Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 41

Heather’s mouth was laid agape as Levi drove through the estate his Villa was
“Why have I never heard of this place? It’s breathtaking” She said in awe then
turned to Levi.
“It was my grandfather’s and it’s only after I moved here that the estate began to
function again so I’m sure you’ll hear of it soon” Her eyes widened slightly then
she turned to stare at the houses they drove past.
“So most of these houses don’t have occupants?” Levi nodded.
“Yeah but the houses are selling out quickly so I’m sure by the end of the month,
it should all be sold out. Do you want me to get you and Kiara a house here?”

She turned to him.
“Could you?” He scoffed.
“My grandfather passed this estate down to me so technically, the estate
belongs to me so of course I could” Heather beamed at him but suddenly
frowned then let out a sigh.
“What is it?” He questioned.
“There’s no way Kiara would agree to stay here especially since we both know
you’re just giving us the house because of her so she can be closer to you” Levi’s
cheeks turned red.
“I… that’s not true” She rolled her eyes.
“Oh come on, I’m on your side so you don’t have to lie to me. Let’s not worry
about that for now. When she comes back, I’ll have a conversation with her and
since we have nowhere else to stay, she might agree” He nodded slowly then
they both went silent as he drove.
“That man earlier…. Daniel? Who is he to you?” Levi asked suddenly and she
tensed up.
“He used to be my boyfriend but he broke up with me because he fell out of love”
Levi’s eyes widened slightly.
“I find that hard to believe” She turned to him with a frown.
“Why is that?”
“Because you’re amazing. How can anyone fall out of love for you?” A slow bright
smile crept on her face.

“Oh you’re good with words but be careful, I might end up falling for you at this
rate” She chuckled at the panic on his Face.
“Relax, I’m just joking. I know your heart belongs to Kiara and I just hope she
doesn’t break your heart because you’re a good person” He didn’t say anything
to that because he wasn’t a good person. If only they knew everything he had
had to do just to get to where he was now, they would be running away from him
because he was a monster.
“Even if it takes years for her to love me back, I’m willing to wait. She came to
me at my lowest moment in life, the time I felt like I was done with the world for
good. She came to me like an angel and saved my life” Heather furrowed her
“I guess that’s why you used to call her your guardian angel?” Levi nodded with a
“She hates it when I call her that but I’ll keep calling her that anyway” She smiled
at him then tilted her head.
“You always seem so cheery and happy all the time, it’s hard to imagine you ever
being at your lowest in life or being depressed” He shrugged.
“Sometimes the happiest people are the ones that have it hardest in life” She
frowned at his words because of the amount of sadness that was put into them.
“Will you tell me what’s wrong?” He briefly glanced at her and smiled.
“I’ve never told anyone and I’m not sure I want to anytime soon” She nodded
“I understand” Then she placed her hand on his shoulder, “I hope you find
someone that you’re comfortable enough with to share your story” He smiled.

“Kiara is that someone to me. Anytime I’m with her, I feel happier and free from
my past trauma and that’s why I can’t let her slip by me. I’m going to do
everything and anything to make her mine” Heather nodded slowly.
“Don’t worry, I’m by your side, remember? You deserve her way more than Zane
does” Levi briefly glanced at her.
“Can I know what happened between them? Maybe I can use that to my
advantage” Heather shook her head.
“What she went through is not to be used as an Advantage, Levi and I would
never tell her story to anyone unless she wants me to. If she wants to tell you
then she will. Oh My! Is that your Villa?” Heather’s whole mood changed as soon
as she saw the big mansion in front of them.
Levi drove in and parked his car in front of the big mansion before turning to
Heather with a proud smile.
“You like what you see?” She nodded happily then immediately got out of the car
which made him chuckle.
He got out seconds later and handed the key to one of the guards that had ran
up to him before turning to Heather.
“Shall We go in?” She nodded then walked beside him as they climbed into the
mansion. She gasped when she saw the interior of the mansion.
“Oh my… have I died and gone to heaven? This has to be the most beautiful
home I’ve ever seen” She gushed as she spinned around and touched everything
and anything she could.
Levi winced when she almost fell one of his most expensive vases and was about
to stop her from touching things when his phone rang. When he saw the caller Id,

His eyes turned cold.
Without saying anything, he walked away and into a more isolated part of the
“What do you want, Roberto?” He muttered into the phone as soon as he picked
“I’m not here to fight with you, brother. Father is getting impatient because it
seems like our plan isn’t going exactly the way he wants” Levi sighed then ran his
fingers through his hair.
“I’m working on it. Zane is currently out of the country and when he gets back,
everything will fall into place so tell him to calm down. I won’t let him down”
“Levi?” He suddenly heard Heather’s voice from behind him and he froze. Had
she heard what he said?

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