Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 175

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 175

Levi glanced at Zane as he drove silently.

“So where are we going in such a rush?” Zane sighed.

“I thought I said you are to speak when spoken to?” Levi rolled his eyes.

“You shouldn’t speak that way to me, cousin. Do you know I’m older than you?” Zane scoffed.

“You wish you were older,” Levi sighed.

“Well you’re just older than me by a year, it’s no big deal” Zane chuckled.

“Fact still remains that I’m older than you now, shut it, I’m trying to concentrate” Zane muttered as he glanced around.

“Can you at least tell me where we are going? Or rather, what are you looking for?” Without answering, Zane swerved the car to the side and parked it before climbing out.

Levi sighed before following behind him. He followed Zane from behind as they walked into a sketchy looking neighborhood.

“Erm Zane….”

“Shut it Levi” Zane muttered as he walked into a building. Levi groaned as he ran his fingers through his hair. Why did he agree to come with Zane?

“Are you trying to get yourself killed? What are we doing here?” Zane paused then turned to him.

“If you’re scared, you’re free to wait for me in the car” Then Zane turned around and went down the stairs.

“I’m not scared, who said I was scared?” Levi muttered to himself then scoffed before following behind Zane.

They got to a door and Zane immediately knocked on it. They waited for a while till an old man with one eye covered with a black eye patch showed up at the door.

“Zane Black, it feels like I haven’t seen you in forever. What might the great Alpha want from an old man like me?” Zane pushed past the man As he walked into the room and Levi immediately followed him.

“I want that medicine you had given to my mother while she was pregnant with me to help with the pain” The old man tilted his head while Levi furrowed his eyebrows.

“Oh and how are you sure I’ll still have such with me? It has been so long” Zane sighed then brought an envelope and handed it to the man.

“Will that be enough for it?” The old man smiled as he opened the envelope and saw the amount of money inside it.

“Of course, Alpha Zane. Come with me” Zane nodded then glanced at Levi before following the old man into a room.

“Might I ask what you want to use it for?” Zane sighed.

“The love of my life is currently in so much pain while carrying my children and I just want to help her with the pain” The old man paused then turned to Zane.

“What kind of pain and how do you think this medicine can help?” Zane bit his lower lip.

“My mother told me that your medicine had saved her life. She was on the verge of death because of the amount of pain she was in but your medicine easily stopped that pain and she was able to give birth to me normally. That’s what my Kiara needs right now” The old man hummed, then turned around and opened a safe.

There were about a dozen cans of pills inside the safe. He took out two and gave it to Zane.

“One thing you should know is that once she stops taking this pill, the pain is going to get ten times worse and this pill can easily turn into an addiction. Not only does it numb pain but it numbs everything. Do you still want it?” Zane clenched his jaw then sighed before taking the pill.

“Thank you” Zane muttered before walking away. Levi nodded at the men before following Zane.

The walk back to the car was silent but the minute they entered the car, Levi turned to Zane.

“Your mother had trouble giving birth to you?” Zane sighed.

“I knew you were going to ask about it and yes, wasn’t that clear enough?” Levi pursed his lips.

“Why? Was she stabbed in the stomach as well like Kiara?” Zane shook his head.

“She was beaten up by my father” Zane muttered before starting up the car. Levi stared at him with confusion written on his face.

“But my mother said…”

“Your mother doesn’t know shit, Levi. My father was a monster. To everyone else, he was the perfect husband, the perfect Father and perfect Alpha but he was just a monster. Even right after my mother gave birth to me, he still beat her up till she finally killed herself” Levi’s eyes widened.

“Why would he do such a thing? He didn’t love her?” Zane chuckled without humor.

“Apparently, he did but that was his way of showing ‘love’. He was also a chronic cheat and anytime my mother confronted him about it, he’d just beat her up and gaslight her into thinking it was because she wasn’t good enough, that’s why he had to cheat” Levi was stunned. He didn’t even know what to say.

“I remember asking him when I was younger why he was hurting my mother and why he had married her if he was just going to beat her up? You know what he said? He said love was a weakness and falling in love was not something Alpha’s needed. This medicine was the only thing that helped my mother during those times till even the medicine wasn’t enough to keep her sane so she killed herself and my father hadn’t even cared. He moved on to another woman faster than my mother was buried. I hated him and I vowed that I wasn’t going to be like him. Luckily, I fell in love with Kiara the minute I saw her” Zane smiled slightly as he reminisced.

“Being with Kiara was the only thing that made me happy. At night, I’d sneak out just to be with her and we’d make out and…”

“I do not need to hear that part” Zane chuckled.

“The point is that Kiara was my silver lining and I knew with how much I loved her, I couldn’t possibly hurt her the way my father hurt my mother. I couldn’t even bear seeing her in pain. Then one day, my father found out about my relationship with Kiara and tried to hurt her and banish her from the pack” Levi’s eyes widened slightly.

“I assume you did something to stop him?” Zane nodded.

“Yes, I killed him”…

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