Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 14

Chapter fourteen
Heather walked into the kitchen and found Kiara washing the dishes in the sink.
“Kiara, are you okay?” Kiara paused then turned to Heather with a smile.
“Of course, why won’t I be?” Heather frowned. She knew when Kiara was acting
and when she wasn’t.
“You shouldn’t take whatever Samantha says to heart, you know she has always
had a thing for Zane’ Kiara sighed.
“I don’t care, Heather…. I shouldn’t care because I’m done with Zane,
remember? What we had was in the past so Samantha is free to have him.

I just want peace of mind, is that so hard to get? Everyone should just leave me
alone like they did before. Is that so hard to ask for?” Heather sighed then
walked over to her and gave her a hug.
“I’ll book our flight now so we can leave within this week, okay? We’ll have lots of
fun and we probably won’t even remember any of them’ Kiara smiled.
“I would love that” Heather pulled away then grinned at Kiara.
“I know what’s going to cheer you up. Let’s go shopping” Kiara furrowed her
“Shopping?” Heather nodded.
“Of course. You didn’t think I was going to let you take your old clothes to Paris?
What do you take me for? You can’t say no so don’t even think about it” Kiara
sighed, i
“I’ll go change then”
As the taxi stopped in front of the mall, Kiara groaned at how crowded the mall
“Oh goddess, we have to hurry up. They would have bought all the good stuff.
Hurry Kiara!’ Heather muttered then grabbed onto Kiara’s hand and pulled her out
of the car.
“Calm down, Heather” They hadn’t even walked deep into the mall when Heather
gasped and ran into a shop.
Kiara rolled her eyes before sluggishly following her inside.
“This is a limited edition, Kiara,” Heather squealed as she lifted up a baby pink
bag and practically shoved it in Kiara’s face.

“I can see it, you don’t have to shove it into my eyeball” Heather pulled it back
with a cheeky smile.
“This store has the best bags. I’m glad they haven’t bought all the good things”
Kiara checked the price tag and almost coughed out blood. Why was everything
on the human side expensive?
“That’s because these bags cost a fortune. Drop that down, Heather, it’s
expensive” Heather pouted then shook her head.
“I’ve been saving for this, Kiara. Even if I go broke after this, it would still be my
biggest achievement” Kiara rolled her eyes. She never understood Heather’s
obsession with bags.
A middle aged man with a pot belly wearing a black suit suddenly walked up to
them. He was dressed expensively and Kiara Immediately guessed he was the
“Are you Miss Kiara Hart and Heather swift?” Heather and Kiara glanced at
themselves before turning back to the man.
“Who’s asking?” Heather questioned and the man smiled.
“I’m Mister William, the manager of this store” Heather’s eyes immediately
“Well if that’s the case then yes, I’m Heather Swift and she’s Kiara…. Oww!”
Kiara slapped Heather’s arm then bowed her head slightly at the man.
“We’ll leave now” The Man immediately shook his head.
“Oh no, you don’t have to do that. You’re my 200th customer today and that
means you get anything you want here for free” Kiara and Heather gasped in

“What?!” They both yelled at the same time making the staff turn to them but the
Manager just smiled and nodded.
‘Yes, anything for free’ Kiara furrowed her eyebrows.
“But we are two, how can we both be your 200th customer?’ The manager
scratched the back of his head as he let out a nervous laugh.
“Erm we’ll make an exception since you both are together’ Heather turned to
“Am I hallucinating?” Kiara turned to her.
“I was just about to ask you that’ Heather showed the manager the pink bag in
her hand.
“I can take this for free?’ The man nodded.
“Anything,” Heather squealed.
‘The Moon goddess…. I mean God is finally smiling on us” The Man nodded at
Heather’s fast change of words.
“Don’t worry, I’m a wolf too. Come on in and take whatever you want” Heather
immediately grabbed Kiara’s hand and they took almost everything from the
Kiara was still in shock and a bit skeptical about it all but when the manager let
them out of the shop with their shopping bags full of all the things they took and
even bowed his head at them, Kiara finally believed.
“Oh my goddess, I can’t believe that just happened” Kiara muttered as they
walked away but the thing was, it didn’t just happen in that store. Any store they

walked into claimed that they were their 200th customer and that everything was
free as well.
Heather was over the moon and couldn’t stop giggling and thanking the goddess
for such a miracle but was it really a miracle. Kiara couldn’t help but think if
Someone had something to do with this.
After their shopping, some of the mall staff helped them carry their bags out of
the mall and even helped them call a cab.
“Is it just me or were we just treated like Royalties?” Heather questioned and
Kiara nodded.
“It was odd.” Heather smiled then glanced at the amount of shopping bags from
different stores and brands around them.
“How are we going to get this inside our house? We need at least five people to
help us” Heather muttered then let out a laugh. Kiara smiled at how happy
Heather was.
“And we didn’t even end up spending any money,” Kiara added.
‘That’s the best part” They both giggled and at the moment, Kiara noticed a car
that looked exactly like Levi’s driving towards them. 1
The car parked in front of them and like she thought, Levi climbed out with a
smile on his face.
He chuckled when he glanced at all the shopping bags on the ground. Who knew
Kiara liked to splurge.
“Do you both need help carrying those bags?” Kiara furrowed her eyebrows.
Could it be a coincidence he just happened to be here when they were done?

“Yeah. All the shops gave us all these for free so we took as many as we could.
Levi, do you have anything to do with that?” The smile slipped off Levi’s face then
he clenched his Jaw. It wasn’t him so it had to be Zane.
He slowly smiled at her then nodded.
‘Yes, it was me. I hope you liked my surprise’…

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