Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 25

Chapter twenty five
Kiara groaned as she slowly opened up her eyes and let out a yawn. She
furrowed her eyebrows when she felt the soft bed below her. How did she get
She tried getting up and that was when she noticed the arm on her waist, holding
onto her tightly.
She instantly screamed as she pushed his arm away.
“Why am I in bed with you and how did I get here?” Zane groaned as he rolled
on the bed.

“Isn’t too early for you to be so loud, Love?” She rolled her eyes then glanced
down at herself and was relieved to see she was still wearing her clothes.
“Why am I here, Zane?” He sighed then opened his eyes slowly to stare at her.
“Can you calm down? I don’t know what you take me for but I would never touch
you without your consent” She scoffed.
“You were touching me earlier without my consent” He rolled his eyes then slowly
sat up.
“As a matter of fact, you should be thanking me. You almost hit your head earlier
and I was the one who saved you” She scowled.
“No one asked you to’ He stared at her in disbelief.
“Alright then. Next time, I’ll leave you to have a concussion” She huffed as she
climbed out of the bed.
“If you hadn’t dragged me into this Jet, none of that would have happened” Zane
“Well too bad then. You know, we can both make this trip bearable for both of us
if we at least pretend to get along. Stop trying to pick a fight with me all the time”
She shook her head.
‘The only thing you can do to make this bearable is leaving me alone” Zane
climbed out of the bed then folded his arm.
‘That’s not going to happen and you know that” She rolled her eyes and was
about to walk out of the room when he grabbed her hand.
“Let go of me!” She screamed but he just held onto her tightly while staring down
at her face.”I have a lot of activities planned for us in Paris, I hope you’re ready” She
furrowed her eyebrows as she stared at him in disbelief. Didn’t he just hear what
she said? She couldn’t stand his presence and he thought she was going to hang
out with him? In his dreams!
“Listen, when this plane lands, I’m going on my Vacation and you can go on
yours” He scoffed as a sly smile appeared on his face.
“Before you do that there’s something you need to know. I had your card
restricted in the meantime so you have no means of fending yourself here except
through me” Kiara’s eyes widened as she gasped.
‘What did you just say? You can’t do that!” He grinned.
“I have connections, love. Now if you don’t want to die or be stranded here then I
suggest you learn to tolerate me and I promise to make you happy during this
vacation” She stared into his eyes then raised her chin with defiance.
T’d rather sleep under the bridge” Zane laughed then tilted his head at her.
“Really? If that’s what you want then when this plane lands, you can go” She
furrowed her eyebrows.
“I… I can?” Zane nodded then walked out of the room, leaving her standing
After a while, she walked out of the room and saw Zane seated on a chair, cross
legged with his phone in his hand.
She ignored him and walked over to another chair and sat down with a sigh.
Seconds later, the flight attendants came in with some food and placed it in front
of Kiara. One glance at it and her stomach instantly rumbled.

Oh I’m not hungry” She muttered to the flight attendant even though everyone
clearly heard her stomach. The flight attendant turned to Zane for help and he
just dismissed her before turning to Kiara.
“You should eat. If you’re planning on sleeping under the bridge, I think this is the
only food you’d be getting in a while’ Kiara scowled when she saw the stupid
smirk on his face.
She sighed then glanced down at the food and had to admit that it did look good.
It was Pasta with Carbonara sauce and two huge chicken breasts at the side.
Just what she was craving.
She glanced at Zane and when she saw he wasn’t looking, she quickly picked up
the fork and began eating.
A smirk appeared on Zane’s face as he watched her subtly. She still ate like he
remembered. Like a starving polar bear.
Beautiful yet ate like a monster when hungry.
After she was done, she wiped away the sauce on her mouth then pushed the
plate to the side before rubbing her hand on her belly. Jeez! She shouldn’t have
eaten so much.
Just then, one of the pilots came out to announce that they were landing. A smile
appeared on Kiara’s face as she glanced outside the window. Paris looked so
peaceful and calm. She couldn’t wait to get rid of all the stress and burden on her
shoulders but how exactly was she going to do that when Zane had restricted
her credit card?
She glared at him then immediately stood up when the fight attendants opened
the door.
She turned to Zane as she packed up her luggage.

‘You are really letting me go?” Zane nodded then folded his arms.
“Since that’s what you want but my number is on your phone in case you’re
stranded or need my help” She shook her head.
“I won’t. Thank you for the free ride’ Then she dragged her luggage to the door
and gasped when she saw the several bodyguards and cars. By their smell,
most of them were wolves.
“Don’t you worry, they won’t stop you. Go” Zane said behind her. She nodded
then dragged her luggage down the stairs without anyone reaching out to help
her. She was sure Zane was trying to make her know that she couldn’t do
without him helping her but he was awfully wrong.
She checked her phone and the million missed calls from Heather and Levi
popped up on the screen. She decided to ignore them for now till she had settled
down then she called an Uber before dragging her things out of the hangar and
into the airport.
As she walked away, she glanced behind her thinking Zane would have sent
someone to follow her but shockingly, he didn’t. 1
She shrugged then waited for the Uber in front of the Airport and just in time, The
Uber pulled up in front of her and she got in.
‘Take me to the nearest hotel please” She uttered to him and the drive began.
She sighed as she glanced at the window. The little change she had was what
she wanted to use in paying the Uber. She didn’t even know why she was going
to a hotel when she had no dime. She groaned slightly as she cussed Zane in her
head. He just had to make everything difficult for her.
She reached into her bag to take out her purse when she noticed it wasn’t in
there. She tried to hide her panic when she noticed the driver glancing at her

through the rear view mirror but her heart was thumping so loudly.
That jerk had stolen her purse. Now how was she going to pay?
She bit her lip then cleared her throat slightly.
“I’m sorry sir. I seemed to have forgotten my purse back at the airport. You can
drop me here if you want, I’m really sorry” The man abruptly stopped the car
then turned to her with a glare.
‘You think I don’t know this trick? You better pay my money or I’m going to
disgrace you and seize your luggage” She gasped then glared back at him.
“I didn’t do it on purpose. I thought I had money and that’s why I got in. I’m sorry,
I didn’t mean to trick you and you have no right to seize my luggage. I’ll just come
Down here then” She opened the door and got out but before she could get her
luggage, the man jumped out of the car, ran over to her side and grabbed her
hair roughly.
Kiara gasped while everyone turned to see what was going on.
“How dare you?! Let me go’ She yelled as she tried to release her hair from the
man’s hold.
“Give me my money or I’ll take every valuable thing off you” Kiara bit lip to stop
herself from snarling. One thing her wolf hated was embarrassment and if she let
her wolf take over, he was done for.
“Let go!” They both turned to the voice and her eyes widened when she saw
Zane walking towards them with an angry expression on his face.
Before she could say anything. He detangled the man’s hand out of her hair then
twisted his arm. The man screamed out in pain and tried to push Zane off but
Obviously, Zane was stronger.

Zane then slapped the man across the face then reached into his pocket and
grabbed some money before throwing it at him.
Keep the change”…

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