Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 17

Chapter seventeen
“Ughh, why am I the one that has to get the grocery?” Kiara complained as she
pouted at Heather.
“Because I got it last time. Besides, I’m having a manicure, I don’t want it ruined.
Just go, please” Heather pleaded with a pout and Kiara sighed.
It was night time and they wanted to make pasta when they realized they didn’t
have any grocery whatsoever and neither of them wanted to go even though the
grocery shop was just down the block.
“Ughh fine” Kiara muttered as she grudgingly dragged herself to her room.

She took out her bag then some cash before going out to meet Heather laying on
the couch, watching TV.
“Make sure to get the cookies and cream ice cream, thank you” Kiara scowled at
her then scoffed before walking out of the apartment.
She took a deep breath as soon as she inhaled the night air. The street lamps
were on and there were a lot of people on the road which was nice at least.
She hugged herself as soon as a cold breeze flew past her. She should have
probably worn a jacket. Well, she can’t go back now,
She hugged her bag closer to her as she walked down to the grocery shop.
She groaned when she got to the shop and it was closed. After walking for about
30 minutes, it was closed?
She glared at the store for ten seconds before sighing and searching around for
another grocery store. They had to be around.
As she walked down the street, she noticed the odd look some group of men
were giving her and it was starting to make her uncomfortable.
She decided to ignore them and walk away like she couldn’t see them but then,
three of them began following her from behind.
She groaned as she walked faster. Even when one called out for her, she didn’t
dare stop. It wasn’t like she couldn’t fight them, she could tear them apart even
but she couldn’t reveal her identity with this amount of people on the streets.
“Hey, we are talking to you” She gasped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.
She swiftly turned around and punched the man in the face before hurriedly
running away.

She could hear footsteps behind her but she didn’t turn back. She decided to lure
them into an empty space to teach them a lesson. She wasn’t a lady to be
messed with and they were about to find out.
Zane glanced around as he slowly drove through the neighborhood.
‘This is where she stays?” He questioned with a frown on his face. The
neighborhood doesn’t look safe at all.
‘Yes. My Intel told me they just moved here about three months ago” Daniel
explained then pointed at a storey building by the side.
‘That’s where they stay. Do you want to go see the state of the apartments? ”
Zane shook his head. If Kiara spotted him, she would move out and even though
he didn’t want her to be staying in a place like this, she couldn’t move out just
“No don’t worry, let’s go” Daniel nodded slowly then sighed as Zane drove down
the road.
Suddenly, a figure caught Daniel’s eyes.
“Is that Kiara?” Zane briefly glanced at the figure Daniel was pointing out and he
frowned. It was in fact her but what was she doing out by this time?
It wasn’t safe!
“For fuck sake” Zane muttered then moved his car closer to the pavement and
drove slowly behind her.
‘Those men….”
“I see them,” Zane muttered through clenched teeth. Why were those men
following her? She seemed to have noticed them and was walking faster but they

were walking up to catch up with her.
When she punched the one that touched her, Zane couldn’t help but beam with
pride. He knew she was capable of beating them up but since they were in an
open space, she was holding herself back.
Zane packed his car by the side of the road as soon as she started running.
“Let’s go” He climbed out of the car with Daniel and they both ran after her.
Kiara ran into a lonely alleyway and only stopped running when she got to a wall.
She slowly turned around and saw the three men behind her with creepy smiles
on their faces.
“Boss is going to be happy we finally caught one” One of them uttered, which
surprised Kiara. Caught…. One?
Just then, one of them pulled out a gun and Kiara gasped.
“Hello wolf, nice of you to play right into our trap” Kiara’s eyes widened. She
thought she was luring her but they had been the one luring her.
She slowly moved back till her back touched the wall. She then bared her teeth
at them as her eyes turned golden.
“Kiara!” She turned to the voice and before she could react, one of the men shot
her right in the stomach. She screamed out in pain as her insides suddenly began
to burn. She had been shot with Silver!
Her eyes became drowsy but she could clearly see Zane’s angry face. She saw
him change into his big black wolf before she fell to the ground.
After a while, she felt herself being pulled into a warm embrace

“Oh my love, I’m here now. Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you” She
tried opening her eyes slightly but she gave up and succumbed to the darkness.
Levi groaned as the iron whip connected with his back again.
“How dare you?! I sent you there for a reason and you angered him? Are you
insane?!” His father yelled then wiped him again. Levi let out a scream filled with
pain then fell to the ground, unable to move his body. 2
‘That’s enough father” He heard his brother, Lucien mutter.
‘Your brother is useless! You better find a way to make it up to Zane or I’m going
to give you a reason to obey me!” He heard his father and brother footsteps
receding and then when the door was locked, he was left alone in the darkness

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