Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 34

Heather groaned as soon as she heard a knock on the front door. Just who could
that be? She wasn’t expecting any visitors.
She decided to ignore it, hoping it would go away but the knocking became
frantic which made her groan then sigh before getting out of the bed. Whoever
that fool was better have a good reason for waking her so early in the morning.
She angrily wore her slippers then stormed her way towards the front door.
“You better have…” She paused when she saw it was her landlord with some
men behind him.
“Is… is something wrong?” The man sighed and by the look on his face,
whatever he was about to say wasn’t going to be pleasing to her ear.

“Mrs Heather Swift, I’m sorry to have to say this but you and Miss Kiara have to
move out of this apartment immediately” Heather’s eyes widened as she sucked
in her breath.
“We have to what? Why?” Before the landlord could say anything, Samantha
appeared from behind him dressed in a leather dress with red heels, a red bag
and red lips. The weather was so gloomy outside, why was she wearing
Samantha took off her sunglasses then smiled at Heather.
“Long time no see, Heather” Heather scowled at her.
“What is this about and why do I have to move?” Samantha ignored her question
and walked right into the room.
“It’s pretty small but it’s going to be okay for my project” Samantha murmured
and the landlord immediately nodded.
”It’s a nice apartment, Miss Hart and….”
“How many times do I have to tell you not to call me by that name? I’m Mrs
Black” Samantha suddenly snapped as she glared at the short balding man who
immediately shrunk back into his shell. Heather scoffed at her for words.
“Mrs Black? So your obsession with Zane hasn’t cleared off I see?” Samantha
turned to her with a smirk.
“Of course I would be obsessed with my fiance” Heather frowned. Fiance?
“Your fiance? Your fiance is busy having the best Vacation of his life with your
sister and you’re calling him your fiance?” Samantha’s face immediately turned

“Kiara is a fool for falling for his trick and when he succeeds in breaking her
heart, he’ll run back to me and she’d get to watch us get married” Heather
frowned. Falling for his trick? What was she talking about?
“I don’t have time to chitchat, Heather. You have to pack out of this apartment
before the sun sets or else, you’ll be thrown out without your luggages”
Samantha uttered then was about to walk away when Heather grabbed her
“What the fuck are you on about? I have to pack out? Because? You have no
right to do this!” Heather yelled but Samantha just yanked her hand out of her
grip and let out a yawn.
“I want to use this apartment for something and I don’t have to explain myself to
you. Do it quickly or I’ll have you kicked out without nothing” Heather scoffed then
turned to the Landlord who refused to look her in the eye.
“What is going on? Our rent hasn’t even expired yet! How am I going to find an
apartment on such short notice? I don’t even have the money!” Heather grumbled
as she stared at the man with wide eyes who in turn, sighed.
“Mr Black’s secretary called and said miss Samantha needed this apartment for
a project so we had no choice but to give it to her. I’m sorry miss Swift” Heather
scoffed. Sorry? How was sorry going to solve this? She was going to be
homeless. Mr Black’s secretary? Was Zane behind their eviction from this
house? Why would he do that?
Samantha reached into her bag then brought out a bundle of cash.
“If cash is the reason you’re wasting my time then here” Samantha smacked the
money on her face and Heather gasped in shock then turned to Samantha with

wide eyes. Had she just slapped her with money?!
Heather clenched her fist as she tried her best not to let her wolf come out and
tear Samantha into shreds.
Samantha smirked then immediately turned away before Heather could attack.
“Your things should be gone before the sun sets” She uttered before
The landlord cleared his throat then pointed at the men behind him.
“They’ll help you pack, okay? Sorry again” He muttered then hurriedly walked out
of the room, leaving Heather with the men.
She sighed as she ran her fingers through her hair. Was Zane really behind all
this? If that was the case then she needed to speak with Kiara and on another
note, how the fuck was she going to pack all their stuff before the sun sets? This
was a nightmare!
Kiara stood there speechlessly staring at him with wide eyes. What had he just
“You have gotten more shameless, Zane” She murmured and he chuckled.
“Well I’m only shameless when it comes to you and calm down, I don’t mean it. I
just love seeing you all flustered” She scoffed.
“Flustered? Me? Pfft! You must be seeing things” He rolled his eyes then leaned
closer to her and opened his mouth.
“Feed me” She furrowed her eyebrows at him.

“Can’t you feed yourself?” He shook his head with a pout and she couldn’t help
but smile at how cute he was.
“If I try to feed myself, I’ll get tired and then I won’t eat but if you feed me, I
would just keep staring at your face and never get tired” She sucked in her
breath. Gosh when was he going to stop with his cheesy lines?
“I’ll feed you only if you promise to stop trying to seduce me with your words
because I know that’s what you’re doing” He chuckled then kissed her belly.
“Feed me” She sighed and was about to sit down on the seat in front of him
when her phone rang. She furrowed her eyebrows when she saw Heather’s
name pop up on the screen. Why was she calling?
“I have to take this” She uttered then grabbed her phone and pressed it against
her ear.
“Heather?” She called out while her eyes followed Zane as he suddenly stood up
from his chair and was glancing around like he was searching for something.
“Are you okay over there, Kiara?” Heather’s voice came through And Kiara
“Why do you sound so stressed? Is something wrong?” She heard Heather sigh
while her eyes followed Zane.
“We just got…” Kiara gasped when Zane opened up the cupboard and the
pancake mix she had used earlier fell on him as soon as he opened the
cupboard. He turned to her with a glare and she couldn’t help but burst out
laughing because of how funny he looked.novelxo.com fast update
“It’s not funny, this is a very expensive suit” He whined which just made her laugh

“I’m coming, let me talk to Heather first. What were you saying Heather?”
Heather couldn’t find it in her heart to say anything after hearing Kiara laugh so
heartily. It has been so long since she laughed like that and it felt nice to hear. It
was clear that she was happy being with Zane. Even if it wasn’t going to last,
why should she take away the small time they had together?
“It’s nothing. Enjoy yourself and I love you” Kiara frowned when Heather hung up.
Something was definitely wrong but what could it be?

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