Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 43

Kiara stared at him for a while then wanted to scoff but instead, a smile
appeared on her face.
“I’m not surprised by your cheesy lines anymore, just amazed” Zane grinned.
“But you have to admit, I’m good with my words, am I not?” She rolled her eyes.
“Don’t get cocky now. Will you leave me alone now? I would like to stare at the
view as we drive down to the Versailles castle. I would really like to explore the
streets of Paris one of these days” She murmured with a smile on her face as
she glanced out the window.
“We’ll sight see tomorrow so don’t worry about it. Now come closer” She
furrowed her eyebrows as she turned to him.

“You are too far away and I’d like to hold you” She rolled her eyes at him but
nevertheless moved closer to him and smiled when he let out a sigh of
contentment as he wrapped his arms around her.
They stayed in that position for a while and Kiara was sure Zane wasn’t
comfortable because of the way he had to bend himself to hold her but he wasn’t
complaining. As a matter of fact, it seemed like he had fallen asleep.
Minutes later, her eyes began to droop but just before she could fall asleep,
Zane tapped her gently on the cheek.
“We are here, my love” He murmured then placed a kiss on her cheek before
pulling away from her. Kiara gasped in awe as she stared out the window.
“Gosh! It’s even more fairytale-like than I imagined. I can’t wait to go in!” She
shrieked then immediately got out of the car. He let out a chuckle then climbed
out of the car.
Some men ran up to them and bowed their heads at Zane.
“Bonjour, Monsieur Zane. Nous attendions votre arrivée. Tout a été
préparé(Good day, Mr Zane. We have been waiting for your arrival. Everything
has been prepared)” The man at the front said with a kind smile.
Kiara furrowed her eyebrows as she walked up to Zane.
“What did he say?” She said in a whisper so only Zane could hear.
“Don’t worry your pretty head about that, My love” He murmured then turned
back to the men.

“Allons-nous commencer la tournée?( Shall we begin the tour?)” The men nodded
then Zane turned to Kiara who was staring up at him with wide eyes.
“What?” He questioned.
“You know how to speak french? Since when?” He grinned then interlocked their
“There’s a lot you don’t know about me, My love but don’t worry, catching up on
what we missed in the last two years is what this Vacation is for. Let’s go in, we
have kept them waiting long enough” Zane murmured as they walked behind the
Kiara couldn’t keep her mouth shut the entire way in. She couldn’t describe the
amount of happiness she was feeling at that moment. Staring at the architecture
of the castle and the outside decorations were giving her ideas. She couldn’t wait
to get back home and get back to work.
As they walked into the castle, she gasped so loudly that the men stopped
whatever they were saying and turned to her. She probably looked like she had
never been anywhere fancy before.
She knew her face was as red as a Tomato but she tried to play it off by clearing
her throat. She glared subtly at Zane when he snickered with an amused look on
his face. Trust Zane to always laugh at her embarrassment.
“Are you okay, love?” He questioned and she had to resist the urge to punch him
in the face.
“Yes” She muttered through clenched teeth and he chuckled before turning to the
“Continue with the tour” They nodded at him then took them round the castle.

As much as Kiara tried to stop herself from making any sound, it was quite
impossible because there were a lot of things that left her speechless. The castle
was an art embodiment.
As they walked round with the men explaining what each painting meant, she
began to notice that they seemed to be the only ones on the tour. She
remembered seeing somewhere that this was like a tourist center so where was
Her eyes suddenly widened when she came to a realization.
“Did you rent out the entire castle?” She uttered louder than she had anticipated
making everyone halt in the steps to stare at her.
“Yes I did” Zane uttered nonchalantly which made her stare at him in disbelief.
“Why would you do that? That must have cost you a fortune” He nodded.
“It did but seeing you happy makes it all worth it” She frowned. His cheesy words
weren’t going to work on her this time.
“Zane, I know you have a lot of money but this is too much” She murmured and
he rolled her eyes.
“Well as long as it’s not coming out of your bank account, you have nothing to
worry about, do you? Besides, there’s more coming so you might just want to sit
back and enjoy the ride. I might be broke by the end of this Vacation but… I
guess it’s worth it” She shook her head because she obviously knew he was
smiling through the pain.
She didn’t even want to think about the amount of money he was spending.

“I don’t want to hear any of it. You are going to enjoy this tour and everything
else I have planned whether you like it or not because I’ve already paid for
everything. Now let’s go enjoy our day before I break down or kill myself” He
uttered calmly but by the look in his eyes, he wasn’t joking.
He took a deep breath then a smile appeared on his face again. He turned away
and walked towards the men that had walked away to give them
“Hurry up, my love” He called out and she sighed before walking hurriedly to
catch up with him.
“Le déjeuner est prêt, Mr Zane (Lunch is ready, Mr Zane)” One of the men said
as they led them towards a giant door. Kiara had only seen doors like that in
“What did he say?” She questioned but Zane just smirked before turning towards
the men.
“Ouvre la porte( Open the door)” He ordered and they immediately did as he
said. As soon as Kiara saw what was awaiting her, her mouth dropped down to
the floor.
She walked away from Zane as she walked into the room. It was decorated how
it looked in movies and to her surprise, there were maids and guards standing by
the side of the dining table with their heads bowed at her?
“Are you ready to experience a Royal lunch?” She gasped as she suddenly heard
Zane’s voice in her ear. She turned around and that was when she noticed just
how close he was.
“I’m afraid to ask what you mean by that” He grinned at her then pulled out a bag
from behind him which had a gown in it.

“Are you ready to travel back in time and be my Queen?”

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