Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 26

Chapter twenty six
Zane snapped his fingers and immediately, some men rushed towards the car
and grabbed her luggage.
“Are you okay?’ She turned her attention to Zane and saw the worry in his eyes.
She nodded slowly and he let out a sigh before grabbing her head and inspecting
it for any injuries.
“I should have never let you leave the airport on your own. Why do you always
have to be so stubborn?” He scolded with a scowl on his face which made her
roll her eyes and swat his hand away.

“If you hadn’t stolen my wallet, I wouldn’t have been in this situation, would I?
What are you doing here anyway?” He sighed.
“Now is not the time for your tantrums. Get in my car, you’re coming with me’
Kiara shook her head then moved away from him with a frown on her face.
“Didn’t you hear what I said earlier? I said I’d rather sleep under the bridge than
to stay with you” Zane ran his fingers through his hair out of frustration.
“I’m sorry, didn’t what just happened faze you? It will surely happen again
because you have no money to feed or take care of yourself. Stop being
stubborn and just come with me” Kiara glanced around and noticed almost
everyone was staring at them.
“Can you stop? Everyone is staring at us” She Whispered to Zane as her cheeks
turned pink with Embarrassment.
“Oh you don’t like embarrassment, huh?” Zane uttered with a smirk then moved
closer to her and grabbed her shoulder.
“Come with me and I’ll not disgrace you but if you continue to be stubborn, you
leave me no choice’ Kiara pursed her lips.
“If you embarrass me, you’ll only be embarrassing yourself as well” He grinned.
“I don’t mind. What do you say?” When he saw that she didn’t say anything, he
turned to the crowd and yelled.
“Can someone please tell my wife to stop being stubborn? She’s allowing
someone as handsome as me to stand under this hot Paris sun” Kiara grabbed
his hand as she turned red with Embarrassment when the women around started
agreeing with Zane. She even heard a few say he could do so much more better
than her which made her scowl.

“I’m not his wife! I don’t even know him” Zane winced dramatically and held onto
his heart.
“Can you see how she’s denying me now? All because I want what’s best for her’
The murmurs began again and although most of them were speaking French, she
knew when a curse word was being uttered.
“Fine, I’ll go with you” She muttered with a scowl and he grinned then pinched her
cheek lightly. 1
“Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Before she could think, he placed a kiss on her
cheek and all the women, including older ones, gushed over them.
She groaned out of embarrassment then held his hand and dragged him towards
his car.
“Get in” She muttered then opened the door and literally flew in trying to hide
away from the eyes staring at them which made Zane chuckle. 1
He threw a wink at all the women who began to gush about how handsome he
was as he climbed into the car.
Seconds later, the driver drove off.
“If you had just come with me from the start, all this wouldn’t have happened.
You see where your stubbornness got you? Back to me’ Kiara rolled her eyes at
the cockiness in his voice.
“Let’s get one thing straight, I’m only coming with you because I can exploit you
and have a wonderful Vacation with free food” He laughed. 4
“Good to know you want to exploit me, love but I planned on spending and
spoiling you already” She frowned and was about to say something when her
phone rang.

She brought it out of her bag and when Zane saw the caller Id, his mood
immediately turned sour. What the fuck did Levi want?
“Hello, Levi?’ She heard him heave a sigh of relief.
“Oh my God, Kiara. I’ve been so worried about you, Heather and I have been so
worried after we heard what happened. Are you okay? Are you hurt?
What’s going on?” Zane scoffed. Was she hurt? What did Levi think he wanted to
do with her, kill her?
She rolled her eyes at Zane before replying;
“No I’m okay, I’m not hurt although a man pulled my hair earlier but that’s okay’
‘WHAT!” She had to pull the phone away from her ear as Levi shouted.
“Can you calm down? I’m not hurt, okay? I’m fine” She replied after placing the
phone back on her ear.
“I’m flying over there tomorrow. Heather and I will come in my private Jet, okay?
When we land, give us your location and we’ll come pick you up” Before Kiara
could say anything, Zane grabbed the phone and placed it on a loudspeaker.
‘That won’t be necessary because Kiara and I plan to spend this Vacation
together so don’t come here and inconvenience us” Kiara glared at him and tried
dragging the phone away from his hand but he dodged her attempt.
“I wasn’t talking to you, give the phone back to Kiara” Zane grinned when he
heard the anger in Levi’s voice.
“Well, if you didn’t know, Kiara and I are one so if you’re talking to my love,
you’re also talking to me and I’ve told you not to bother us because we would be

busy” Kiara sighed and tried to grab the phone again but Zane just kept it away
from her.
“Is this how you plan on winning her love? By kidnapping her and forcing her to
love you? You’re just a pussy” Zane chuckled lightly.
“I don’t plan on winning her love because she already loves me and I can’t force
love that’s already there so I suggest you keep your mouth shut and quit
disturbing us. Do you think I can’t have your private Jet blocked too? One call to
your father and we’ll see who’s the real pussy here” The line on the other side
went dead silent and Zane immediately knew he had won.
Kiara used this medium to grab the phone while glaring at Zane. 1
“Levi, are you there?” She heard him clear his throat.
“Yes I am. Just say the word. If you need me, I’ll be there” Kiara glanced up at
Zane and when she saw his pleading eyes she sighed then bit her lip.
She knew this was wrong and she knew she was going to regret this but..
Don’t worry, I’m okay here with Zane”…

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