Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 22

Chapter twenty two
Kiara’s shock into Rage.
“What the fuck is your problem, Zane?” He smirked at her as he slowly climbed
down the stairs.
“I don’t know what you mean, love” He could clearly see she was seething with
anger and it just made him happier. This was going to be fun.
“Did you have something to do with Heather’s ticket getting canceled?” He
nodded with a smile.

‘Well I didn’t want anyone interrupting us on our Vacation and if I had told her my
plan, she wouldn’t have agreed so I did the most logical thing and don’t worry,
she’ll get her money back” Kiara scoffed in disbelief. Logical? He thought this
was logical?
“If you think I’m getting on that plane with you then you need to get your brain
checked because it’s clearly defective” Zane winced playfully as he placed his
hand on his chest.
“Your tongue has gotten sharper over the last two years, love but I’m not
complaining’ She rolled her eyes then grabbed onto her luggage and was about
to walk away when several guards appeared in front of her. They were wolves,
she could catch their scents.
“Tell you guards to back off, Zane. I’m leaving” He smirked then walked over to
her and grabbed her hand, i
Kiara shrieked as he spun her around so they were face to face.
“How can you leave when our Vacation is just getting started, Love?” Kiara
glared at him then struggled against his hold.
“I’m not you love so fucking let me go!” She screamed but he didn’t listen to her.
Instead, he unbuttoned his shirt, picked her up and threw her over
his shoulders. 3
She shrieked as she tried holding her dress down.
“Are you nuts?! I’m wearing a gown!” Zane rolled his eyes.
“Everyone, look away!” He ordered and all the guards, including the pilot, the
flight attendants and the two police officers looked away.

“Still doesn’t change the fact that you’re kidnapping me!’ Zane ignored her and
proceeded to climb up the stairs while Kiara yelled for help and pounded her fist
on his back but it was like he was made out of stone.
As they got into the Jet, He placed her on a chair. As soon as he gave her
space, she jolted up from the seat and was about to run away when he spoke;
“I have up to twenty guards here and twenty around the airport. Do you really
think you can escape?” He muttered calmly as he poured himself a glass of
Kiara bit her lip then turned to him with a glare.
“Why are you doing this to me? This was a vacation for me to clear my head and
be away from all the drama here” Tears pricked her eyes but she refused to cry,
not in front of him. i
“And by drama, you mean me, right?” She didn’t reply, just pursed her lips as she
stared at him which made him sigh.
He dropped the glass of wine on the glass table then walked up to her. She
moved away when he tried to hold her and he sighed before dropping his hand.
“I missed you” She scoffed as she folded her arms.
‘You’re two years a little late for that, Zane’ He nodded slowly.
“I know that but I was mad, I was hurt and that’s why I never came looking for
you but now that I’ve seen you, I miss you. You don’t fucking know how much I’ve
missed you’ He tried touching her again but she just swatted his hand away and
moved further away from him.
‘Well I didn’t miss you. My life was going great till we met again and I just want
to go back to that time” Zane bit his lower lip then sighed.

“I didn’t ask if you missed me, did I? I missed you and that is enough” Kiara
scowled at him then proceeded to walk past him when he grabbed her hand and
pulled her close.
She gasped then tried to free herself from his hold but he led onto her tightly.
“Let me go!” She screamed but he just stared intently into her eyes.
“Did you really not miss me? You didn’t miss my touch? My kisses?” As he
spoke, his fingers trailed down her face to her neck and she couldn’t help but
shiver slightly.
“No” A smile touched his lips.
“Even you know that’s not true. You missed me and I missed you so why are we
fighting this? At least for this Vacation, can’t we act like we used to be back in
the pack? When you were my mate and I, your lover?” He mumbled seductively
but her mind was all jumbled from the way his fingers were trailing down her
‘We can’t because I’m not your mate and you’re not my lover” She gasped lightly
when he leaned down and inched his face so close to hers that she could feel his
breath fanning her face.
“Can’t we pretend for this short period of time? We’ll go back to the time when
we were still in love, don’t you want that? I do, I want that so damn much’ Kiara
moaned lightly when he squeezed one of her butt cheeks, i
“Stop…. Stop touching me’ She hated the way that came out as a stutter but she
couldn’t stop herself from falling for his touch. He was the only man that has ever
touched her and his touch did bring back memories like the night they first made

“I can see it in your eyes that you want that just as much as I do so why are you
fighting this?” She pursed her lips as she stared up at him. His eyes were glazed
with lust and with him breathing so rapidly, she could tell he was trying his best to
hold himself and his wolf back.
“I can never lay in bed with the man that destroyed my life

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