Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 21

Chapter twenty one
Zane stared at Levi for a while then scoffed.
“Did I just hear you say you love her?” Levi nodded with clenched jaws.
“I love Kiara and I will pursue her” If staying away from Kiara was the only way
Zane was going to invest in his company then that was it then, his father could do
his worst. He wasn’t giving up on Kiara.
“Besides,” Levi began, “Our relationship with Kiara should not affect or be
brought into our professional relationship. This is a business between our
companies and Kiara doesn’t need to be involved’ Zane just scowled at him. He
loved her?

“Kiara loves me” Zane stated with a smug look on his face. “And she’ll never fall
in love with you so give up while you’re at it, Levi’ But Levi just smiled then folded
his arms.
“Why do I feel like you’re threatened by me, Mr Black?’ Zane scoffed.
“Me? Be threatened by someone like you?” Levi nodded.
“I spend more time with Kiara than you have in years and she’s more
comfortable in my presence and doesn’t feel like running away unlike when she’s
close to you’ Zane clenched his fist then laughed. This fucking Mafia dog was
starting to get on his nerve.
“She may be trying to get away from me now but she’s mine, Kiara has always
been mine and there’s nothing you can do to change that” Levi nodded.
“Fair. If Kiara chooses to be with you then I’ll leave her alone but till then, I’ll
continue to pursue her and I hope we can both keep loving her without it
interfering with our business” Zane slammed his fist on the table as he rode up
from his chair.
He tried his hardest to fight back his wolf who wanted nothing more than to rip
out Levi’s heart at that moment.
“You have known her for two weeks, I’ve known her since I was a child. My love
for her can’t be measured with yours” Levi smiled.
“If you loved her so much, why did you break up with her?” Zane furrowed his
“You don’t know what you’re talking about”
“I don’t even want to know, Mr Black” Levi interjected with a raised eyebrow

“I know it must hurt to know that you’re the past of someone as beautiful and
awesome as Kiara and I get it but it’s my turn to love her. You had your chance
and you threw it away” Zane clenched his teeth as his fingers dug into his skin.
“Let me kill him!” His wolf yelled so loud in his head that Zane had to take his
seat to calm himself down.
“Are you okay?” Levi questioned as he stared at him with furrowed eyebrows.
“Leave, leave immediately” Levi frowned.
“I’m not leaving till you say you’re going to invest” Zane bit his lower lip as he felt
his fangs forcing its way out.
“I will. Now, leave!” Levi was surprised by his outburst but he nevertheless left.
As soon as he was gone, Zane’s wolf calmed down a little but he could still feel
the urge to kill Levi.
He laid back on his seat then let out a sigh as he massaged his temples.
‘You’re her past’
‘You had your chance and you threw it away’
‘It’s my time to love her*
Those words kept echoing inside Zane’s head that he felt he was going crazy.
Fine. If Levi wanted to be Kiara’s present then so be it but he was going to make
sure he had had his fill of her and make her go through the same pain he went
through before she could love anyone else.

Days passed and it was finally time for their vacation. Kiara was even more
excited than Heather and couldn’t stop gushing over how fun and therapeutic the
vacation was going to be.
“Make sure you don’t forget anything, Kiara especially those bathing suits and
lingeries” Kiara rolled her eyes as she heard Heather yell from the living room.
She glanced at the lingerie on the bed then picked it up and placed it inside her
suitcase. It won’t hurt for her to be ready for anything, right? Maybe she’d
actually get to like someone in Paris. It wasn’t the city of love for nothing.
Surprisingly enough, after that day Zane called her phone and asked her all those
questions, she never heard of him again nor did she ever see him again. It was
like he finally forgot about her and she was happy about that.
She placed her suitcase on the ground then rolled it into the living room where all
their other suitcases were.
“Gosh, If anyone saw how much luggage we had, they would think we were
packing and going somewhere far” Kiara giggled.
“At least we know we have clothes for every occasion” Heather grinned.
“True” Just then, her phone dinged, indicating the Taxi driver had arrived.
After over thirty minutes of them taking their luggage downstairs, it was finally
done and everything was in the taxi.
“Gosh, we should really tell Mr Noah to get an Elevator installed” Heather
grumbled and Kiara just giggled. Even though she was sweaty and tired, nothing
could spoil her good mood today.
Since Heather forgot to check in online, they had to do a Physical check in.

They walked towards the desk and told the staff their names.
Tm sorry Miss Heather swift but it says here that your flight ticket was canceled”
Heather’s eyes widened in shock.
“What?” They both said at the same time, causing everyone to turn towards
“But I didn’t cancel anything,” Heather said in disbelief. What was going on?
“I’m sorry ma’am but it said it was canceled here. You’ll have to step out of the
line” Kiara frowned.
“Mine wasn’t canceled?” The staff shook his head then gave Kiara her boarding
“How can I cancel it then? I can’t leave without her” Heather’s eyes widened then
she dragged Kiara out of the line.
“Don’t worry about me. I’ll solve this issue and I’ll be on the next plane to Paris so
don’t worry. Go first, I promise I’ll be there” Kiara but her lip as she stared at
Heather unsurely. i
“You promise you’ll come? I can’t have this vacation without you” Heather
“It’s our vacation, remember? Go now because your plane departs” Kiara
nodded then walked away and carried on with the other necessary procedures.
As she sat down, waiting for her flight to be announced, two police officers, a
male and a female walked up to her.
“Are you Kiara Hart, Miss?’ Kiara glanced up at them then nodded slowly.

‘Yes, is there a problem?” They shook their heads with a smile.
“No. Your plane is about to depart and we came to escort you over” Kiara
frowned. Escort her? She was taking economy, not first class.
“I don’t understand”
“Just come with us miss Hart” Since they were police officers, she followed them
just after grabbing her luggage. They both helped her with her luggage then led
her towards the airport’s hangar and she gasped when she saw the black private
Jet in front of her. Was that what she was riding in?
“I think you got the wrong person, I don’t own a private jet” She tried to explain
but they just smiled at her and gave her luggage to the flight attendants.
“Go in, Miss Hart. Someone is waiting for you’ Kiara furrowed her eyebrows then
glanced around. They all had smiles on her their faces so it obviously meant
whoever was in there was someone big.
She gulped then shook her head.
“I think you’re mistaking me for someone else. I don’t know anyone who has a
private jet and….’
“It’s not a mistake, Love” She froze as soon as she heard his voice then slowly
turned around and gasped when she saw Zane, dressed in a blue velvet suit with
his hair combed back to perfection.
“Shall we go to the city of love together?”…

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