Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 45

Levi immediately hung up then turned to Heather with wide eyes.
“Did I just say that?” Heather grimaced with a nod.
“And I threw up in my mouth” Levi groaned as he slid down to the ground.
“I swear I don’t know where that came from, I’m normally not that cringey” He
explained to Heather but she doubted it. He called Kiara’s his guardian angel, it
couldn’t get more cringey than that.
“Don’t worry, I can assure you that she’s going to forget what you said in a
minute since she’s busy having fun but next time, cut down on the cringey lines”
Levi sighed as he dragged his palm across his face.

“But what am I supposed to do though? She sounded so happy just now. What if
they get back together? What if I’m too late?” Heather sighed as she sat down
next to him.
“You can’t give up now. Let’s see what happens when she’s back then we can
think about the future from there but for now, Nothing is guaranteed and I don’t
trust Zane. If he was the one who made us lose our apartment then he’s up to no
good and as much as I don’t want Kiara going through heartbreak again, there’s
no denying that she still loves him even though she doesn’t want to admit it to me
and she needs to break it off with him to finally be able to move on” He thought
over Heather’s words before letting out a sigh.
He didn’t care if she still loved Zane and he didn’t care if she wanted Zane, not
him. All he knew was that she was his sun and his world revolved around her. He
needed Kiara and he was going to try his best to get her.
Kiara stared at her phone with a frown on her face. Before she could think too
much about it, the maid spoke above her.
“We are done with your hair and makeup,Your Majesty. Do you like it?” Kiara
turned to the mirror and gasped when she saw her reflection in the mirror.
She slowly placed her phone inside her bag then caressed her face.
“I didn’t know I was this beautiful” She murmured and the maid that had done her
face chuckled.
“I didn’t do much, Your Majesty so what you’re seeing right now is your own
beauty with a little bit of blush and lipstick” Kiara was amazed by her work. She
had worn makeup before but they never looked like this.
“You’re amazing at this. I suppose you’re a makeup artist?” The lady nodded.

“That was why your husband hired me, Your Majesty” Kiara nodded slowly but
then it dawned on her.
“Oh no, he’s not my husband” The two maids glanced at themselves with
furrowed eyebrows.
“Really? You’re his girlfriend then?” Kiara slowly shook her head.
“No” The two maids’ eyes widened slightly.
“Oh…. Then you’re very lucky, Your Majesty. Most men I know would never go
out of their way to do something so grand for a woman they’re neither married to
nor dating. Hold him tight before someone else snatches him away because his
kind is hard to find these days” The lady that had done her hair spoke.
“I agree. If I were you, I’d ask him out myself If he doesn’t. He obviously likes
“A man doesn’t go all out like this for a woman he likes. He obviously loves her”
The lady who had done her hair retorted then smiled at Kiara through the mirror.
“Our situation is kind of complicated,” Kiara muttered. She wasn’t dumb to see
that Zane loved her, she loved him too but they were both afraid to admit it
because of what happened to them in the past.
“I understand but the love between you and Mr Black is exceptional and I hope
you both get out of the situation you’re in” The one that did her makeup uttered
with a smile and Kiara sighed.
After that, she got dressed in a purple gown that was puffy and had a very tight
corset. It made her waist look smaller which she knew was a thing in the
medieval period but she could hardly breath.

“You look Majestic, Your Majesty. Mr Black is going to be unable to take his eyes
off you” Kiara smiled at their words then walked over to the mirror and gasped
when she saw how beautiful the gown truly was. She did look Majestic.
Just then, a knock sounded at the door.
“Come in” One of the ladies uttered and a man’s head peaked through.
“Monsieur Black est impatient et aimerait voir sa femme maintenant(Mr black is
getting impatient and would like to see his woman now)” The man spoke in
french so Kiara was unable to hear what he said. The lady nodded at the man
and as soon as he left, they grabbed her hand and led her towards the door.
“What did he say?” She questioned.
“Mr Black is eager to see you, Your Majesty” Kiara’s cheeks turned red as she
thought of his reaction when he saw her.
They walked down to the dining room and when they saw each other, she held in
her breath while his mouth almost fell to the ground.
“Wow…. You look beautiful, Kiara” He murmured as he walked closer to her. She
cleared her throat then flashed him a smile.
“Spin around” He murmured and she immediately did as he said.
“You like it? It’s kind of tight though and I can hardly breath but I think it’s worth
it” Zane nodded.
“You’re beautiful, My love” She grinned then her eyes trailed Down his body.
“I should say the same about you as well. You look….” Sexy, Delicious and
domineering were the words she wanted to say but she couldn’t with all the eyes
on them.

She slowly walked over to him and grabbed onto his coat. His eyes watched her
every move and it widened slightly when she began to take off his coat.
“Kiara… I know I’m hot and all but please refrain yourself. We are in a public
space” He murmured and she frowned.
“What?” He glanced around then leaned closer to her ear.
“I’m sure my handsomeness is messing with your brain but do you really want to
have sex here and ….”
“No gosh no! I was just going to take off your coat because it made you look
intimidating” He furrowed his eyebrows.
“Oh so you weren’t trying to undress me so we could…”
“No!” She immediately as her face turned red. She glanced around and could see
they were all trying not to react to what was happening in front of them but the
amused smile on their face gave it away.
She groaned slightly then turned to Zane with a glare.
“You’re not my King anymore. This Queen needs no man to run her Kingdom”
She uttered and he furrowed his eyebrows.
“Huh? You’re divorcing me?” She scoffed.
“We were never married and you did all this for me right? You rented this castle
for me, right?” He nodded with furrowed eyebrows.
“Technically, yes…”
“Then I’m the Queen here and if you want to be my King, you have to impress
me for the whole day then I’ll decide” He stared at her for a while then let out a
sigh. He knew Kiara was going to use this medium to get back at him for always putting her in embarrassing situations and he could easily say no but…. The
things he did for this woman!

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