Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 176

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 176

Heather sighed then took the glass filled with water and helped Daniel drink it.

“Nothing has changed Daniel, there’s still no us” After finishing the glass of water, he frowned.

“Why are you so mad at me? Why won’t you give me a chance? Is it because I told you I like Kiara? Heather it wasn’t….”

“It’s not that, Daniel. I just realized that I deserve better. I deserve to love myself and I haven’t been loving myself recently because I just thought someone could love me the way I wanted to be loved but I’ve realized something, Daniel. No one can love you If you don’t love yourself first so I’m on a journey to love myself. If the baby turns out to be yours then you’re welcome into its life because I’ll never keep you away from your child but there won’t be a us. I hope you understand” He pursed his lips without saying anything and she sighed before dropping the cup on the nightstand.

“I have to go be with Kiara now before Zane shows up” She muttered then nodded at him before walking out of the room.

Daniel groaned loudly as he stared up at the sky. Why was being in love so hard? What could he possibly do to make her know that he just wanted to love her the way she wanted? He was ready to do anything and he would immediately he was better.


Heather was so lost in thought as she walked into Kiara’s hospital room that she hadn’t heard Kiara call out her name the first time.

“Heather?” Heather shook her head to get rid of her thoughts before turning to Kiara with a smile on her face.

“Hey? Can you get to Zane? I can’t mind link him” Heather tried to mind link him but it didn’t go through so she shook her head.

“No, I can’t get to him. Maybe we should call him?” Kiara nodded then watched as Heather grabbed the hospital phone before handing it to her.

Kiara immediately dialed Zane’s number then groaned when his phone began to ring inside the drawer.

“Damn, he left his phone here,” Kiara muttered.

“Call Levi, he’s currently with Zane” Kiara sighed.

“I don’t know Levi’s number off the top of my head” She groaned as she fell back on the bed. Where was Zane and what was taking him so long?

“Zane must have Levi’s number on his phone, right?” Kiara’s eyes widened then she nodded.

“Yes he does. Hurry, bring it out” Heather nodded as she brought out the phone then handed the phone to Kiara.

Kiara immediately entered the passcode then searched for Levi’s number before dialing it.

He picked on the first ring.

“Hello Kiara,” Levi uttered into the phone.

“Is Zane there with you?” She heard a little shuffling and mumbling before Zane’s smooth deep soothing voice came through.

“My love” She heaved a sigh of relief.

“Where are you? I miss you so much, my love” He chuckled.

“I’m on my way to you now, okay?” She pouted.

“Why did you leave in the first place? Where did you go?” Zane went silent on the other side for a while.

“I went to visit an old friend to get something but not to worry, I’m almost near the hospital, okay?” Kiara smiled.

”Okay my love. Can you bring me back a cup of ice cream?” He chuckled again.

“Your favorite?”

”Yes and maybe another pack of burritos and tacos”

“Okay my love, I’ll be there soon” She nodded then hung up before turning to Heather. Suddenly, Kiara’s eyes widened.

“Oh my goddess, I didn’t ask him to get you anything. I’ll call him back right away” Heather shook her head.

“No it’s okay, I…”

“Hello Zane? I had forgotten to tell you to get something for Heather as well” Kiara muttered into the phone.

“Okay, what does she want?” Kiara placed the phone on a loud speaker then raised an eyebrow at Heather.

“A double cheeseburger please with caramelized onions and fries with ranch. Can you make the burger two? Then a cup of ice cream sounds nice as well” Kiara’s eyes brightened.

“Yeah, add a burger to mine as well,” Zane chuckled.

“You two are definitely giving birth to boys. Okay, I’ll get them for both of you. Are you sure you want nothing else?” Kiara smiled.

“No that’s all, thank you” They said their goodbyes then she hung up before turning to Heather.

“Haven’t you been having cravings? How do you quench them?” Heather scratched the back of her neck.

“Well, I just ignored them,” Kiara frowned.

“You shouldn’t do that, Heather. Being pregnant is a beautiful thing” Heather smiled tightly.

“I know it is but I can’t go out by myself to get what I want. Do you know how long I’ve been craving a burger? But no one can get it for me” Kiara frowned.

”You can always tell me what you’re craving, I’ll tell Zane. He usually sends one of his men to get it. You should be eating what your baby wants for it to grow well, okay?” Heather nodded with a smile.

“Okay” Kiara stared at her for a while then sighed.

“Something is bothering you, isn’t there?” Heather smiled.

“You always knew me better than anyone. I had a talk with Daniel and I can’t stop thinking about it” Kiara nodded slowly.

“Do you think you still have feelings for Daniel?” Heather pursed her lips.

“I don’t think it matters at this point” Kiara smiled softly.

“The question was if you still had feelings for him, Heather. Do you?” Heather sighed.

“I never stopped liking him, Kiara. Despite the fact that he made me reject him, I don’t think either of us accepted the rejection that time so we are still connected by that mating bond just like you and Zane” Kiara nodded.

“So why won’t you give Daniel a second chance?” Heather sighed.

“I’m scared. Scared of falling deeply in love with him again and getting hurt. I should just accept the fact that I was never meant to be in love with anyone”…

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