Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 15

Chapter fifteen
Kiara furrowed her eyebrows.
“Oh” Levi chuckled slightly.
“Why do you seem so surprised? You don’t think I can do something like this?’
Kiara rolled her eyes.
“Don’t put words in my mouth, Levi. I’m just surprised and thank you but you
didn’t have to do this. This would cost a fortune. Maybe we should return it all
back?’ Heather turned to Kiara with a gasp.

“Kiara, Levi did this out of the Kindness of his heart. It’s like a gift and you know
you can’t return gifts right?” Kiara pursed her lips and Levi let out a chuckle.
“Heather is right. It’s a gift so you can’t return it back and besides, It really didn’t
cost that much” Kiara scoffed then motioned towards their bags on the ground.
“Just this bag alone cost over a million dollars. Are you sure about this?” Levi
nodded with a big smile. 3
“Pretty sure” It wasn’t his money so he couldn’t care less but he couldn’t help but
beat himself up internally for not beating Zane to this. He had to do something
even better than this to be above him but what?
“Can I drive you girls home? I can even help you guys take this to your house’
Kiara raised an eyebrow.
‘You’re just looking for an excuse to see where I stay, aren’t you?” Levi chuckled.
“Not necessarily but it would be nice and maybe I can even sit down for a glass
of wine?” Kiara chuckled.
“Well if that’s what you want then you can come with us but I’m only letting you
know where we stay because you spent a lot on us today and we need the extra
hand. Plus, what do you take us for, the Queen’s children? We only have juices”
Levi laughed then immediately helped them place the shopping bags into the car
trunk but they were so many that they had to put some in the back seat as well.
Luckily, Heather was able to squeeze herself into the back seat and Kiara sat in
the front seat.
He glanced at both of them, making sure they were okay before driving off.

Zane was busy signing some paperworks when his secretary requested to see
“Come in” She walked in and bowed her head at him.
“Good day, Alpha” Zane raised up his head from his papers to stare at her.
“Did you carry out the order I gave you?” She nodded.
‘The owners of the stores just called and they said Kiara and Heather bought
everything they wanted and have gone home” Zane nodded with a small smile.
“And did they make sure to give Kiara the specific ones I wanted?” She nodded.
“They said she even picked them out herself,’ Zane chuckled. He guessed her
style hadn’t changed.
“Good. Is Alpha Brent around?” She nodded.
“That’s the sole reason I’m here, Alpha. Alpha Brent said he has something
urgent to tell you. Beta Daniel and Gamma Liam are already there with him but
he wants to talk to you” Zane nodded then stood up from his chair.
“Alright. Arrange these papers for me so I’ll sign them when I get back” She
bowed her head till he was out of her sight.
When he got to the Conference room, Everyone stood up and bowed their heads
at him except Daniel and Liam because they were his left and right hand men.
Even though Zane was the youngest Alpha, he was the strongest and the most
powerful. His pack was always on the front line when wolves were being
attacked and they always came out victorious because of him so everyone
respected him including Alpha’s old enough to be his Father.

“Finally, you came for the meeting. You have been blowing us off lately, Alpha
Zane” Alpha Brent commented casually. He didn’t sound mad nor did he sound
happy about the fact that Zane ignored them.
“I have a lot going on right now. I heard there was something important you
wanted to talk about?” Brent nodded.
“Alpha Lincoln reached out to me weeks ago and said the members of his pack
are being hunted down. Many of them have been killed and now a total lockdown
has been put in place in his pack. Two days ago, Michael said the same thing as
well and that they were being killed in the most gruesome way and their hearts
are always missing” Zane furrowed his eyebrows. 1
“Their heart? Why would the hunter take their heart?” Brent shook his head.
‘That, we are not sure of but the killings are getting worse and might actually
spread through all the packs. He asked me to ask for your assistance because
your warriors are far more stronger than his” Zane nodded then turned to Daniel.
“Have some of our strongest men go over there and protect them. While Liam,
call Leo and tell him to investigate whatever’s going on. I need answers
immediately’ Zane couldn’t help but scold himself. He had pushed away his Alpha
duties because of all that has been happening with Kiara.
‘Til do that now” Daniel murmured then walked out of the room followed by Liam.
“Did Lincoln or Michael say anything about what or who they think might be doing
this?” Brent shook his head.
“All they said was that whoever did it or sold them out must be an Insider. It was
like they were timed and when their guard was down, that’s when they were

struck down. It almost felt like they were being watched” Zane frowned. This
was getting complicated.
“If the Killings continue, all pack wolves would have to return back to their packs
till we figure out a way to stop this” Brent nodded in agreement.
As Zane walked back to his office, he couldn’t help thinking about Kiara. Since he
had banished her from the pack, would she be in danger?
He pulled out his phone and dialed Daniel’s number.
“Have some of our men watch over Kiara in the meantime and they should be
discreet. If she finds out, I’ll kill them with my bare hands”….

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