Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 16

Chapter sixteen
They all slumped down on the couch when they were finally done carrying all the
bags up to their apartment.
“Oh my, I’m so tired” Heather murmured as she laid her head on Kiara’s lap.
“Why are you both breathing harder than me when I was the one that did all the
Job. You just carried one bag each” Kiara giggled at Levi’s words.
‘You offered to help/ Levi sighed.
“I didn’t know you were living in a three story building with no elevators. If you’d
told me….”

You won’t have carried us in your car? I take it back, Kiara, he’s not a
gentleman” Heather cut in then smirked at Levi when she saw the dread look on
his face.
It was obvious he liked Kiara so she was going to use that to their advantage.
‘That’s not what I was going to say. Of course I’m a gentleman. You believe I’m a
gentleman, right Kiara?” Kiara gave both of them weird looks then sighed before
standing up.
‘TH go bring the juice.” When she left, Heather turned to Levi with a smile.
“Don’t worry, I’m team Levi… for now. If you say something like that again, I’ll
find another gentleman that won’t complain about carrying Kiara’s bags. Got it?”
Levi grinned then nodded.
“Got it” Just then, Kiara walked in with a tray containing cups and the bottle of
‘We only have apple juice so I hope that’s okay?” Levi nodded.
‘Til take whatever you give me, Kiara” Heather rolled her eyes.
“I told you to be a gentleman, not a weirdo” Heather whispered into Levi’s ear
and his cheeks immediately turned pink.
Kiara narrowed her eyes suspiciously at them then sighed and poured the apple
juice for Levi then handed it to him.
“Drink up so you can leave, it’s getting late” Levi pouted.
“Are you indirectly telling me to leave?” Kiara sighed.
“Just drink up. Do you want something to eat?” Levi shook his head with a
cheeky smile.

“I’m good. So now that we’re all close…. Can’t you both tell me where you’re
planning to go for this Vacation? I just want to know and I have no ulterior
motives” Kiara stared at the innocent look on his face then rolled her eyes.
“No can’t do, Levi. This Vacation is just for Heather and I so you don’t need to
know’ Levi sighed then turned to Heather.
“Don’t look at me, Kiara is the boss here. By the way, we practically don’t know
anything about you except you’re opening a company here. What do you do?
Who are your parents? Where are you from?” Kiara noticed the way Levi’s Aura
changed and knew this was something he wasn’t comfortable with talking about.
She slapped Heather’s shoulder with a stern look on her face.
“It’s not good to interrogate our guest that way, Heather,” Levi smiled, then
shook his head.
“It’s okay but I cant answer all your questions but if you must know, I’m Italian
and I came to set up my sole proprietorship business here” Heather nodded
‘Why didn’t you set it up in Italy then?” Kiara sighed.
“It’s okay, Kiara. My father and brothers run the one in Italy and I just wanted to
get away from home for a while’ Heather’s eyes brightened instantly.
‘You have brothers? Elder or younger? Are they as handsome as you? Since
Kiara already has you, maybe I can get your brother instead” Kiara rolled her
eyes. 1
“I do not have Levi, Heather. He’s not an Object” Heather rolled her eyes

“Oh you know what I mean’
“No I don’t. If you want to go out with Levi, he won’t mind, right?” Kiara turned to
Levi with a smile and he had to stop himself from frowning. Weren’t his intentions
clear? 1
“Oh Kiara, always so dense” Kiara furrowed her eyebrows at Heather and was
about to ask her what she meant when Levi stood up.
“Can I speak with you, Kiara?” Kiara turned to him with a frown then nodded
“I’ll be in my room” Heather uttered then immediately ran to her room, closing the
door behind her.
As soon as she was gone, Kiara turned to Levi with a smile.
“What did you want to talk about?” Levi stared at her for a while then tilted his
head. 1
“I like you” Kiara froze for a while. She wasn’t stupid to see that Levi liked her
but she hadn’t expected him to say it out like that.
“And I know you don’t like me back but I’m not giving up. I really like you and I’ve
never liked anyone as much as I like you” Kiara frowned.
“But you know nothing about me. You don’t even know where I’m from’ He didn’t
even know she was a wolf. If he knew, would he still like her?
“We have all the time in the World to get to know each other. I’m in no rush when
it comes to you” His words could melt any girl’s heart but Kiara…. She just wasn’t
ready for this again.

“We just met like four days ago. How can you like someone so quickly?” Levi
smiled then grabbed her hand.
“No one can control their heart, Kiara and my heart chose you. I’m not asking you
to like me back right now, I’m just asking you to give me a chance and if it
doesn’t work out, I’m willing to be just friends with you” She stared into his eyes
for a while and smiled slightly at how sincere he was.
What was the harm in trying, right?
“When I get back from my Vacation, we’ll see how it goes” Levi smiled so wide
that his cheeks began to hurt.
‘That’s all I wanted to hear. Thank you” Kiara smiled slightly then slowly pulled
her hand out his grip.
“Get home safely, okay?” He nodded at her.
“Okay” She waved goodbye at him as he walked towards the door.
The minute he stepped out of the apartment, his phone rang and when he saw
the caller ID, his happy mood Immediately turned sour.
He hesitated before receiving the call.
‘What is it?” “Father wants you home immediately”…

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