Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 27

Chapter 27
Levi went silent on the other side of the phone. She was okay with Zane? He
thought she hated him not too long ago?
“Are… are you sure?” He questioned with furrowed eyebrows. Was Zane holding
her at gunpoint?
“Yes, I’ll be back soon so don’t worry. If I need Heather to come get me, I’ll call
her” She didn’t know how much that sentence hurt him. He was the one offering
to come get her, not Heather.
He heard Zane’s slight chuckle in the background and he wanted nothing more
than to reach into the phone and strangle him to death.

“Okay then” Before she could even reply or tell him goodbye, Levi hung up and
she frowned.
“I think you hurt his feelings there” Zane uttered with a chuckle and she glared at
“Let’s get one thing straight. I only said I’m okay with you because I’m already
here and I don’t feel like going back yet. I’ve never been to Paris before and I
don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance again” Zane nodded slowly. novelxo.com
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“I already told you. All you have to do is push your hatred for me far away, I
know it’s hard to do but once you do that, we’ll both have the best time of our
lives here” She scoffed then turned towards the window but He suddenly
grabbed her face and turned it back to him carefully.
“Don’t scoff at me. For the next seven days, you and I will be together alone and
I’m giving you the chance to rekindle what we had in the past. After those seven
days, we can both go back to our normal lives and pretend like the other doesn’t
exist. Don’t you want that?” She pursed her lips.
“I don’t like you” He chuckled lightly then moved his head so close to hers that
their noses were touching.
“I know but can’t you pretend to like me for seven days? Let’s have a no-strings
attached relationship for these seven days, are you up for it?” She bit her lower
lip to stop herself from whimpering. His husky low voice tainted with lust was
doing so many horrible things to her body at that point.
“I’ll… I’ll think about it” She murmured and he smiled slightly.

“Can I kiss you?” Both their eyes fell on each other’s lips as soon as he asked
that question. It was obvious they both longing to taste each other’s lips but
Zane could see that Kiara was holding back. Shouldn’t he be the one holding
back? Why was she being so difficult?
Before she could reply, her phone rang and she immediately moved away from
Zane, hitting her back on the car door.
She groaned slightly as she placed her phone on her ear while Zane groaned as
he massaged his temples. This sexual tension between both of them was
messing with his head.
“Hello, Heather?” Kiara muttered into the phone.
“Kiara! I’ve been trying to call you! Are you okay? I just got off the phone with
Levi and he said you said you wanted to stay in Paris with Zane?” Kiara sighed.
“I only said that because Zane won’t leave me alone but I actually meant I would
like to stay here for a while for my Vacation. This might be the only time I get to
be in Paris so why go back home when I’m already here?” She heard Heather
“But you’re there with Zane. Remember what he did to you? Are you really sure
you’ll be okay with him? He might trigger some of your memories and….”
“I’m okay” Kiara immediately interjected because she knew Zane was listening in
on their conversation and she didn’t want him to know what she went through for
the past two years.
“I’m really okay. I’ll be back after seven days so just wait up for me. If anything
happens, I’ll call you right away so you’ll come take me away, okay?” Heather
sighed again.

“I’m still not comfortable leaving you there alone. What if he sees you with a guy
and thinks you’re cheating again then leaves you all alone in Paris?” Kiara
furrowed her eyebrows at such a scenario while Zane rolled his eyes and
pressed the loudspeaker.
“You do know I can hear everything you’re saying, right?”
“You do know I don’t give a fuck, right?” Heather retorted and Kiara let out a
snort as she giggled slightly when she saw the pissed off look on Zane’s face.
“I’ll call you later, bye” Kiara hurriedly said into the phone then hung up when
Zane reach out for the phone. She knew he was about to go all Alpha on
“She won’t have ever been able to talk to me like that if it wasn’t for you” He
grumbled with a frown and she rolled her eyes.
“Heather and I are a package deal so deal with it” Zane sighed at the same time
the driver pulled up in front of a ginormous hotel. It was so grand that Kiara could
only wince at the thought of how expensive a night at the hotel would be.
“Are we going to stay there?” She questioned and Zane turned to her with a tilt
of his head.
“What, you thought I was going to come to Paris and not stay in the most
expensive hotel here? You should know me better than that, Love” He smirked
then climbed out of the car while she still sat there staring at the hotel. She was
used to riches because her parents hadn’t been poor and Zane always showered
with everything expensive when they were mates but in the past two years, she
had learnt that money didn’t really grow on trees.
The door beside her opened and Zane’s face appeared.

“If you don’t get your butt out of this car, I’m going to carry you over my
shoulders” Her eyes widened and she immediately jumped out of the car.
He smiled then without her permission, he grabbed her hand and led her into the
hotel and Kiara’s mouth laid agape all through as she glanced around. This hotel
had to be the most beautiful hotel she has stepped her feet into.
The receptionist, the staff and the manager immediately came running towards
Zane and bowed their heads at WANOTES.COM
him which surprised Kiara. She had forgotten just how powerful and wealthy
Zane was in the human world as well.
“Mr Black, you’re here. Your Penthouse is ready and every other thing you asked
for has been done” Zane nodded then was about to drag Kiara away when she
yanked her hand out of his grip. eye furrowed on the year other thin
“Where am I going to stay then?” He furrowed his eyebrows at her.
“In the penthouse, with me” Her eyes widened slightly.
“Oh… and how many rooms are in the penthouse?” Zane smirked.
“About three but only one room is available because I had the other rooms
closed down temporarily. You’re welcome” She almost choked on her spit. So
she was going to have to sleep in the same room with him?!…

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