Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 177

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 177

“So are we just going to ignore the elephant in the room?” Levi questioned as they drove towards where they could buy what Heather and Kiara wanted.

“What elephant?” Levi rolled his eyes. And they thought he was the densed one.

“After you killed your father, what happened next?” Zane shrugged.

“Nothing, I just became the Alpha at a very young age and most people didn’t really like my father because everyone knew about how he treated my mother and my mother was loved by all. After I became Alpha, Kiara practically began to stay with me and the rest is history” Levi nodded slowly.

“Is that why you were so mad when you thought Kiara had cheated on you because of Your father’s and Mother’s relationship?” Zane nodded.

“But that’s no excuse and up till now, I still believe I haven’t done enough for her to forgive me. What I did should have been unforgivable” Levi smiled slightly.

“I guess any kind of sin is forgivable when the person loves you more than they love themselves” Zane pursed his lips then parked in front of the restaurant.

As they ordered for the food, Levi’s phone suddenly rang again.

“It’s Kiara again. Maybe she wants something” Levi uttered as he handed the phone to Zane.

Zane immediately picked up but before he could say anything, Heather’s frantic voice came through with Kiara’s screams in the background.

“It’s happening again and I don’t know how to help her. What should I do?” Zane’s eyes widened as he immediately turned around and began running back to the car.

“Call the doctor immediately and have him inject her with Anesthesia. We are on our way” He muttered as he climbed into the car with Levi.

“They have already given her a dose of Anesthesia but it doesn’t seem to be working” He squeezed his eyes shut as he heard Kiara scream.

“Zane!” She screamed out his name and he clenched his fists on the steering wheel.

“Have them give her another dose, Damnit! Can’t they see that she’s in pain?!” Zane yelled as he drove like a mad man towards the Hospital.

“Erm Zane, can you calm down a little?” Levi muttered as he grabbed onto his seat but Zane ignored him as he listened to Heather.

“They just gave her another dose and that seems to be working but she’s still calling out your name” Zane nodded.

“I’m already at the hospital. Tell her to wait for me” He didn’t even bother to park the car properly as he jumped out of the car and ran into the hospital.

“Goddamn,” Levi muttered before he climbed out of the car and ran after Zane.

After a while, Zane barged into the room and immediately went to Kiara’s side.

“Zane” She murmured his name and he kissed her lips before grabbing her hand.

“I’m here now, my love. It’s okay” He murmured as he showered her face with kisses.

“The pain was unbearable, Zane” She muttered and he nodded.

“I know and that’s why I got you something that would help with the pain, hmm? Sleep for now, I’ll be here when you wake up” She flapped her eyelids tiredly.

“Really?” He nodded as he pushed her hair out of her face.


“Really” Slowly, her eyes closed and after a while, her breath evened out which meant she had fallen asleep.

Zane heaved a sigh of relief before turning to the doctor.

“Why didn’t the first dose of Anesthesia work?” The doctor sighed.

“I guess the pain was far more powerful than the Anesthesia” Zane sighed then ran his fingers through his hair before handing the container filled with pills to the doctor.

“Examine this. I want to make sure it’s safe for her to consume” The doctor furrowed his eyebrows as he opened the can and smelled the content.

“What is this and where did you get this from?” Zane sighed.

“It’s supposed to help with the pain. Just help me check if it’s safe for her to consume” The doctor sighed then nodded.

“Very well, I’ll be on my way and you should probably get some rest too. It’s because you’re stressing yourself that’s why your wounds aren’t healing as fast” Zane frowned.

“Kiara’s well-being is my major concern right now. After I’m sure she’s okay, then I can check on myself” Zane muttered which made the Doctor sigh.

“Very well then” The doctor walked away and Levi closed the door behind him.

“What if even your pills won’t be enough to stop her from feeling the pain? What’s the plan?” Levi questioned as he walked closer to the bed.

“It’s going to work. Besides, Anastasia said she was going to look for a healer witch that would help Kiara so I’m holding her up to that. All I want to do now is relieve Kiara of the pain she’s feeling and that’s what those pills are for” Levi sighed.

“I just hope those pills don’t have any secret side effects that you don’t know of, Zane,” Levi muttered Which made Zane purse his lips.

“My mother took it and she was fine,” Levi scoffed.

“Yeah fine till she killed herself” Zane glared at Levi and was about to charge at him when Heather stood in between them.

“Can you both not fight right now for crying out loud?” Heather yelled causing Levi to sigh.

“Look, I’m just trying to look out for Kiara. You really don’t know what was going through your mother’s head When she took the pills and they are not the same, Zane. What might have helped your mother might not help Kiara”

“Then come up with a better plan, Levi. If you can bring up something that can help Kiara then I’m all ears but right now, that pill is the only thing that can help her and I’m going to do all I can to relieve Kiara of the pain she’s feeling and I don’t want to hear anything else on that”

Zane muttered before walking back to the bed and plopping down on the bed.

He interlocked his hand with Kiara’s then kissed as he stared at her face.

Heather turned to Levi with a sigh.

“Levi…” But Levi just stormed out of the room. He understood where Zane was coming from but those pills looked sketchy and he was going to find out on his own if they were good or not…

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