Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 33

Kiara stared at him with wide eyes then let out a giggle.
“That sounded worrisome, should I be worried or are you getting obsessed with
me again?” She murmured as she leaned closer towards him with a smile.
“Who said I ever stopped?” He muttered then turned her and the seriousness in
his eyes made her suck in her breath but then she laughed it off to ease off the
“Well you better get over it because after this Vacation, we are going back to
being strangers” A frown appeared on his face and it was gone in a flash but she
noticed it.

“That’s why we have to make the most of the time we have together, don’t you
think? I’ll just sleep on the ground and I won’t disturb you” She sighed then but
her lower lip.
“You won’t complain and try to get on the bed with me?” She questioned with a
raised eyebrow.
“Zane!” He let out a chuckle.
“I promise, I won’t try to get on the bed” She sighed then nodded.
“Okay you can stay in the room with me. There’s enough space any way” He
grinned then leaned over to her and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“Great. By the way, after breakfast, wear one of your fanciest dresses, the one
with the sparkles. We are going out and even though I don’t want eyes on you, I
want everyone in Paris to know you’re with me, my woman… at least for the
remaining days” Her whole face turned so red that she had to stare at her feet.
Gosh, it was this sweet mouth of his that made her fall in love in the first place.
Seeing her reaction,he chuckled then placed her food in front of her before
pulling his chair closer to her and sitting down.
“Why are you blushing when I’ve said much worse?” She scoffed.
“Me? Blushing? Why would I be blushing? I’m just… I guess I’m allergic to
something here” He snorted.
“What, the air?” She rolled her eyes as she slapped his shoulder playfully.
“Maybe I’m allergic to you” He retorted but he just smiled.

“Then consider yourself dead because I’m not leaving your side anytime soon”
She rolled her eyes but his words made her heart skip a beat. She stared into
his eyes and immediately turned away when she felt herself getting emotional.
“Erm… where are we going and why do I have to dress fancily?” Zane blinked
frantically then cleared his throat and moved away.
“Well I have a meeting with Alpha Raymond and His Beta. They heard I was here
and like always, everyone always wants a piece of me” She rolled her eyes. She
knew he was narcissistic but still.
“Yes, everyone worships you now get to the fun part. Why do I have to dress
up? Where exactly are we going?” He grinned.
“Where are we?” She furrowed her eyebrows.
“Paris?” He chuckled.

“We are in the city of love and where else can I be taking you except a place
where we can rekindle our past love? I told you I was going to spoil you, didn’t I?
Well I hope you don’t get sick of it” He kissed the tip of her nose then her lips
before getting up.
“Where are you going?” She questioned and he chuckled.
“I’ve not even gone yet and you’re missing me already?” She rolled her eyes.
“The world doesn’t revolve around you, Zane,” He nodded.
“True because it revolves around you” She froze while he grinned at her. It was
clear he was proud of his cheesy lines…. She couldn’t really call them cheesy
because it actually made her heart skip a beat.
“It doesn’t revolve around me either” She muttered but his smile just got wider.

“Well mine does” Her eyes widened and her heart began racing wildly. Jeez!
What was up with him?
“Erm…” He chuckled at her lack of words then leaned down and kissed her
“You’re cute. I’m just going to get ready so that I won’t be in the way when you’re
getting ready. Eat your breakfast, I’ll be back” She frowned as he walked away.
Doesn’t he eat? Yesterday, he hadn’t eaten anything as well and had just
watched her eat.
In the past, he never ate much but he ate at least but now, it seemed like he
didn’t eat at all and that bothered her more than she would like to admit.
After an hour, Zane came out of the bedroom dressed in his usual all black suit
with his shirt not fully buttoned to the top, exposing his well defined chest.
He looked deliciously Handsome and Kiara knew for a fact that she was drooling
but could she be blamed? He looked like he just walked out of a magazine! She
knew that suit probably cost a fortune but no matter what he wore, he always
looked expensive and Majestic.

“Are you drooling,my love?” His words snapped her out if her trance and she
scowled when she saw the stupid smile on his face.
“No… of course not. I’ve seen better” She noticed the way his demeanor
changed and the tension in the air thickened which made her sigh.
“Really? Who is he or should I say they?” She glared at him then stood up from
the chair.

was about to walk past him when he grabbed her hand.
“I’m sorry… I just… I just can’t forget but I’m not going to bring it up again” She
sighed. There was no use trying to convince him that she hadn’t cheated because
no matter what she said, he had already made up his mind that she had cheated
and there was nothing she could do to change that.
“Okay. Let go of me now” She murmured and tried yanking her hand out of his
grip but he just yanked her backwards then spinned her around as she fell on his
She stared up at him with wide eyes.
“What are you doing?” He caressed the side of her face with a frown on his face.
“I’m sorry, don’t be mad at me. I didn’t mean to bring it up” She sighed and
wanted to question him, wanted to ask him why he had had so little fate in her.
Why hadn’t he trusted her back then? But she didn’t. Instead she gave him a
stern look.

“Why aren’t you eating? You didn’t eat anything last night as well and you still
don’t want to eat today, why?” She noticed the way he tensed up and
immediately became suspicious but he immediately masked it up with a chuckle.
“I’m not just hungry. Besides, when you went to bed last night, I ate a little before
going to bed” She didn’t trust a word that came out of his mouth. When Zane
was lying, his eyebrows shot up.novelxo.com fast update
She pulled away from his hold then grabbed his hand and led him back to the
dining table.
“Sit. You’re going to eat before we leave” He frowned.
“But I’m not hun…

“ZANE TYSON BLACK” His eyes widened slightly at her stern voice then he
“Damn! You mean business. How I’ve missed you ordering me around. Do it
again” She rolled her eyes.
“Eat the food. We are not leaving till you do” He stared at her for a while then
smiled before reaching out for her hand and pulling her closer.
“The only way I can eat is if I eat it off you. Will you let me eat off your body, my

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