Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 20

Chapter twenty
Liam and Daniel stood outside the cell listening as Zane poured out his frustration
on those men that shot Kiara.
Liam couldn’t help but wince when one of the men screamed out in pain.
“What the heck is up Zane’s butt today? Is it because they attacked Kiara?” Liam
questioned then turned to Daniel.
‘That and because he saw Kiara and Levi hug today” Liam eyes widened slightly
then he whistled lightly and at the same moment, Zane walked out of the cell
covered in blood and breathing heavily

He glanced at them before walking away. Liam gagged as they walked past the
cell and saw the dismembered bodies on the ground.
“So what did they say? Are they related to what happened with Michael and the
rest?” Daniel asked as they walked out of the basement and into the main
“It may seem so but I really didn’t ask them any question” Zane muttered as he
took off his shirt and Daniel sighed.
“We brought them here for questioning, Zane. Now how are we going to get a
lead on what’s happening to wolves? They were obviously humans, which means
they are most likely hunters” Zane rolled his eyes.
“You both should leave, I’m really not in the mood to talk right now. We’ll talk
about this tomorrow” He walked away without turning back despite how many
times Daniel called his name.
Beating those men did nothing for the anger in his heart. He kept imagining hitting
Levi but it wasn’t the same.
He sighed then took off his pants then his underwear before hopping into the
shower and watched all the blood roll off.
His mind kept wandering back to when Kiara held onto Levi’s hand and he shook
with anger. He had gone over to her apartment because he wanted to make sure
she was okay when he spotted her with Levi and his heart crushed into a million
pieces. He just wanted to use her and break her heart just like she did to him so
why was he so angered and pained by all this? It was frustrating!
He turned off the water and tied a towel around his waist before walking into his
room. He got dressed then sighed as he sat down on the bed then he turned to
his phone by his bedside.

Why did he feel like calling her? Even if she picked and found out it was him
calling her, she would hang up and block him but if it was Levi….
He groaned as he plopped down on the bed. All this was giving him a headache.
After laying down on the bed for a while, he sat up and grabbed his phone then
dialed her number without thinking twice about it.
His heart began to race in anticipation. After the second ring, she finally picked
“Hello? Who’s this?” She questioned as soon as she picked up and he sucked in
his breath when he heard her voice. He didn’t want to say anything because he
knew the minute he spoke, she would hang up and he wanted to keep hearing
her voice.
After the silence passed between them for a while, she suddenly spoke.
“Zane?” His eyes widened as soon as she called his name. How did she….
“Is that you, Zane?” He nodded then he remembered she couldn’t see him.
“Yes. Don’t hang up yet, I just wanted to hear your voice” She didn’t say anything
after that making him think that she had hung up but she hadn’t.
“I have to go” Her soft voice came through after some time.
“Wait… can I at least ask you a question?” Zane asked, then stood up from the
bed and placed around the room waiting for her reply.
“What is it?’ She replied after a while and his heart did a little leap of Joy.
“I have two questions actually. One, do you…. Do you have anything going on
with Levi?” He pursed his lips waiting for her answer.

“No” Zane beamed with happiness. He was grinning from ear to ear as he did a
little happy dance. He knew Levi had something for Kiara but at least it was good
to know nothing was going on for now.
“What’s the second Question?” He froze when Kiara’s voice suddenly came
“Oh… I just wanted to know why you’re talking to me. The last time I called, you
hung up immediately” He sat down on the bed then bit his lower lip. Why was she
taking so long to answer?
“Because this will be the last time we ever speak to one another. When I get
back from my vacation, Heather and I would move far away then you wont ever
see my face again just like you wanted. Goodbye, Zane’ Then she hung up
before he could even say anything.
Zane sat there for a few minutes, not knowing how to react to what she just said.
Was she moving away because she didn’t want to be close to him?
He groaned loudly as he fell back on the bed. After laying there for a while, he
fell asleep with Kiara on his mind.

As Zane glanced through some files in his office, his intercom beeped.
“What is it?” He immediately asked, then continued signing the files.
“Mr Medici is here and he wants to speak with you? Should I let him in?” Zane’s
pen froze above the paper then he leaned back on his chair with a smirk. This
should be interesting.

“Yes, let him in” After a while, Levi walked in with an annoyed look on his face
which just made Zane smile.
“Why do you look like your puppy had just been run over by a truck? Sit down”
Levi shook his head.
“I didn’t come here to chitchat. I just wanted to know if you are still going to
invest in my company” Zane leaned forward then rested his chin on his fist.
“Give me one good reason why I should still invest? You came into my company
and punched me across the face” Levi scowled.
“So what? Do you want an apology?” Zane shook his head.
“Your apology means nothing to me. I’ll invest on one condition” Levi raised an
“What is it?” Zane leaned back on his seat then folded his arm.
“Stay away from Kiara. If you stay away from Kiara, I’ll invest in your company.
What do you say, Medici?” Levi stared at him for a while then shook his head.
“I can’t do that” Zane was taken aback by his words. He had expected him to
take the deal.
“What?” “I can’t stay away from Kiara because I love her”…

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