Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 37

They got into the car and as the driver drove, Kiara couldn’t help but admire the
beautiful streets. Was this why Paris was called the city of love? Because
everywhere she looked just had a romantic feel to it.
“Are we going sightseeing?” She questioned as she slowly turned to Zane and he
“Sightseeing is one of the major things couples do here… I think. Even if it isn’t,
as long as you want to do it then it is” She giggled then slapped his chest.
“Now is not the time to be cheesy with me” She murmured then glanced out the

“Is that the eiffel tower? I’ve heard a lot about it. Are we going to see it?” He
“Yes we will but not today. We have another activity to do today and I know for a
fact, you’re going to like it” She turned to him with a smile then leaned in and
placed a kiss on his cheek before resting her head on his shoulder which caught
him off guard. He glanced down at her then let out a small smile before caressing
her face.
“Are you happy? You only do this when you’re happy” She smiled at how he still
remembered her habits.
“Yeah, I’m happy,” She murmured.
“But I haven’t even done anything yet” He muttered after a while and she let out a
laugh. He didn’t have to do anything because what she missed the most was his
presence and the feeling of being loved by him and he was already doing that.
“Where are we going now?” She questioned, deviating the topic.

“To Alpha Raymond because he has been trying to get into my head ever since I
woke up this morning but I blocked him out” Kiara chuckled.
“Life of a celebrity” Zane let out a dramatic sigh.
“Tell me about it” They both laughed and after that, they both went silent and just
enjoyed the ride to Raymond’s restaurant.
As soon as they got there, About seven bodyguards ran up to their car and stood
beside the car, waiting for them.
Zane got out first then held the door open for Kiara as she climbed out before
grabbing her hand then turning to the guards.

“Where’s Raymond?” They immediately bowed their heads at him.
“Alpha Zane, Alpha Raymond asked us to take you to him. Come with us” Zane
nodded then wrapped his arm around Kiara’s shoulder as they walked into the
Kiara could sense that almost everyone in the restaurant were wolves because
of the way some of them bowed their heads slightly at Zane as he walked by
while some gave her odd looks because every wolf knew about what happened
between her and Zane so she wasn’t surprised by the confused look on their
“Zane!” Raymond called out with a smile as he walked up to them and Zane
smiled back then briefly let go of Kiara to give Raymond a hug.
“Long time no see, Raymond” Zane uttered then pulled away and placed his arm
on Kiara’s shoulder as he pulled her closer. Raymond’s eyes widened slightly as
if he had just noticed Kiara.

“Oh Kiara, I didn’t see you there. This is a pleasant surprise. Long time no see”
She flashed him a small smile.
“Hello Alpha Raymond, It’s good to see you” He flashed her a smile then gave
Zane a questioning look but immediately brushed it away and just smiled.
“Come in, we have a lot to talk about” Raymond uttered then turned around and
walked into a small room.
Zane removed his arm from her shoulder and grabbed her hand. He gave it a
reassuring squeeze as they walked into the room and she immediately froze
when she saw Raymond’s sister, Rose seated in the room staring straight at
them with shock written all over her face.

“Rose? What are you doing here?” Zane questioned with furrowed eyebrows and
Raymond let out a nervous laugh.
“If I had known you were coming with Kiara, I wouldn’t have let her come. She
just wanted to see you” Zane frowned then glanced Down at Kiara who also had
a frown on her face.
Raymond’s father and Zane’s father shared a boundary so they could both go
into each other’s pack whenever they wanted and Rose made it her life mission
to make Kiara’s life hell when she found out Kiara had begun dating Zane.
She would pull all type of harmful pranks on Kiara and at that time, Kiara had no
sort of power and didn’t have any right to harm an Alpha’s daughter so she hardly
fought back but when Zane found out, he practically restricted Rose from coming
close to her and she thought she was never going to see Rose after they moved
to france but she guessed she was wrong.

“I didn’t… I didn’t know you are both back together” Rose muttered with a frown.
Her eyes trailed down their interlocked hands and Kiara could have sworn she
saw steam coming out of her ears.
“Our relationship is none of your business. Kiara, if you’re not comfortable
then….” Kiara immediately shook her head then let out a smile.
“It’s no problem. I don’t mind” But Zane didn’t believe a word she said. He turned
to Raymond with a glare and Raymond just let out an awkward laugh.

“See? She doesn’t mind so why don’t you both take a seat? The food might get
cold” Rose uttered with the fakest smile Kiara had ever seen in her life but she
brushed it off and sat down on the chair Zane and pulled out for her.
She smiled as he sat down then sighed before turning to Rose because she
could feel her glare on her. “I’d like to understand something though. I thought she cheated on you and got
pregnant by another male? The slut of the Crescent moon pack, isn’t that what
they call her nowadays?” Kiara’s body immediately tensed up and Zane noticed.
“Rose” Raymond uttered warningly as he saw that Zane was getting angry but
Rose completely disregarded his warning.

“Oh come on, I didn’t say anything that isn’t true. That is what they call her, isn’t
it? And if I remember right, Zane said he’d never get back with a cheating whore
like her, isn’t that what you said, Zane?” Kiara froze as her eyes widened.
She turned to Zane and the expression on his face indicated that he did in fact
say those words. So that’s what he saw her as? A whore?
“I’m going to use the restroom, excuse me” She muttered and was about to
stand up when Zane grabbed her hand.
“Kiara wait, I…”
“I don’t want to talk about it” She muttered and refused to look him in the eye as
she yanked her hand out of his grip and walked out of the room

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