Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 36

Heather sighed as she placed her luggages into Levi’s car. He had been the only
one she could think of that would help her with her situation. Of course she had
wanted to call Daniel first but why would she? He probably won’t even help her
and they were nothing to each other.
She smiled at Levi as he ordered the men he brought with him to get the things
into the moving truck he had brought carefully.
“Don’t worry, I’ll put in good words for you to Kiara” Levi chuckled.
“I’d like to think you and I are friends now so I’m doing this for both of you. I don’t
think you can take all these to a hotel so you’ll be staying at my villa with me”
She raised an eyebrow.

“With you?” He rolled his eyes.
“You’re not my type, Heather and besides, my heart beats for your friend” She
“Jeez! You didn’t have to say that first line” He chuckled.
“I’m sorry but anyway, I hardly stay at my villa so you’ll be the only one there for
now but there are maids, cooks and two butlers so you won’t have to lift a finger”
She grinned.
“Now that’s what I like to hear. What are we waiting for then?” He laughed then
he suddenly turned serious.
“Why are you moving out anyway? You never told me” She sighed.
“Kiara and I got evicted from the apartment because of a ‘project’ which I’m sure
was a lie” Levi furrowed his eyebrows.
“I don’t understand. What project?”
“Zane’s Fiancee as she likes to call herself, had the landlord kick us out because
she wanted to use our apartment for a project” Levi furrowed his eyebrows.
“Fiancee? Does that mean Zane is behind this?” Heather shrugged.
“I really don’t know because sometimes, Samantha tends to act on her own but
the landlord said his secretary had calmed him directly so it’s a possibility” Levi
tried his hardest not to smile but the happiness on his face couldn’t go unnoticed
by Heather.
“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not smiling at your predicament, I’m just happy that
when Kiara learns of this, she’s going to hate him again and come to me”
Heather smiled then placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Like I’ve said before, I’m team Levi but you need to step up your game. She
might hate Zane when she learns of this but that doesn’t mean she’s going to fall
into your arms just like that” He nodded.
“I know and I already have a plan so don’t worry about me. Have you told her
yet?” She shook her head.
“She sounded happy when I called her earlier and I didn’t want to ruin her mood,
you know? I know she’s going to be mad when she finds out later but I just want
her to be happy” Levi frowned. Although he wanted Kiara to learn of this right
now and be back immediately and away from Zane, he always wanted Kiara to
be happy.
“Should I talk to the landlord? I will get you back your apartment” She scoffed.
“And miss out on staying at a Villa? Not a chance in hell. Let’s go” She uttered
with a smile and was about to climb into Levi’s car when she caught sight of a
familiar car and her face turned sour when Daniel climbed out.
He furrowed his eyebrows as he walked up to her.
“Heather? Where are you going?” She scoffed then glared at him. Zane always
told him everything so there was no way he didn’t know about their eviction.
“Thanks to your so-called Al… Boss, Kiara and I were evicted from our
apartment. I hope he’s happy with ruining her life again just like he did two years
ago but this time, If something bad happens to her, I don’t care if he kills me, I’ll
make sure I make him live a miserable life before I die” She muttered and
without saying anything else, she climbed into Levi’s car, banging the door behind
Levi nodded at Daniel before climbing into the car and driving off with the moving
van behind them. Daniel stood there speechless for a while then he walked into

the apartment building and straight towards the Landlord’s office. No one dared
to stop him because everyone knew who he was.
As soon as the Landlord saw him, his eyes Widened like saucepans.
“Oh Mr Benson, what are you doing here? Miss Hart stopped by earlier as well.
Is something going on?” Daniel frowned. Miss Hart? Kiara wasn’t here so that
meant it had to be Samantha.
“Tell me everything she said and what happened immediately”
Kiara gasped softly and tried to release herself from his hold but he held onto her
“I’m not yours Zane… not anymore” She murmured and she felt his body tense
“Yeah… I forgot. After these six days, you won’t be mine anymore” She frowned
when she caught a bit of emotion in his voice but she couldn’t identify it.
He zipped up her gown then took a step back.
“You’re breathtaking, Kiara” He uttered as his eyes trailed down her body.
“Th… thank you. Shall we leave?” Zane smiled then nodded before grabbing his
suit and key then reaching out for her hand.
“Let me hold you” She smiled at him then took his hand as he led her out of the
When they got out of the elevator, all eyes were on them. She didn’t know if it
was the gown or the way Zane kept telling her how beautiful she was as they
walked out of the hotel but she was feeling like a Queen at that moment and she
loved every bit of it.

She heard a lot of whispers and murmurs as they walked past some women and
she couldn’t help but smirk. She could smell their jealousy from a mile away and
she couldn’t blame them.
She glanced up at Zane and he glanced Down at her with a small smile before
reaching Down and placing his lips on hers.
At that moment, she knew she had made a mistake. She was utterly in love with
this man and there was nothing she could do to change that.
She wasn’t going to hold back anymore, they were already in too deep and she
was ready to feel like his woman once again

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