Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 42

“Heather? How… How long have you been standing there?” Levi questioned as
he hung up his phone and walked up to her with wide eyes.
She narrowed her eyes suspiciously on him.
“I just came. Why are you acting so weird?” He heaved a sigh of relief then
smiled at her.
“It’s nothing. I was just talking to my brother and I said something embarrassing
and was hoping you didn’t hear that” He mentally gave himself a handshake for
being able to think of a lie that fast and by the looks of it, Heather believed him.
“Oh I didn’t hear anything. I was busy staring at the beautiful painting down the
hall. I feel like it has a story behind it, right?” He furrowed his eyebrows.

“Show me?” She nodded and they walked out of the room and towards a huge
painting plastered on the wall. It was kind of hard to miss and Levi understood
how this painting was able to catch her whole attention.
“Oh this, it was painted by my mother. She poured her whole soul, pain and
happiness into it… well according to my Father. I guess it takes a creative eye to
really know what this painting is about” He muttered as a sad smile appeared on
his face.
“I guess that means your mother’s dead?” Heather questioned as she turned to
him and he nodded.
“She died when I was three so I have no memory of her but my father made sure
I never forgot she existed” There was something with the way he said that that
made her frown.
“She was an artist?” Levi nodded.
“Apparently she met my father at an art gallery and he had been staring at one
of her paintings and they instantly clicked. Sadly after she died, my father got rid
of all her paintings but my grandfather saved this one. He said it had too much
meaning to be thrown away and I guess he was right” Heather nodded slowly
then turned to the painting.
“Kiara would die If she saw this. She loved art so much and could probably
decipher what this painting was trying to say. When she gets back, she has to
see this” Levi smiled.
“She likes art? I don’t know why I never saw her as an artsy kind of lady”
“It’s because of her love for art that she decided to take up Interior designing. It
was a form of art to her” He nodded slowly.
“Thank you, Heather” She turned to him with a raised eyebrow.

“Why are you thanking me?” He turned to her with a smile.
“Because I know exactly what to do on my first date with Kiara now”
After their conversation, Zane and Kiara both decided that they were going to try
and forget about the past for now and just enjoy their Vacation. Whatever
happens in the future, happens.
“Do you still want to go back to the penthouse?” Zane questioned as he
caressed her cheek.
“You wanted to take me somewhere?” Zane nodded.
“I know a certain person who has always been obsessed with art and castles
“No way, are we going to the Versailles castle?!” She squealed and he chuckled
before nodding.
“I guess you do know places here” She turned to him with a giddy look on her
“Are you kidding? The Versailles castle has been one of my dream places to visit
ever since I learnt about it. I won’t deny the fact that it slipped my mind that it
was in Paris. What are we doing here then? Let’s go!” Zane chuckled.
“We don’t have to rush. The tour won’t start without us so relax” She frowned.
“Why are we wasting time here when I could be exploring the garden over
there?” She gasped lightly at how abruptly he leaned his face towards hers.
“Do you know what’s more fun than Exploring a Garden?” She bit her lips
unconsciously when his eyes trailed Down to her lips.
“Wh… what?” He reluctantly raised his eyes and they locked in with hers.

“Exploring me” She froze as her eyes widened.
“Zane…” He chuckled lightly then placed a kiss on her lips before moving away
from her and leaning back on his seat.
“Now that I’ve succeeded in making you flustered, we can leave” She stared at
him in disbelief as he called the driver back in.
“You are unbelievable” She grumbled with a pout as the car drove off. Zane
turned to her with a tilt of his head.
“Don’t be saddened, my love. My body belongs to you so you can explore it
whenever you want” She gasped with her eyes wide then slapped him on the
“Can you be shameless for once? There’s someone else in the car now” She
muttered as her cheeks turned redder than before.
“Did you hear anything I just said, Mateo?” Zane questioned the driver without
taking his eyes off Kiara.
“No Alpha Zane, Not a word”
“See?” See what? He has obviously heard but was just scared of Zane.
Honestly, she was dumbfounded at that point.
“Let’s just go before you ruin my mood” She muttered then was about to turn
towards the window when Zane grabbed her face gently, turning her attention
back to him.
“What?” She questioned with a frown and he sighed.
“Don’t frown. I was just playing with you. Since when did you get so serious,
hmm?” He murmured then placed kisses on her frown lines, her lips and

practically any spot he could get his lips on on her face.
“Don’t you know if you keep frowning? You’d get ugly?” He murmured playfully as
he pulled away and stared at her face. She scoffed.
“So what? If I get ugly, you won’t want to be with me anymore? Or you won’t
want to kiss me anymore? If that’s the case then I’ll keep frowning till I look like a
troll” He raised an eyebrow.
“Well at least you’d still be my troll, My beautiful troll, Kiara. That has a nice ring
to it, don’t you think?”

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