Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 32

Kiara groaned and stretched the next morning when she woke up. She squinted
her eyes as the sun’s harsh rays fell on her face. Why was the sun always so
cheerful these days?
She slowly sat up on the bed and was like that for a minute before climbing out
and stretching again then walked towards the door, opened it and walked into
the living room.
A frown appeared in her face when she saw just how uncomfortable Zane was
on the couch and guilt settled down at the pit of her stomach. Well it wasn’t her
fault he had all the other rooms closed.

Even though she thought like that, she couldn’t help but still feel guilty so she
decided to make him something for breakfast.
She quietly walked towards the kitchen and checked if there were even groceries
in there and surprisingly they were. She took out the premade pancake mix then
and decided to make pancakes, eggs and bacon because that was all they had.
As she was mixing the pancake in a bowl, a phone rang on the table and she
was surprised to see it was hers. She had left her phone out here yesterday?
She immediately picked it up so the Ringing won’t wake Zane up then pressed
the phone to her ear.
“Hello Heather?” Heather was silent on the other side.
“Why are you whispering?” Kiara sighed.
“Zane is currently sleeping and I don’t want to wake him up”
“You let him sleep with you in the same room and on the same bed?” Heather
yelled which made Kiara sigh.
“No, of course not. He slept in the living room on an uncomfortable couch while I
got the bedroom. I’m currently in the kitchen and I don’t want to wake him up”
Heather chuckled.
“That’s my girl. Wait…. What are you doing in the kitchen?” Kiara’s eyes widened
then held the phone with her ear and shoulder. She had totally forgotten she was
making pancakes.
“I feel bad for making him sleep on the couch since this is his penthouse so I just
decided to make pancakes for him” Heather scoffed.
“You have never even made breakfast for me” Kiara rolled her eyes.

“That’s a lie, I have”
“Oh really? When?” Kiara bit her lower lip.
“Okay maybe I haven’t but you never asked me to. You like cooking for me”
Heather sighed.
“Yeah I do but Kiara, I hope you know what you’re doing. What if you end up
falling in love with him all over again?” Kiara frowned. She never stopped loving
him, she tried to but she couldn’t.
“No matter what happens, after this vacation, we are never seeing each other
again. We’ll move away, me and you, to a place no one can find us. I just …. I
guess I just want to use this Vacation as some sort of closure we never had”
Heather sighed.
“I understand you but be careful. Before the vacation ends, he might end up
breaking your heart again so just be careful, that’s all I can say” Kiara nodded
with a smile.
“Okay mother,” Heather chuckled.
“And make sure to send me pictures and give me the gist of all the fun you have
over there, okay? And call me often so I won’t be worried about you” Kiara rolled
her eyes but a smile was still on her face.
“Yes mother. I have to go now, I want to get this over with. Bye” She uttered,
then hung up and placed the phone on the table then placed a frying pan on the
stove, turned it on and after it was hot enough, she began frying the pancakes.
She suddenly gasped when a pair of warm arms wrapped around her waist.
Zane pulled her closer to him then buried his head on her shoulder and nuzzled
her neck with his nose.

“Good morning, my love” He murmured then placed a kiss on her cheek. She
was used to his words of endearment so him calling her his love didn’t bother
“Good morning but please don’t scare me like that again, hmm? If I was holding
a knife, I would have hurt you” Her whole body vibrated as he let out a husky
laugh that coursed through her body.
“Well good thing you weren’t. You smell so good, my love” Her cheeks turned red
as he sniffed her.
“Get off me, I’m trying to cook” She whined and used all her strength to push him
away. He chuckled lightly before moving away.
“Why are you cooking? Give me that, I’ll do it” She swatted his hand away as he
reached out for the spatula in her hand.
“I’m trying to make pancakes. You can just sit down and wait till it’s ready”
Because she was focusing on Zane, she tried reaching out to turn to the pancake
but immediately let out a yelp and jumped away when her skin touched the fry
“Are you okay?” Zane asked with worry laced in his voice and he grabbed her
hand and gave it a blow. She stared up at him with wide eyes as he blew and
kissed her bruise. This was what he always used to do whenever she got injured
and it always made her heart flutter.
“Does it hurt?” He questioned as he stared down at her. She couldn’t say
anything so she just shook her head and he sighed before leading her over to a
chair and sat her down.
“Stay here, I’ll do the rest” He muttered then walked towards the fry and threw
away the burnt pancake and began making fresh ones which Kiara had to admit

looked better than the one she made earlier.
“I wanted to cook you breakfast because I felt guilty when I saw how
uncomfortable you seemed on that couch” She muttered as he placed the
pancakes she had made on the plate.
Zane chuckled, “Well, I’m not going to lie and say I was comfortable because I
was not and my back hurts like hell right now but the only way you can make up
for that is not by making breakfast but by letting me sleep next to you on the
bed” He murmured then turned her as she let out a sigh.novelxo.com fast update
“I’m not comfortable with that yet, Zane” He nodded.
“I know. How about this? I’ll lay down on the ground in the room” She furrowed
her eyebrows.
“Isn’t that worse than the couch?” He shook his head.
“That’s way better, trust me” She pursed her lips.
“Then why don’t you lay down on the ground in the living room?” He tilted his
“Because knowing you’re close to me feels so much better. I love inhaling your
scent while I sleep”

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