Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 31

Kiara tried to eat as slowly and well mannered as she could because of the way
Zane was staring at her intently. If it were before, she would be able to eat how
she wanted but everything felt so new so she felt so awkward having him staring
at her like that.
“If you keep eating like that, you won’t be able to eat as much as I know you
really want” He murmured then sat up straight and began placing all the food she
liked on her plate.
“Zane, you don’t have to….” He gave her the stink eye and she immediately shut
her mouth.

“I hate that you’re being careful around me. I miss the sassy Kiara, where is
she?” He muttered as he sat back on his seat then pulled her seat and her plate
of food closer to him.
“What are you trying to do?” She questioned.
“I want to feed you like I had offered earlier. I would rather you sit down on my
thigh but sitting this close to me is good too” He murmured then scooped up
some of the food and raised it to her mouth.
“Take a big bite,” She frowned.
“I’m not a child, Zane and I can feed myself” He rolled his eyes.
“I know you’re not a child and I know you can feed yourself but I would like to do
it for you. Is that wrong?” She furrowed her eyebrows.
“It’s awkward and weird” He raised an eyebrow.
“How? I used to feed you all the time in the past and you never found it
awkward. In fact, you always asked me to feed you” She pursed her lips.
“Well yeah but that was in the past, this is the present and it just feels weird” He
rolled his eyes then moved the spoon closer to her mouth.
“Eat” She glared at him and he chuckled nervously, “Please? Okay I’ll just feed
you for the night” She sighed then slowly opened her mouth and took a bite. As
she chewed, she looked at Zane and he had a big smile on his face then he
leaned in and kissed the side of her lips before pulling back.
She tensed up for a second. She didn’t know if she could get used to his random

“You don’t need to get used to it because after seven days, it’s over” She heard
her wolf utter in her head and took a deep breath before agreeing with her.
“Eat more” He uttered and scooped up some of the food again and placed it
close to her mouth. Like before, she hesitated before taking a bite and he smiled
again before ruffling her hair. This went on till she couldn’t eat anymore and with
time, him feeding her became less weird and awkward. She suddenly
remembered why she liked it so much in the past.
“I can’t eat anymore, I’m full” He nodded then dropped the spoon.
“I’ll clear up, you can go to bed” She opened her mouth to oppose but he beat
her to it.
“Don’t argue with me on this, okay? They’ll come take it later so I’ll wait for them
while you go to bed. Come on, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow” She
furrowed her eyebrows.
“Where… where are we going?” She questioned but he just grinned at her then
stood up, grabbed her hand and helped her stand up.
“Tomorrow, you’ll find out but now, I just want you to go rest, okay?” He
caressed her cheek then kissed her forehead before leading her towards the
“Are you going to watch me get in bed?” She questioned jokingly as he walked
her towards the room. The truth was he didn’t want the night to end.
He still wasn’t convinced that all this wasn’t a dream.
“Once you’re in the room, I’ll leave” She glanced at him then sighed as they got
to the room.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then” She muttered then waved him goodbye and was
about to walk into the room when he grabbed her hand and placed a kiss on her
“I can’t wait to spoil you tomorrow, my love. Sleep well and make sure you
dream of me” He murmured then stared intently into her eyes, making her heart
She immediately ran into the room, closing the door behind her before letting out
a breath. Why was he so good with his words? He still hadn’t changed at all.
After a while, she walked over to bed and was about to climb in when she
suddenly thought about how the couch was going to be so uncomfortable for
someone as tall as he was.
“Maybe I should go give him some blanket” She murmured to herself then ran
over to the closet and searched for some blankets. Thankfully, she saw and
immediately went out to give him.
He raised an eyebrow as soon as he saw her then smiled when he saw the
blanket in her arms.
“Is that for me?” He questioned as he walked up to her.
“Yeah, you might be needing this since you’re sleeping on the couch” She
murmured then handed the blanket to him. He chuckled lightly.
“I thought you were going to ask me to sleep with you on the bed” She scoffed.
“You can keep thinking then. If the couch is not comfortable enough, feel free to
sleep on the ground” She uttered sarcastically then skipped back to the room
then let out a smile when she heard him laugh before walking into the room and
closing the door behind her.

That’s my girl I remember, sassy as always” He murmured with a fond smile
then glanced at the couch with a sigh. He had never had to sleep on the couch
before so it was going to be a task.
He grimaced at how small and short the couch was. How was he supposed to fit
into that? He moved closer to the couch and tried laying on it but let out a groan
when his frame couldn’t even fit properly into the couch.
He sighed then shook his head. The things he did for that woman

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