Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 24

Chapter twenty four
It took Zane an hour and a half to finally relieve himself. After he was done, he
grabbed his sweat shirt and was about to wear the sweater when a great idea
popped into his head.
He smirked as he stared at himself in the mirror. So Kiara was trying to play hard
to get, right? He would see how far she was willing to play that game.
Since he was dry now, he quickly ran into the bathroom and sprinkled water on
his chest. He remembered how Kiara couldn’t resist him whenever he was wet.
After doing that, he smiled at his appearance in the mirror then walked out only
to find her sleeping on the couch.

He groaned lightly then let out a sigh before walking towards her. He stared
down and instantly became mesmerized by her beauty. She was still the most
beautiful girl he had ever seen, no doubt.
He moved closer then reached Down to touch her face but at that moment, her
eyes abruptly opened and she swatted his hand away with a frown.
“Ow! Can you chill, woman?’ She scowled.
“Why are you above me?” Zane scoffed then a smirk appeared on his face.
“I’m in front of you but if you want me to be on top of you then all you have to do
is say so, my love” Kiara rolled her eyes then glanced out the window and
noticed the plane was already in the air which surprised her.
‘When did we get in the air?” Zane frowned at her question. Hadn’t she noticed
he was wearing any shirt?
‘When I was in the shower. By the way, doesn’t it feel hot in here? I think it does’
She slowly turned to him then scoffed when she saw him trying to flex his
muscles. Zane was hot, no doubt about it. He was still the most handsome and
sexiest man ever but she knew he was trying to seduce her by not wearing any
shirt and even though it was hard to keep her hands to herself, she was not
going to fall for his tricks.
“Stop flexing, I’ve seen better” His Aura suddenly turned cold.
‘Where? The men you cheated on me with?’ Her eyes widened slightly then she
glared at him.
“Get away from me. I don’t want to see your face because it makes me sick ”
Zane scoffed then smiled emotionlessly.

“Are you ashamed? Because Everytime I bring up your cheating scandal, you
always seem to go into defensive mode. Why?” Kiara rolled her eyes then stood
up from the chair.
“I’m nor having this conversation with you, Zane” She was about to walk past him
but he grabbed her hand and pulled her back.
“Why? Why do you never want to talk about it? Anytime I bring it up, you shut it
down. Are you ashamed?”
“You didn’t let me explain nor did you let me talk two years ago so what makes
you think I’ll say anything now? I don’t have to prove anything to you because
you’re nothing to me and I wish you’d stay that way” She muttered then yanked
her hand out of his hold then as she towards the other side of the jet, far away
from him.
Zane just stood there, dumbfounded then he sighed. Things were not going as
smoothly as he expected.
He went back into the room to wear his shirt and when he came out, he saw
Kiara dozing off on the chair she was sitting on but as soon as she saw him, she
cleared her throat and straightened up with a scowl on her face.
He rolled his eyes as he walked closer to her.
‘You know you can sleep, right?” Kiara shrugged.
“I don’t trust you” He scoffed.
“What could I possibly do while you are asleep? Rape you?” Kiara turned to him.
“Maybe, I’m not putting anything past you’1 Zane rolled his eyes then walked
away and sat opposite her at the other side

“Suit yourself
Heather paused in front of her apartment when she saw Levi leaning against the
“What are you doing here?” She questioned as she dropped her luggages on the
ground. Levi turned to her then glanced at her luggages with a frown, i
“Were you guys supposed to go on your vacation today?” Heather sighed.
‘Yes we were but that Jerk decided to ruin everything” Levi’s eyes widened as a
realization dawned on him.
‘Where is Kiara?”
“That jerk, Zane had my ticket canceled so he could kidnap Kiara and take her
on a vacation with him” Levi’s eyes widened.
“That’s what I said. Kiara must be so mad. I have to find a way to get to Paris
but I’m sure Zane already has me banned from every Airport during this time so I
don’t know how I can get there” Levi folded his arm then nodded.
“I have a private Jet. We’ll go together” Her eyes widened but before she could
say anything, he walked away.
Heather sighed as she dragged her luggage towards the door. Kiara was very
lucky to have two men with private jets fighting over her. When will it be her turn?
She unlocked the apartment with the key and groaned. How was she going to
survive without Kiara here in the meantime?

Zane pretended to scroll through his phone when really, his eyes were on Kiara
the whole time. If she knew he was staring at her, she wouldn’t fall asleep so he
tried to be as discreet as possible.
He heard her mumble something incoherently then like she had given up, her
head fell to the side, almost hitting the table beside her but Zane quickly jumped
out of the chair and placed his hand under her head.
She mumbled something again before falling asleep and he couldn’t help but sigh.
Forgetting the uncomfortable position he was in, Zane took this medium to stare
at Kiara. Carving all her features on his brain. 1
She was so beautiful and looked like a flower anytime she was asleep. He raised
his other hand and used his thumb to smoothen out the tired lines on her
forehead then he cupped her face with his hand and caressed it slightly. 1
“Why are you so stubborn, my love?’ He murmured then leaned in gently and
placed a kiss on her lips before carefully carrying her in his arms.
She groaned slightly but then snuggled into his chest and Zane’s heart beamed
with contentment. He smiled to himself as he carried her to the room…

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