Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 23

Chapter twenty three
Heather sighed as she suddenly felt lost. What was she supposed to do now,
book another ticket?
She sighed and was about to grab her luggage when she spotted Daniel and
Liam. What were they doing here?
She rolled her eyes and wanted to ignore them but they were almost never not
with Zane and at that moment, he wasn’t with them which felt suspicious.
She glanced at the elderly woman beside her and asked her to watch over her
luggage before walking over to them.

“What are you both doing here?” She questioned sternly as she folded her arms.
They turned to her and she narrowed her eyes when their eyes widened
“Oh, you’re still here?” She frowned at Liam’s words and Daniel immediately
kicked him from behind.
“What he meant was, what are you doing here?” Heather rolled her eyes.
“Cut the crap, What is going on? Don’t tell me Zane has something to do with my
ticket getting canceled” They didn’t say anything which was enough for her to
know her assumptions were true.
“How dare he?! Why would he do that?!” Heather screamed so loud that
everyone around them turned and stared.
“Will you calm down?” Daniel muttered and she glared at him.
“Never tell me to calm down. I want to know what is going on, now” Daniel
sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair.
‘Zane wanted to spend time with Kiara so he’s going on the vacation with her
instead and didn’t want you going because he wanted to be alone with her”
Heather stared at him in disbelief.
“What the actual fuck? He kidnapped my best friend!” Daniel grabbed Heather’s
“Will you stop yelling? You’re attracting attention to us” Heather shrugged off his
hands on her shoulder.
“Don’t dare touch me and why should I stop? He kidnapped my friend” Daniel

“Calm down. Heather. Zane misses Kiara and wants to spend time with her.
What’s so wrong with that?”
“Everything is wrong with it, Daniel. He doesn’t have the right to come into her life
after throwing her away like a piece of trash and now all of a sudden, he ‘misses’
her. Be for real” Daniel sighed.
“If Kiara hadn’t cheated on him then….”
“Shut your fucking mouth, Daniel” Heather interjected while glaring at him.
“I know for a fact that you don’t believe Kiara cheated on Zane so stop fucking
defending him. None of you know what love is, none of you. He loved her?
Really? All he did was make her miserable. I was with her for the past two years
and the once cheerful Kiara that always smiled and loved playing around is gone,
Daniel and it’s all because of Zane. So don’t give me that bullshit” Before she
could walk away, Daniel grabbed her arm.
“What really happened to Kiara? Why are you so protective of her and why is
she avoiding Zane like the plague?” She pulled his hand off her arm.
“Ask her yourself. I’m going to get to Paris even if I have to drive there and I will
drag her back and we’ll leave this country if that means being away from him”
With that said, she turned around and walked away.
Liam whistled as they watched her gather her luggage.
“Who knew Heather had so much fire inside her?” He muttered but Daniel stayed
quiet because he knew. Heather had always been a firecracker. 2

Zane froze after those words came out of Kiara’s mouth

“What?” He uttered as he stared down at her with furrowed eyebrows but she
just pushed him away and created a great distance between them. It took a lot
of will power for her to push him off and she was glad. She couldn’t fall for his
stupid tricks.
“Since I’m already here, I’ll go on this Vacation but when we get there, I don’t
know you and you don’t know me. I can do whatever I want and so can you. Got
it?” Zane ran his fingers through his hair then scoffed. 1
He knew what she was trying to say. She was trying to say she was a free bird
and if she wanted to be with other men then he had no right to stop her but the
only way he was going to stand there and watch her with another man was over
his dead body.
He groaned slightly as he felt how uncomfortable his pants had gotten. He turned
to her and saw her seated on the chair with a stoic look on her face but even
with the way she was seated turned him on.
He groaned again then stomped his way towards the room to have a cold
Kiara was the only one that could turn him on this badly. He had tried, goddess
knew how much he tried to forget her by dating other women or female wolves
but none of them were Kiara. He wanted someone like her and no one lived up to
her standards.
He remembered Samantha had tried to behave like her but that had just
disgusted him.
He took off his clothes and immediately hopped into the cold shower. She was
going to regret teasing him this way. He had really thought she was going to say
yes but Kiara had always been unpredictable. He wasn’t going to stop. He wanted to taste her so badly that he would do
anything just to get her in bed. He wanted her and what he wanted, he always
As Zane walked into the room at the far end of the Jet, Kiara let out the breath
she hadn’t known she was holding.
Her heart was racing so fast from how close their bodies were earlier. She was
so close to giving in but then she remembered the humiliation, the agony and
death of her son and she couldn’t do it. 1
She had to find a way to get rid of him when they got to Paris and the only way
to do that was to piss him off and she had the perfect plan…

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