?” She nodded slowly.
“So you made it possible?” Zane nodded as he caressed her cheek.
“It wouldn’t be exactly as it is in the movies but you and I can dress up and
behave like a King and a Queen for the entire day. Doesn’t that excite you?” She
was speechless. She thought him renting this entire castle just for them was too
much but he actually went out of his way to plan all this for her?
“Thank you, Zane. I don’t even know what to say. You’re doing too much” He
“I’m never doing too much for you. I haven’t even done enough. I said I was going
to spoil you didn’t I? And you said you wanted to be spoiled so go get changed
and let’s get this show on the road, okay?” She sighed but nevertheless nodded
and he smiled before placing a kiss on her cheek.
She walked away with the women dressed as maids and they took her into a
room that looked like it belonged to a Queen.
“Wow, this is so beautiful. It actually looks like a Queen’s chamber just like in the
movies” She murmured as she glanced around then walked over to the bed and
plopped down on it with a sigh and a bright smile on her face.
“I want to live here forever” She murmured and was actually at the verge of
falling asleep when the maids cleared their throat, bringing her back to reality.

She sat up slowly then flashed them an embarrassed smile.
“I’m sorry. It just feels like I’m living my dream right now” They smiled at her.
“We understand, Your Majesty” She froze with her eyes wide.
“Erm… did Zane ask you to call me that?” They both nodded.
“You are a Queen for today, therefore you’re to be addressed as her Majesty.
We are your maids for today and are here to serve you. We have to get you
ready for lunch now, Your Majesty” Kiara nodded slowly then stood up from the
bed and walked over to the Vanity one of the maids led her towards and sat
“Were you both raised here?” She questioned as one of them restyled her hair
while the other focused on her face.
“Yes, Your Majesty” She nodded slowly. She could hear an accent in their voices
and was pleasantly surprised that they could speak English because it felt like
every French person she had met so far didn’t know how to.
Just then, her phone rang and she immediately smiled when she saw the caller id
as she pulled out her phone from her bag.
“Heather” She called out and heard Heather’s light chuckle.
“You sound happy. Is something going on?” Kiara sighed.
“Oh Heather, I don’t even know where to start from”
“I’ve nothing else to do so I’m all ears” So Kiara told her everything that had
happened between her, Zane and Rose and exactly what Rose had said then
she told her what Zane had told her in the car, leaving out the part where they
had both admitted they would like to be together after the Vacation.

It’s not like she didn’t want to tell Heather, she was just ashamed to.
“Damn, you’re going through a lot of drama there, aren’t you?” Heather’s voice
came through and Kiara smiled.
“Well after that, Zane took me to the Versailles castle” Heather went silent on the
other line.
“You are going to have to enlighten me, Kiara because I don’t know what that is”
Kiara rolled her eyes. She had almost forgotten that Heather hated anything
related to history.
“Back in the Medieval period, The Versailles castle belonged to King Louis XIV
but now, it’s practically a museum and a tourist center here. You really need to
visit here, Heather, it’s magical” Heather giggled.
“That seems to be right up your alley so I’m sure you’re having a lot of fun,” Kiara
“Zane made sure I had a lot of fun. He rented out the whole Museum just so I
could live the medieval Royal life I’ve always wanted to experience. You
remember I always talked about how it would feel like to be a Queen in the
medieval period? I can’t even believe he remembered. I’m getting ready with
some maids he hired and they are going to help me wear a Queen’s attire… or
so I think” Kiara murmured then smiled when she saw her reflection in the
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“Wait back up…. Did you just say Zane rented out an ancient Castle slash now
Museum just so you could fulfill your long time dream of being a Queen?” Kiara
bit her lip as she nodded, then she remembered Heather couldn’t see her.
“Yes, I’m just as shocked as you. He said he was going to spoil me but I didn’t
think it was going to be this much” Kiara murmured then she heard Heather

whistle lowly.
“Damn Levi, you have a competition cut out for you” Kiara furrowed her
“Heather? You are with Levi?” Heather went quiet on the other end then
suddenly, a deep male voice came through.
“My guardian angel” Kiara’s eyes widened slightly.
“Levi? What are you doing with Heather?” He let out a light chuckle.
“Don’t worry, You don’t have to be jealous. Heather knows my heart belongs to
you and you only. Just so you know, I can spoil you too if you’d let me. Zane
might be able to afford worldly things for you but can he stop his world for you
because I can”

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