Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 38

As soon as Kiara left the room, Rose smirked then turned to Zane.
“Why is she so mad? Nothing I said was a lie, was it?” Zane slowly turned to her
and the anger in his eyes made her gasp.
“How dare you speak to her that way?” Zane muttered lowly as he slowly stood
up from the chair and walked over to Rose.
She trembled and was about to get up from her seat and run away when Zane
grabbed her by the neck and slammed her against a shelf, breaking it into
She groaned as tears streamed down her face.

“Stop! You’re hurting me” Rose uttered but that just made Zane angrier. He
slammed her against the wall and raised his fist to punch her when Raymond
caught his fist with his palm.
“Calm down, Zane. Yeah what she did was stupid but do you really want to lower
your integrity and punch a lady in the face?”
“Yes, I want nothing more than to punch her in the face. Did you see Kiara’s face
just now? I saw the pure hurt in her eyes and she was finally warming up to me
but you sister over here decided to ruin things for me and now, I must teach her
a lesson, don’t you think?” Zane’s voice was calm but the storm in his eyes
couldn’t be missed.
Rose cried harder and she held onto his fist around her neck.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I just wanted… I didn’t know you were serious
with her” She choked out and he scoffed.
“Don’t apologize to me, I want you to get on your knees and apologize to her. I
didn’t bring her here to be humiliated by the likes of you. I give you ten minutes to
apologize or else, your brother and I might just go into war because I’ll be tearing
you into shreds” He muttered then threw her to the ground.
Rose coughed loudly as she held onto her neck while she cried.
“Time is ticking Rose, do not make me do what I might regret” Zane murmured
and when she saw his eyes flicker between his red and gray eyes, she knew he
was being serious.
She immediately scrambled up from the ground and ran out of the room and
straight towards the restroom. Everyone stared at her like she had grown two
heads because of the way she was crying and running but she couldn’t give a

Hell, she wasn’t even crying anymore because of what Zane did to her, she was
crying because of the humiliation she was about to face. How could she
apologize to a lowlife cheating whore like Kiara? Why did she have to apologize
anyway? She didn’t say anything wrong.
She stopped in front of the restroom and was about to walk in when Kiara
opened the door. She frowned at Rose and was about to side step her when
Rose grabbed her hand.
“Wait… I came here to apologize” Kiara rolled her eyes then turned back to
“Okay then, apologize” Rose frowned.
“But I don’t think I said or did anything wrong because you did cheat on him and
everyone knows that. Everyone saw the evidence” Kiara sighed. Everyone saw it
except her.
“Honestly, I don’t even care anymore. Just leave me alone, you don’t have to
apologize” Kiara muttered and wanted to walk away but Rose didn’t let go of her
“Zane is going to hurt me if he finds out I didn’t apologize and I don’t want him
getting in trouble with my brother. I didn’t know why he’s so protective of you
now. Two years ago, he didn’t even want to hear your name or talk about you.
He said he found you disgusting and wished he never had you in his life” Kiara
sighed as she closed her eyes.
“Are you done? I’d like to take my leave now” Kiara muttered then yanked her
hand out of Rose’s grip.
“Did you know that after you left, he impregnated your sister but asked her to
abort the baby?” Kiara gasped then turned to Rose with wide eyes.

“What?” Rose smirked. She knew Zane was probably going to kill her for this but
she couldn’t let Kiara have him again. She had waited years for him and it was
finally her time to get him. All she needed to do was get Kiara out of the way and
then potentially Samantha but Samantha was just a dog that can be silenced
“Oh I guess he didn’t tell you. He slept with you sister and I’m sure you have
noticed how clingy she is with him, right? That’s because they dated right after
you left and it seemed you were nothing to Zane after all. That’s why I’m
surprised he’s acting this way with you because two years ago, he made it seem
like you were nothing but a piece of trash he threw out of his life” Kiara couldn’t
believe her ears.
She knew Samantha had always been in love so her behavior towards him now
wasn’t anything new to her. She just thought that Samantha was trying to win
Zane’s heart but after what Rose just told her, everything suddenly made sense.
“Kiara?” They both turned to the voice and saw Zane and Raymond walking
towards them.
As soon as Zane saw the tears in Kiara’s eyes, he froze then turned to Rose as
his eyes turned red. He was about to charge at her but Kiara stood in front of
“Leave her alone” He glanced down at her and his eyes softened when he saw
the pain and uncertainty in her eyes.
“She hurt you and I need to teach her a lesson” Kiara glared at him.
“She didn’t hurt me, you did. You hurt me more than anyone in my life and I don’t
know what I was thinking when I thought I could push away the past and enjoy
my time with you but I guess no matter what, you’ll only see me as a disgusting

cheating slut” His eyes widened slightly as he shook his head
He tried reaching out for her hand but she moved away before he could hold her.
“Kiara, I never….”
“I’m done. Take me home” He froze as he stared down at her.
“O… okay I’ll take you to the penthouse and then when you’ve calmed down,
“No, I don’t want this stupid vacation anymore because it’s doing me more harm
than good. Take me home, I don’t want to be here” Zane shook his head then
grabbed onto her shoulder.
“Let’s talk, okay? Let’s talk then you can decide if you want to leave or not after
that” She stared into his eyes then wiggled her body to free herself from his hold.
“If you don’t want to take me home then I’ll call Levi. He’ll come get me in a

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