Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 30

Chapter 30
Kiara frowned when she noticed Zane wasn’t kissing her back. She was about to
pull away when he wrapped his arms around her waist and deepened the kiss.
As they pulled away, they both simultaneously heaved a sigh of contentment.
“Sorry, I was shocked…I didn’t expect you to agree” He murmured as rested his
forehead on hers.
She had shocked herself as well. Never did she think she’d be in this position
with Zane again after what happened.

“It’s just seven days and I’m doing this so both of us can try not to kill ourselves
before this trip ends. Plus, I know I’m going to get free stuff” Zane chuckled then
leaned down and placed another kiss on her lips.
“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to be able to kiss you whenever I
want” He murmured and was about to kiss her again when she pulled away.
“Erm… maybe we should take things slow?” He smiled then nodded.
“Okay, if that’s what you want” An awkward silence passed between them. They
didn’t know what to say to each other as everything suddenly felt… new.
“We don’t have to be awkward with each other, do we?” Zane questioned as his
hand grabbed hers and began drawing circles on her front palm.
He knew she said she wanted to take things so but he wanted to make sure he
wasn’t dreaming. He hadn’t expected her to agree to this and her agreeing just
felt like something that happened in his dreams these days and he wanted it to
be real this time. Having her to himself for seven days felt like pure Bliss and he
was going to show her what she missed out on after cheating on him.
“Why don’t you go take a bath and I’ll eat dinner?” He chuckled at her words.
“What, are you trying to say I smell?” She nodded with a sly smile.
“Yes” He rolled his eyes then placed a kiss on her cheeks.
“I’ll be right back. Can you wait for me?” She furrowed her eyebrows.
“Why? The food will get cold” He smiled.
“I’ll try my best to be fast but I’d like to watch you eat. Remember? That used to
be one of my favorite things to do” Her cheeks turned red as she remembered

how Zane would stop eating just to watch her eat. She had always thought it was
weird and when she asked him, his exact words were;
“I just wanted to make sure you ate well and didn’t choke” She still found his
reply odd but she got used to his stares and it turned into a tradition of theirs.
“Okay, I’ll wait” He smiled then walked towards the room. She let out a breath
she hadn’t known she was holding as soon as she heard the door close behind
She hated the way her body, her mind, her heart were reacting to his touch, his
words and his presence.
“Don’t get attached, Kiara. You remember what he did to you, right? Keep that in
mind and just try to enjoy the vacation without strings attached” She thought to
herself before walking towards the dining table.
She opened the covers on top of the food trays and she gasped at how delicious
everything looked. She began to salivate as she sat down on her seat.

Gosh, if Zane doesn’t come back anytime soon, she was going to have to eat
without him because damn, her stomach was rumbling.
After yearning and moaning for the food in front of her, Zane appeared minutes
later wearing only his sweat pants with his hair damp. “I couldn’t even dry my hair
because I knew you were waiting for me” He uttered as he sat down beside her
and her heart began pounding in her chest and she was sure he could hear it but
she couldn’t be blamed, he always looked so good when his hair was wet and
with him being this close to her while shirtless, she was able to resist when they
were in the plane because she was mad but now, she yearned to trail her fingers
down his toned chiseled chest.

“Kiara? Did you listen to a thing I said?” He questioned with a raised eyebrow,
snapping her out of her trance. She turned to him and tried her best not to
smother his handsome face with kisses.
“Can you put on a shirt? I don’t feel comfortable with you shirtless” His eyes
widened slightly.
“I swear I didn’t do it purposely, I just… I’m just used to walking around without a
shirt” She furrowed her eyebrows when she saw the panic in his eyes.

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