Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 39

Zane’s mouth laid agape as soon as these words left her mouth and Kiara
couldn’t help but smirk. She knew she shouldn’t be talking about Levi especially
with the kind of situation they were in but she wanted to hurt him, she wanted to
make his blood boil and she knew Bringing up Levi pissed him off.
Surprisingly enough, Zane just straightened up then nodded slightly.
“Okay, If that’s what you want” She nodded sternly.
“It is” He sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair out of frustration.
“Fine. Wait for me in the car, I still need to talk to Raymond. I won’t be long” She
stared at him for a while and without saying a word, she walked away leaving the
three of them behind.

“I told you to apologize to her but by her reaction, you made my situation with her
worse” Zane’s calm voice sounded which made Raymond immediately jump in
front of Rose.
“Zane, calm down for a second, okay? Let’s talk this out” Zane kept staring at
the exit and as soon as Kiara disappeared from his sight, he turned around and
Rose gasped when she saw the blood lust in his eyes. They weren’t red because
it wasn’t his wolf that was angry this time but him. He looked like he was out for
Rose shrunk behind her brother and grabbed onto his arm tightly.
“What did you say to her?” Zane questioned as he slowly walked towards her
but Raymond placed his hand on his chest, stopping him.
“Zane please let’s not do this” Raymond uttered pleadingly but Zane’s eyes were
on Rose.
“I asked you a question. What did you tell her? Every single word you uttered to
her, I want to hear it all” Rose’s heart was racing so hard that she felt she was
about to have a heart attack.
“I…. I just told her that… after she left… you .. you immediately began dating
Samantha and even… you even got her pregnant and asked her to abort it”
Zane’s eyes turned deadly and Raymond couldn’t help but sigh. He knew Zane
was about to blow up and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold him back.
“You what? You told her I got her sister Pregnant and asked her to abort it?
Have you gone insane?” Rose but her lower lip.
“I just…. I just wanted to spite her. I initially came to apologize but she began to
insult me and it annoyed me so I just said whatever came to mind but I didn’t
mean it, I swear. I didn’t know she was going to take my words seriously” Zane

stared at her for a while then let out a laugh that sent chills down both their
“Zane, let’s talk this out” But Zane shook his head.
“You are a just Alpha yourself, Raymond. If it were anyone else, you wouldn’t be
protecting them this way so do not stand in my way or ask me to talk this out
because I might just hurt you as well and I really don’t want to do that” Raymond
frowned. He didn’t want to anger Zane because he was very close to Zane, they
practically grew up like brothers. Other than that, Zane had the most powerful
and resourceful pack of all the packs in the world and angering Zane was like a
death penalty.
“Please…. Just… just don’t kill her” Zane let out a smile that didn’t reach his
“I wasn’t planning on doing that. I just want to make sure she never sprouts out
the nonsense she did today. Next time she’ll think before she speaks” Zane
uttered then he turned to Rose and she shrieked before she turned around and
ran down the hall.
Her heart was racing so fast while tears were running down her cheeks.
“Help!” She screamed and was about to run out through the back exit when Zane
grabbed her by the neck, pulled her back in and threw her across the hall. She
screamed out in pain as her whole body smashed through a glass door. As she
fell to the ground, she could feel the little shards of glass stabbing her skin.
“Please… please I’m begging you. I’ll never… I’ll never do it again!” She
screamed as Zane walked towards her but he disregarded her pleas and
grabbed her hair.

“One thing I hate the most in this world is when someone tries to bully My
woman. As long as she’s with me, no one has the right to make her mad. No one
has the right to make her cry and no one has the right to bring her down. You did
all of the above today” Rose cried loudly then slapped her palm together as she
begged Zane profusely.

“Please, please I’m begging you. I’ll apologize, I’ll take back everything I said” He
shook his head with a Sinister smile on his face.
“That won’t change anything. All we can do now is make sure this never happens
again” She whimpered as he roughly grabbed onto her neck and used his other
hand to pry her mouth open. She tried fighting against his hold but of course, he
was stronger than her.
Without wasting anymore time, Zane grabbed onto her tongue with his claws and
ripped it out of her mouth.
He watched as she curled her body and cried out in pain then he rolled his eyes
and turned away just to see Raymond staring at the scene with a frown on his
Zane walked up to him then tilted his head.
“The only reason I’m not killing her is because of you so don’t stare at me like
that” He grabbed Raymond’s hand then placed Rose’s tongue on his palm.
“You can have this sewn back in but for your sanity and everyone else’s, I hope
you don’t” Zane smiled slightly then placed his index fingers in both ears with a
“Gosh, I took out her tongue and she’s still noisy. I should have yanked her throat
out instead”

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